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Shark Loaning [Fala/Aura]

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Kurisa peacefully gazed at the papers that she received. She never really turns away people as it wasn't really her thing. Judging those that were here to receive money were here to get their money and leave. She cared not what the cause was, but as she received money from her last client before her death she could rent out more money. A smile went across her lips as she saw they were signed, details about the person was made. Their name was Fala, from no guild at all so she did not need to worry about bad ties nor good ties. Staying neutral was where she needed to be.

She looked upward as she saw the woman walk in. Her face was caked with makeup or maybe it was her actual skin. She cared not, but they were interesting details. Kuri lifted up her hand and signaled for her to sit down as the envelope was will be in front of the woman with the jewels. No matter her response, Kuri stayed silent as she felt since she didn't know this person. It was better to not know them at all - other than their name.

Such a peculiar species.

If she failed to pay her back in some way she will be a nice addition to her experiments.

Her eyes stayed closed as she waited for her to say something and take the money. 'Two servants left' Ana thought coldly as the process was going. Her assistant was nearby in case anything happened. Once she was done with taking her stuff. She opened her eyes slightly watching the woman walk away. She had a nice build to her. Maybe she will be a nice Edition in her Library. It was a good thought at the time at least. Right?

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Shark Loaning [Fala/Aura] Sigme10
#2Fala † 

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Fala †
She stretched out yawning, eyes blazed after leaving the other room. "Damn, what was I here for?". Fala forgot literally why she was here. Her eyes were bloodshot and her hip was swayed towards the left. The woman started to swindle her hair strands of pink as her eyes wandered. "Oh fuck. Where do I go for that cash, huh?" she sighed and rolled her eyes. She started to leave towards the hall that had no sign for directions. She wondered what kind of crazy place has no directions. The place was filled with people, but in this specific area, she saw that there was no one but a single door.

The door was creepy and mysterious, it piqued her interest so she went right towards it. Opening it she saw a woman who had their eyes closed. She looked peaceful like some weird angel. She licked her canine and squinted her right eye, "So are ya the lady I need to see?" It was her only question and it was answered quickly as she saw the envelope and slip with the woman's name. "Kuriana, huh? Name's Fala, ya'here? Peace I guess!" she laughed historically while leaving the room. The evelope was stacked with jewels or cash, whatever they were called it worked and now she could buy something pretty nice for herself.

Soon enough she ran into some pretty hot fox who bumped into her. Slowly, she reached into her pocket and looked at her name real quick. After putting it back she pretended to pick it off the floor and poked her. "Hey, ya forget ya wallet ma'am. Soon enough she was given money by them as well. She grinned and ran off.

What a hotty.


Shark Loaning [Fala/Aura] Wannap10

You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.
#3Aura Chou 

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Aura Chou
Her and the girls appeared at a bar that she heard was pretty tight. They enjoyed the music there as it was close enough to their pop/rock music they sing. She flipped her blonde beautiful hair that shined and sparkled like the shimmering stars. "Hey girls, let's chill here." she gave them a sweet smile. They agreed and high-fived their partner next to them as they all sat at the stood. She started to order her drink with the others and gazed up at the cieling to space off while waiting. She wondered if the drinks here were as good as they said they were. She sighed after a few minutes and gazed towards the bartender. She winked at them as they gazed at her beauty. They were approaching her and grinned. "Hey there sweet thing, wanna stop by after I get off in a few hours?" He said as he sat down her drink.

She gazed at the girls like 'ew' and then smiled at him sweetly, "I already have a love interest that is quite a beautiful man. I owe him my life." she replied while placing her own hand against her heart. The man that took off her chains and brackets was the only guy she had on her mind daily. She hasn't seen him since that day, but he was a man she will never forget. The first man that gave her kindness. She gazed at the girls and told them that she was going to get to the bathroom real quick. Aura quickly, got off her chair and walked towards the restroom through the hall that had an empty space up front, but she ignored it at all costs.


Aura rammed into someone and realized it was a pretty girl with some wild makeup. She shrugged off and out of no where was spoke towards. She turned to realize the girl was handing her wallet. In thanks she gave the girl a lot of jewels in which Aura herself saw only a little. "Goodbye, Fala. Nice to meet you and hope this helps.". she left and went to the bathroom, disappearing from each other.


Shark Loaning [Fala/Aura] Xz55h710

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