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Oak to Hargeon (Travel)

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#1Sudoka Kanekite 

Oak to Hargeon (Travel) Empty Wed May 05, 2021 7:54 pm

Sudoka Kanekite
Oak City had lost its luster; if it even had any. It was dull, quiet, and surprisingly peaceful. Their pub was lacking in decent beverages. The town was lacking in decent people. There were far too many proper families and not enough loud parties. So, Sudoka Kanekite set out on foot traveling to greener pastures and (with any luck) far more entertainment. It was going to be a long walk, but she heard good things about Port Hargeon so she decided to check it out. Hopefully, she'd meet some interesting people, or in the least find a half-decent bar.

According to her map, however, she was in for a long walk. Her tail swished in annoyance as her red ear flicked at a barely noticeable speed. Her slitted cat eyes, one blue and one yellow scanned the road as she exited through the gates of Oak City and out into the open roads. There were mountains decorating the area and she had to walk around them. According to the map, she would pass through several points on her way to her destination.

She sighed and her ears drooped sadly. "This is going to be a long trip..." She lamented in her native language of Joyan. She hated long boring walks alone. But yet here she was. Aside from nature, it was relatively quiet out here as she walked the roads.

The wind was a cool spring morning breeze, which she didn't mind. She shut her eyes and enjoyed the breeze as it blew through her two-toned hair. It was a nice day, not too hot not too cold. The weather was perfect and it made the walk that much easier on the Neko.

At some point, she could see trees in the distance. She checked her map. That must be the woods on the outskirts of Crocus, between it and Marigold. She sighed, her tongue sticking out of her mouth at this point. She was thirsty and hungry, so she decided to stop at a bar in Crocus. She grabbed herself some lunch and a beer and after resting for a few hours she headed back on the road toward Hargeon.

The woods were vast and deep. At some points, Sudoka was almost certain she was lost and possibly going in circles. She slumped under a tree and pulled out a canteen of rum she had refilled back in Crocus. She downed a couple of swigs as she stopped to catch a breather. The sun was setting. This walk was going to take longer than a day to complete.

Pushing herself back to her feet, she continued her trek through the woods begrudgingly. Maybe she should have picked someplace closer. She sighed in exhaustive frustration as the weather grew colder and the night turned out the lights. Fortunately for her, the dark wasn't something she worried about. As a Neko, her eyes glowed reflecting the moonlight and allowing her to see perfectly clear in the darkness.

She wondered what time it was, and about that time her ears pricked up to the sound of the ocean. She looked off into the distance and could vaguely see a dock. That must be it. Port Hargeon. She downed the rest of her canteen and hurried on toward POrt Hargeon. At last, she was within reach of it!

She was drenched in sweat, and by now hungry again. Hopefully, they had a place where she could rest. Kick-off her shoes enjoy dinner and a beer. Anything had to be better than where she came from!


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