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Raging Bull (Tempris, Quest)

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#1Rinni Faithe 

Raging Bull (Tempris, Quest) Empty Mon May 03, 2021 8:54 pm

Rinni Faithe




Things were quiet since the last trip to the hospital. Rinni Faithe wondered if maybe Dr. Gerard had managed to solve this disease on his own. She didn't realize how wrong she was until she received a letter from the doctor himself. She thanked the mail deliverer and then proceeded to open and read the letter.

Dear Miss Faithe and Miss Ashflare,

I regret to inform you, the situation has gotten worse since we last spoke. I send my apologies for being unable to address you in person, however, I've been busy dealing with a new virus that seems to be spreading throughout the city. The new virus in question is very dangerous. It seems to cause the victim to become inherently aggressive, attacking anything in sight. What's worse? It's not only affecting humans! The wildlife in the area has become infected as well! In fact, there is a pack of wild boar near a stream just outside the city that has been especially difficult to deal with. This is where the hard part comes in. I want you to sedate one of the boar, by any means possible, and bring it back alive for research purposes.


Dr. Gerard

Rinni folded up the letter and sighed. She was afraid something like this would happen. She headed off to find Tempris, as this letter was for both of them. Besides, it sounded as though she'd need help to face a pack of potentially infected boar. Once she found Tempris and updated her on the situation, the two girls would head to the stream where they would spot five boars.

Out of the five, only one seemed to take notice of them. That must be the infected one. As it turned toward them, hoof pawing the ground, Rinni spoke calmly to Tempris, "Remember, we need it alive."


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"Goddamn right, you should be scared of me."

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Raging Bull (Tempris, Quest) Charlo13

The Rune knights we in a panic. Due to the illness, everyone was being sent across the city thinning out their already low numbers. On top of that, other Rune Knights were falling ill day by day. Tempris, with her new position was flooded with paperwork. Recording who was sick, who was healthy, sending people to assist with humanitarian support. She was in the office since before sunrise so the paperwork was starting to drain on her. She needed an out, if not a way to stop this. It was Illumin's will to save the souls of the suffering. Lucky for her, he found a way.

A letter from a lower ranking Rune Knight. Inside, it read that a girl name Rinni was looking for her, something about a disturbance related to the virus. Immediately Tempris was standing in front of one of her LTs explaining the situation. After a words, one of her knights was at her desk and Tempris was off to find the Werewolf.

Out in the streets, she read the request more carefully. Apparently their was an outbreak of the illness on the local animal population. A group of boars apparently have been causing problems for the local populous. Did boars have souls? Could a boar sin? It was not something mentioned in any of the books she read nor did she really look for something like that. Maybe it was better to ask that heathen. He knew a lot. Who better to understand sinners than a sinner after all.

Eventually Tempris found her partner on this quest. Rinni explained the situation which matched how she understood the letter and the problems the Rune Knights were facing. Tempris tried her best not to smile, happy to finally be out of the building. However, she was a little tired from waking up so early so that helped reel back her excitement. A yawn and a quick stretch later, Tempris drew her sword and stuck it to the ground so that the flames would lighten her appearance.
"Lets go purge these creatures... except for one. Ugh. Thats such a hassle."

An hour later, they arrived at the woodlands were the boars were known to reside. The stream signaled they were getting closer but it was Rinni and her enhance senses who discovered their targets. 5 boars stood out in the clearing as the two girls watched from afar. One of the boars noticed them and prepared its charge. Tempris, grabbed her sword but Rinni stopped her.
"I never can do what I want," The knight grumbled, "What's the plan then. How do you want to take it down?"



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#3Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe




Good question. How would they take it down without accidentally killing it? Obviously, stabbing it and shooting it would yield the opposite result. Rinni idly scratched the back of her neck as the boar grunted aggressively preparing to charge them at any second. She looked at Tempris' sword then at the boar which was now charging toward them grunting angrily. The werewolf remained calm as she watched it.

"Think you can hit it in the head with the blunt end of your sword?" Rinni questioned, lunging out of the way as the angry boar reached her location. She then kicked the wild animal causing it to grunt as it slid across the ground. Shaking its head, the boar squealed and charged toward Rinni again. She easily dodged each of its strikes, acting as bait until Tempris could knock it unconscious.

Once Tempris took out their target, Rinni would notice a bigger problem. The other four boar, which were peacefully minding their business moments earlier, were now turning toward the girls in anger at their fallen pack member! The werewolf's eyes widened slightly as she hadn't expected that. "Uh, Tempris? Remember what you said about never getting to do what you want?" Rinni summoned her Arcing Bow. "Looks like you finally get your wish."

She aimed at one of the boar and drew back her bowstring launching an Arrow Shot at the animal. It was two on two. Rinni launched another Arrow Shot at a second boar, causing both animals to squeal and hit the ground lifelessly. This left the other two up to Tempris to finish off while Rinni picked up the unconscious prize.


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Strength:  58 (+20%[Perk]=70)
Speed: 60 (+40 [Moon]+20% [Perk]=112)
Constitution: 33 (+20%[Perk]=40)
Endurance: 68 (+20%[Perk]=82)
Intelligence: 1
Damage:  A-Rank
Run Speed: 15 m/s
Pain Tolerance: S-Rank
Lunge Distance: 12.5 m/s
Lunge Cooldown: Once per Post
Run Duration: 5 Posts
HP: 2X S-Rank

Spells Used:

Name: Arrow Shot (X2)
Rank: C (Bow Mastery Novice)
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Arcing Bow
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 20 Meters (Sharpshooter)
Cooldown: Instant (Sharpshooter)
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user holds the bow steady with one hand and begins to pulls the string with their other hand. As the string is being pulled back, a 30 centimeter arrow of mana begins to materialize. The user then releases the string and shoots the magic arrow at the aimed target.

Mana Remaining:


HP Remaining:


"Goddamn right, you should be scared of me."

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"The blunt side of my sword... no... but mmmmm. I hope the good ole doctor doesn't mind his boar free of sin." Tempris pulled out her sword which immediately exploded into holy flames. A wide smile craved into the girls face as she watched the wolf distract boar with a kick before jumping away. Tempris watched the animals movements. She had another idea on how to stop the creature but it would be through some stupid trick that she never tried before. Honestly, she hoped she would never have to try it again.

Rinni played keep away, eventually revealing the boar's movement pattern. Now all that was left was to find the perfect moment. This was it. Tempris rolled her shoulders and wings of holy flames sprouted from her lower back granting her a powerful leap into the air over the circus show that the wolf and the boar were playing. Tempris watched as the boar charged at Rinni. The creature always overextended it's attack by about a meter so with some spotty guess work. Tempris, spun around while still under the affects of her magic and toss her blade at the location where the boar would end up after Rinni dodged. The blade would rotate in wide circles a couple times before the pummel ended up slamming into the creatures side. Because Tempris wasn't holding the blade, the boar would not have to face the Flames of Illumin. Though she did wonder what would happen if it did.

The blade would hit the ground sliding slightly off angle of the direction Tempris threw it. The boar grunted a few times but it didn't move. Tempris figured she broke it's leg if not completely knocked the breath out of it. There was a loud crack after her blade hit. Tempris hit the ground rolling to break her fall. Then she quickly ran to pick up her blade and look towards Rinni.
"There. Are we done?"

Only they weren't done. Rinni noticed some more boars heading her way. Tempris rolled her eyes. Of course more of these stupid beast would be coming for them. "I only wish for a world free of Sin."
Tempris raised her flaming blade while smirking. Maybe it would be a little fun for the small knight. She tucked her elbow to push it behind her and let her holy flames shoot her forward towards the charging boars. "I wonder if simple beast can be freed from their sins!"

WC: 861

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Str: 2+20 C-Rank (172) S-Rank
Spd: 7 +20 7.5/15m/s
Con: 61 3S-Rank 6 post run. 2 lunge a post
End: 7+60 S-Rank
Int: 10
Mana: 1650

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#5Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe




"I wonder if simple beasts can be freed from their sins!"

"Do animals have sins?"

Rinni voiced the question with no ill intent toward the child and her beliefs. It was genuine curiosity as animals were different from people. They didn't talk, think, or act as the more sentient races of Earthland did. Magical animals, like Candy, were different so it was hard to say if they could sin or even had a soul. She smiled at Candy as the Moogle searched about, scavaging the area. "Come on, Candy. We're done here." Rinni headed back toward the hospital, hauling the unconscious boar in her arms with relative ease.

She allowed Tempris the opportunity to finish off the wild boars, and to 'purge their souls' if she wanted to do so. She knew the child catch up so she wasn't too worried about leaving her behind. Once Tempris would eventually reunite with Rinni again, the older girl would look down at the younger and smile. "So, did you free them?" She asked, trying to make general conversation and hopefully not offend or annoy the girl on accident.

She was trying to be kinder to her, to make up for their first mission. Besides, Rinni felt... happier today. Something had happened to her recently and she felt happy. She felt at peace with her pained past and her losses. Her smile faded though as she remembered her brother. She suspected by now he'd be out looking for her. Probably has an entire search party. Her parents are probably worried sick. She should write them a letter after this mission, let them know she's safe.

As they returned successfully to the hospital, Rinni would lay the unconscious boar on a hospital bed for Dr. Gerard to examine. He would thank the girls for their help and pay them before bidding them farewell. As Rinni and Tempris left the hospital, Dr. Gerard would begin working on the boar, studying its condition and trying to discover the cause.


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"Goddamn right, you should be scared of me."

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Tempris's sword burned with the girl's lust to purge the world of its sin. It matter not if the boars could sin. Her blade would purge them all the same. She swiped wide disintegrating the first boar into ash. The other 3 surrounded her and snorted. Tempris grinned showing of her own fangs, wet with he bloodlust of her first kill. The boar behind her charged forward but the sound of its steps was more then enough time to allow her to dodge. The girl backflipped Thrusting her sword into the back of the boar before it could get away. Another pile of ash and 2 more victims left. another boar charged her but she slammed her pummel into its head. As the last boar charged, Tempris rolled the down boar into the charging boars direction and then slammed her weapon down cleaving through both animals as if they were butter. Holy flames exploded from the ground as cinder surrounded the Paladin. Her work was done, sin or no sin.

Tempris took a deep breath as the cinders died out. It was time to go. "I hope my flames bring his warmth to the creatures. It was the best death I could provide soul or no soul." Tempris wouldn't admit it but she was enjoying this time with her werewolf. It was much different than their first quest together and 1 billion times less stressful than the medical task. So much blood...

They returned and gave the doctor the boar. Then got paid. Only time would tell if this would lead to a cure to this whole ordeal.

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