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Kurisa has little time before she has to set off. Her eyes gazed at the mirror of her pure reflection as she saw nothing wrong with what she is, but then again there was that little part of her that yelled back. She had to instruct judgment as she does today towards those that made mistakes. That was scheduled in a business structure tomorrow. Today on the other hand was the day she has to capture one of those people to bring them in. Her hand slid behind her hair to flip it fully out of the back of her shirt. Today she wore a black jacket and some jean pants. It was a pretty casual day for her. Her eyes of brown and gold were mirroring her appearance. She looked pretty fine for someone who was getting closer to her forties.

Her eyes glistened as she started to watch her own reflection. Her eyes closed and took a deep breath and she started to try to relax for the quest that is about to come. She knew what she might have to do during the quest. Does she really want to do it though? Slowly, She turned around and walked towards the door to leave her apartment that she was living in temporarily. The only reason she was was that she felt it was safer for her kids to not be around her.

This was the safer option, wasn't it? She slowly closed her door and went towards town as she wanted to pick something up to eat first. She wasn't sure what she was going to eat for this day as she felt like perhaps she should start dieting. Her hands started to feel the sides of your body, every crevice, and curve. She felt like she doesn't really need to. Today maybe she should go pick up something healthy to eat alongside something that's not as healthy as the counter diet.

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She flipped her beautiful silky hair Ashley sweat her hips during her walk towards the food place that she decided to go to. It was a family-owned business that sold certain varieties of food that we're not really Joyan. She felt like she should start supporting family businesses within the city instead of supporting businesses that ordered fractured and to several places throughout the country in other countries as well. She went up to the building as the window was open for business. Her eyes caught a person waiting there by the cashier talking to them. Should she even talk to them they seemed kind of busy in her opinion at least. Kurisa could smell the Smokey air of the breeze from within the building, it's smelt really good and it made her stomach even more hungry.

She walked towards the building into the opening and slid on the side of the other person. The two people stop talking and look towards her with sweet smiles as I knew who she was. They wanted to know what she wanted in a non-disrespectful way. They knew who she was due to her reputation and somewhat feared, but didn't as she wasn't quite the bad person to those who are good. She picked up her food after ordering it and started to eat. Kurisa questioned the woman about the problem. She explained how there was a guy that was threatening her business and her friend's for ransom. She rolled her eyes as if she was thinking, 'another person' with questioning.

This was some typical thing that was really common nowadays. Gangs always did these types of things as they wanted to pick on the defenseless people. She sighed softly and asked for instructions to get to the location the people were at. The gang gave them the location so they can send them the money they requested. The gang people think they are sending someone with the payments, but she was not there for that.

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The Hideout apparently was ametrine and Ally I love her the park with Sakura blossoms Korean Faria was so beautiful on the way it was a dark path that the people seem to like to abuse. Shige, was at the building in front of her as they were the person that was apparently collecting the money. She wasn't sure what was really behind the building what was going on behind there but she was going to tend to find out anyway because she had to go and beat them up. She slowly started a nominee snack, Tasha Cobb, from the shop and started to judge it. The name of the sound like it was some sort of corn snack but it really wasn't. It was a delicious lemony stick that was like a cookie covered in Lemonyfrosting. She continued to walk forward and the other person started to notice her.

Their eyes glared and started to study her and then Eyes Wide Open realized who she was. They started to get nervous and watched her come up to the room. She offered savior if they gave up their spot add left. The first question dip and then went off as they nodded their head. That was already one obstacle gone and now she had a few more to go. She just pushed the door open and saw that there was someone sitting on some big ass thrown while smoking a cigar. She wondering really what a coward just sit on the throne while all his little goon started to go out and do his Dirty Work. She went up to him and he sat there watching her. It went between his legs before he could really move. Time was in her favor as for once she had a use for it, for the humor at least. She glared at him, called him a dirty dog while knocking him out with a spell of arcana. The guy whimpered once before being completely knocked out. She took the guy to her dungeon and the two ladies gave her the reward.


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