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Destin Eaves

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#1Destin E 

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Destin E


Name: Alcide Lécuyer AKA: Destin Eaves

Age: October/29/X770

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian & Minstreli

Class: The Hunter


Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Above his heart, in the same blue as his eyes.

Face: Picrew: Masaki


Height: 5'11

Weight: 150lbs

Hair: Dark, almost black

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Destin's appearance is very important to him, and as such, he takes pride in all the fine details. His clothing is always coordinated not only with his hair ties and his jewelry, but also with the current weather and the location. There is never a single hair out of place or a blemish on his skin, and he's always present with a cocky grin on his face. Cool colours in all saturations, vibrant accents and all shades from white to black make appearances in Destin's vast wardrobe, all of which matched to his skin tone and narrow, sinewy body type.

Extra: Destin's ears are pierced in both the earlobes as well as helix piercings.
Destin wears a full-face mask when expecting danger, a hostile environment, or excessive media coverage. The feminine features of this monochromatic, artistic mask can often be misleading.


Personality: Destin is a brilliantly colourful personality with many strengths and just as many delicate weaknesses. Sociable and charming, he can seduce his way into nearly anyone's good graces. Even when confronted with a person who should, by all intents and purposes, be an enemy, Destin charms his way through like a cat settles into a person's heart. He is generous with his time even if he doesn't seem as generous with his coin, and fiercely defends his friends. Destin is hard to get close to, and he constantly dodges sensitive topics with flattery and humor. He trusts very little, and is loyal to even less, but he is invaluable as an ally. Destin is a pure soul who wants to see the best in the world, an optimist that has seen an empty glass and struggles to process it.

He is, however, only human and is prone to making mistakes. He can seem shallow and cold dodging questions as he does, and often won't acknowledge his own mistakes if not confronted over it by someone he respects. Destin has a tendency to avoid his problems rather than confront them, and this can often lead into snowballing problems with explosive results. (200 Words)


  • Pretty faces:Destin is a sucker for a cute face, a sweet voice, or a fabulous **ahem** skirt. He's not especially judgemental, unless a bad attitude is involved. He's just here to have some fun and make sure all the beautiful men and cute girls make sure they know how fabulous they are.
  • Desserts: Destin has an undeniable sweet tooth, and just as strong a talent for baking and cooking, though his entire repertoire is desserts and baked goods.


  • Snake Oils, Frauds, Bootlegs and Knockoffs: Why people fall for scams, he doesn't understand, but he's not going to allow it to continue once he knows it exists.
  • Blind Loyalty: Destin has seen first hand the consequences of blind trust and unquestioned power. He refuses to acknowledge the authority of those who do as they're told by higher powers.


  • Justice: Destin is seeking out a new moral compass and sense of justice, independent from the one he grew up with. He's looking to push boundaries and break rules until he knows what he is or isn't willing to do, regardless of what outside parties consider right or wrong. 


  • Attachments: Through consequences of his past, Destin is more than just hesitant to become dependent on anyone ever again, the concept terrifies him.
  • Large Dogs: Destin is leery of most dogs, but avoids the larger breeds as much as possible. He gets nervous and jumpy around them, even if they are friendly or could in no possible way reach his position.


Strength: 3

Speed: 7

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 6


Magic Name: Lécuyer's blessing.

Magic Element: Fire-wind

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Elemental Magic

Magic Description: Lécuyer's blessing is a combo-elemental magic normally appearing as swirling vortexes of brilliant red flames and pure white wind. In Destin's hands, the flames dance in a neon, hot pink colour with no sign of either the brilliant red or pure white. While primarily described as an offensive magic, other common uses include defensive shields and supplementary spells creating spiralling structures, as well as self-buff techniques. Utilizing both fire and wind, it is strongest against earth, weakest against water and ice.


History: The Lécuyer name is commonly associated in Minstrel as the family name of many powerful mages with long traditions of protecting the people. Théotime Lécuyer, Destin's father and the current head of the Lécuyer family, has continued on this tradition like his grandfather before him, helping protect the country from dangers both natural and not-so-natural.  Destin is the third of seven sons, unlikely to become anyone of great importance, but still expected to protect the family's honour in all ways. When he turned 14, his mother announced she would find him a bride, and within a month Destin was engaged to the daughter of a merchant family whose connections would ensure the continued good fortune of the Lécuyers.

At age 16, Destin fell in love with a girl from the city, just a common street market vendor's daughter. He wooed her with all the social graces he had learned climbing the social hierarchy, and quickly she was his. His fiancee took offense, when she found out, but with a stroke of incredible luck and no small amount of charm, it was not one lady he took to bed that night but two.

Three years later, his girlfriend's father was pronounced dead in an alley, presumed to be a murder victim. The Lécuyer's eldest was summoned to investigate the possibility of a vampire attack and without a doubt, that was the conclusion. All evidence pointed to the woman currently asleep in Destin's bed, and the Lécuyer family held no reservations entering uninvited. Without question, his lover was executed before his eyes, burnt alive while he and his fiancee watched.

This, however, was not where the attacks stopped.

It took another three agonizing months of sleepless investigations before the true culprit was caught, and an even more heartbreaking execution for Destin. His fiancee was accused of vampirism by the eldest son, and despite desperate pleas that she hadn't been responsible, was executed in the same way, in front of her own family. Destin's rage caused him to lash out, and the ensuing battle revealed it was not Destin's own lovers responsible - although both had been converted to vampires - but the eldest brother himself. The investigation ended with the heir to the Lécuyer family lying dead in his mother's rose garden, and Destin relinquishing his family name to visit his mother's relatives in Fiore.



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