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Abstract Reality: an original universe

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Abstract Reality: an original universe Empty Sun Apr 25, 2021 11:42 pm

Abstract Reality: an original universe Banner_by_kazetatsu-db4qm1o

:diamonds: Free-form roleplay. There is no limit on what you can create!
:diamonds: IC leadership opportunities available!
:diamonds: Bios are optional!
:diamonds: No word count requirements. All posting styles are welcome!
:diamonds: Creativity and freedom are encouraged!

Who will you side with?
:diamonds: Eokia: Pure divinity created the mystical continent of Eokia in the days of old, and what stands in the place of an escape for those under the oppressive thumb of anti-magic sentiment is a land brimming with activity and complexity.
:diamonds: Necropolis: An ever-expanding city stemming from the womb of a dark universe, ruled by a Lord of Darkness, who represent that which are alien, malignant, and crawl in the farthest reaches of reality.
:diamonds: Sanctuary: Bolstered by unfathomable technologies created by a shadowy government, the nation of Sanctuary is a safe haven built for the purpose of shielding humanity from knowledge of the horrors that lie both outside and within their walls.

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