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Kurisa sighed while her hand was against her hip. She gazed at the sign which was a few inches from her. There were only a few to do at this time, but all that was on her mind was the one she saw as a son. Even before the crazy idea of the experiment, she felt quite close to them. Did she do something to make them leave her behind? To make them decide to not contact her at all? Was she to blame? She felt like others saw that and it became a problem to her mentality as she slowly started to blame herself.

Arisa needed time alone with her two children, but even then she felt like she had to continue helping people. That was all she had inside as she did have other people, but there was now an empty space. It was hard to explain and she felt lost. Ana felt this pain before. The pain of loss even though they barely knew the person to a certain degree. Ana felt pity for Arisa as her shadow loomed against her.

'The person didn't deserve your loyalty nor love.' Ana whispered to her ghostly yet had sweetness of honey within those words. Arisa felt unsure on how to feel, but her hand randomly placed itself against the mission. She guessed she was just going to do that one for the day. Quickly, she tore up the paper from the mission board to put it close to her face. Her eyes moved with the words as she saw it was about Guarding a store. The store belonged to an old man who was being threatened by some goons. It sounded pretty easy. She shrugged and walked off towards the location which should not be that far away. At least she thought that with how fast she could power walk.


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The sky which is beautiful to her eyes as she gazed up while walking towards the mission. There were birds flying around the city. There are beautiful as it seemed like each one had their own color. Today I felt a peaceful day that she felt as if she should have just gone to the park with her children and not do any Quest today. She felt like she had to get stronger, get richer, and she always feels the need to help people within the city as the leader of this city. She wondered if she will ever stop helping people at least wanting to help people. will there ever be anyone there to help her if she needs it? But she always is alone that is what she feels like when it comes to being helped or defenseless.

She has friends, she has lovers, she even has a family. But for some reason, just feeling can't be filled. She feels closer to the feeling, she feels closer to losing it, closer to getting out of control. Her eyes spotted the building she was supposed to go into. She wondered if the person who filed this Quest was ready even. But she felt like I didn't really matter anyway since they were the ones who filled it out. She doesn't even have an idea of when it was filled out in the first place. So without any more hesitation, she went forward towards the door and knocked out it slowly. The wooden knock echoed throughout the house so it sounded like. After a few moments, they were not answered so she went towards the window which was close by. I heard looks through the window but it seems so dirty that she couldn't see anything. She squinted hard to see if there was anyone in there, but so far there was no one.



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Was this man alone, did you no longer care about his surroundings? The place looks like it hasn't been cleaned up for months!  Out of nowhere, the door opened and a man appeared.  He looks really old to the point they could be her grandfather of this lifetime.  He had a happy grin to see someone come to his door as if it has been a while since he's had a visitor. When she has open the door and went inside as she was invited. She looked around and saw how clean and light-filled the whole house was. A man a very simple life it looks like. Arisa wondered why it looked so dirty and destroyed from the outside.

She turned at him and smiled and questioned whether or not he was here living by himself. She gave a small smile and tapped his cane and against the floor and told her that he did.  She shrugged it off and asked what he absolutely needed from her since she saw his advertisement for the quest. She goes down towards the floor and it took a few moments of silence before he finally spoke. He talks about how someone keeps messing with his values within the house but couldn't understand who it could be. She wants her to figure out who it is and why they're doing it. I felt like it was really weird for someone to mess around in his house well he never leaves the house. Who could come into his house without him noticing?

She told him that she will stay around for the night to figure it all out as it seems to happen while he is sleeping. That's the only explanation for this issue. She nodded and realize the time so you want to go to bed. She was going to hate staying up all night and then having to go home to end up cooking and cleaning all day and then back to doing this again. She took a deep breath I'm dealt with it. After a few silent hours, there was nothing. There is no sound, there was no commotion or anything. She got off her Lazy Boy chair and walked around the house. Has she went further down the hall she heard a sound of a breaking vase.  She slowly went to the room when she heard the broken vase and Sully Creek open the door. The whole entire area changed from clean to dirty like when she was outside. As she opened the door all the way she saw him. The old man was hanging from his ceiling dead. Her eyes lower to the corner and saw his dead ghost hovering over all of his values.  She saw an O next to the body and picked it up to read it. Apparently, the old man wanted her to deliver the values to his granddaughter who lived in a whole different area. He died by suicide it seemed, but this was more of a mafia gang who wanted his stuff. The old man hid it well, but sadly sacrificed his life for it. Before leaving his body was delivered for a funeral.



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