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Kurisa gazed at the sky as she felt as if she needed to already get started on her mission. Unlike the last one she felt as if she had to do a couple on her own before the time of her discovery will happen. What will she discover? She does not even know, but the calendar told her that she will find something out that will change her completely in a month. She felt skeptical of it at first, but then time always has their mysteries. She brought the page to her face as she started to read about the quest in hand. It was about a family of a widow and her daughter who owned a small shop.

There were people who kept making trouble of them and even tempted to get their shop shut down. The letter was from neither one since the name at the bottom was male sounding. She wasn't really judging, but if it did turn out to be one of the females then it didn't change a thing. She flipped her hair with her free hand as her golden and blue duel eyes continued to scan the page. The person wanted them to drop by at the shop at quarter to one. It seemed like things happened in public if they wanted her at that time.

What type of people actually allow someone to make trouble for a widow and their child? Her lips frowned at the matter and somewhat took it personal. If someone did this to her children then she would make it hell for the ones responsible. She was a mother and close enough to become a god. Someday she will become one rather it's for the good or bad as she wants judgement towards those that are harmful to the innocent.

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She gazed up at the sky and saw how beautiful the sun was. It created an orange that mixed with the rest of the colors of; yellow, red and a small amount of blue from the tint of the sky itself. The crowd was about a hundred or so people as she was in the smaller part of Hosenka. Hosenka was large enough to have mini towns or even sections. Her fingers glided against the last bridge as she approached an alley that lead to the business places. Her nose twitched at the scent of food. Her stomach growled as the woman was hungry.

She went towards the building that was located in the corner of the four-section street. It had beautiful windows with frames made of bamboo. The building itself was made of real wood as some people liked to use fake or even magic to create their businesses. This seemed like a family business that has been around for quite awhile. Kurisa went towards the open door that was half-blocked off by thin sheets of paper with symbols of meaning on it. The place had about four to five small tables with two chairs maxe and two long tables alongside the window view that could fit about two to four people each.

A woman who smiled happily gazed up and introduced herself right away while welcoming her to the shop. She did not realize she was there to help them as the daughter soon came out from the back to see what was going on. She looked about ten years old or so, about her own daughter's age. She wondered who she was and wondered if perhaps she was here to help them. The mother looked at the daughter in confusion and as if she did something she didn't want her to do.

The daughter looked quite nervous as if she was in some kind of defensive stance. Kurisa asked what was wrong and why was she needed in the first place. The daughter at first was unsure on if to say something or not, but the mother soon spoke to break the silence. She did not even bother making sure if anyone was in the store nor coming.

Was business that bad?

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The woman explained that there is a business accross the street that has been getting all of her customers plus more. Out of no where the inspections have been a fail when her store is usually clean and put her. Kuri's eyes wandered as she can attest to that or at least from the from. The woman could see that she was gazing about. Slowly, she walked towards the door and signaled her to follow. It seemed she really wanted to come clean and get this fixed. Kurisa followed her and saw how clean the kitchen was and how put up everything else was as well. She wondered how they could fail expections, but soon enough she continued on her story.

The men appearantly harrassed her a few days ago and no one did anything about it. A couple of people with their aggressive mount 'parked' right outside of her place, interrupting the customers that she did have. They came in and messed up her store till the owner from accross the street shoo'd them off. To Kuri it sounded suspicious. The owner talked about how they should be a thing, how lonely she must be and how he could fill in the spot. It sounded disgusting and desperate.

Was this guy crazy for her or just the success her family recieved in the past? Kuri was unsure, but she made sure that she will figure it out.

Kurisa left the store and went towards the business accross the street to see how they offered variety. There were even kid toys which attracted the children. She snapped her fingers as she stopped time. There had to be something in here and of course Kuri did not want to be caught at all. There were only a couple of options she could really do before the time ran out. There was of course that option to snoop around while time is stopped.

She walked into the store as she gazed around at the design. She didn't like the design of red and white as it reminded her of more morbid things she did not want to really enlist at all. The people were relaxed, children excited over their new toys and the owner was no where to be seen nor were the two goons they described. She was unsure what they really looked like, but the way they described them it will be obvious who they are once she saw them. Disgusting slobs that didn't deserve to breathe.

Her eyes rolled as she opened the pushable doors to see a disgusting kitchen. Her stomach started to turn as she wanted to vomit while gazing at it. Her eyes gazed about in sickness while she continued on the walk. The place looked like it hasn't met a good clean in about a month or two. That thought was there till she saw some cockroaches and rats running about. They were leaving to the backdoor and that was where she went. Her eyes finally saw the trial as it was going towards the woman's shop.

Kurisa went and made time normal again as she walked towards the health department. At first they were worried as she was well known throughout of Hosenka, but then described how they made a mistake. Kuri told them how the business across the street had disgusting parasites that was forced to trial off to the poor woman's place. Soon enough they took care of it all.


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