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Earthland-9 (Apocalypse World)

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Earthland-9 (Apocalypse World)

The Apocalypse World is an alternate universe in which the war between the Seraphim and Demons resulted in Earthland turning into an apocalyptical hellscape. In the years since the apocalypse started, parts of Earthland's locations including formerly-inhabited areas have been reduced to scorched wastes. In these areas, the sky is constantly overcast, and red lightning flashes in the clouds; bodies and skeletons often litter the ground, and the only other remnants of life are the skeletons of dead vegetation. Other parts of the world remain unscorched with wild forests and mountains, where colonies of survivors are based.

Apocalypse World's Demons and Seraphim appear to possess the same powers and weaknesses as their species in Earthland-0, however, they are much stronger. Constant hardships have developed them into something greater. The struggles between both sides here have caused something else to happen that did not occur on Earthland-0. The apocalypse caused four entities to appear on Earthland-9 that do not side with the Seraphim nor Demons. Instead, they want to end Earthland completely along with everyone remaining on it. It does not matter to them whether they are facing the Seraphim of the Lucent, the Demons of the Abyss, or the mortal of Earthland.


Earthland-9 shares most of same the history as Earthland-0 until the return of the Seraphim and Demons. In Earthland-9, Seraphim and Demons go head-to-head in a series of wars. This affected humans in that they at first banded together, then formed desperate mobs when food supplies dwindled. The humans believed that the Seraphim were there to save them, but instead, they turned on humanity one by one. Micheal began an extermination campaign against the remaining humans, and the Seraphim began slaughtering any and all humans deemed guilty of acting against Michael. Most of the human race is gone, and Earthland is mostly a desolate waste.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are a quartet of immensely powerful entities that personified the prime concepts that drive the Apocalypse. They can manifest a human form, which can be harmed in manners identical to humans. They are respectively known as War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. While the Seraphim and Demons battle each other, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are a neutral force causing damage to both sides and Earthland. They do not care about conquering Earthland like the other two. Instead, they are out there to end Earthland along with everyone remaining on it.






Most of the Luminous Council, the ruling body of the Lucent composed out of Archangels, died during the Apocalypse. With only Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael left to rule the Seraphim on Earthland in their conquest versus the Demons, the three managed to achieve new heights. Despite being Seraphim, their ideals and actions are similar to that of the Demons turning them into two sides of the same coin. Michael is the de facto ruler of the Seraphim while Raphael and Gabriel entertain themselves by shredding through the Demon's forces.





Similar to the Seraphim, many of their strongest such as the Demon Lords were slain during the Apocalypse. The remaining Demon Lords on Earthland became much stronger causing some of them to even ascend to Elder Demons. On Earthland-9, Balaam and Mastema are two of the most troublesome Elder Demons around. Not even Raphael and Gabriel have managed to defeat them. Should the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse not be the cause of the end, the battle between Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Balaam, and Mastema will surely do it.



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