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Underground Associate [Theo]

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She stretched a little bit after the run-in at the club. She got her information from that hunk earlier as he tipped her with a graceful fruity alcohol drink. She sends a messenger she found in the corner of the street and paid them to send out for a lower-ranked guild member. Perhaps this was a good time to see what someone can do. Get them some experience in this sort of thing. Her eyes gazed at some building to wait for them as the place they needed to go was not that far away. Her eyes lowered their guard while her fingers played with the strands of her hair. Thankfully, to pass the time she bought some fruit punch bubble gum from a company of ice breakers ice cubes. They were pretty good, but they only lasted thirty seconds. After that, the taste started to die out. It was why she had to chew about sixteen pieces within each hour.

The weather was pretty clear and the sun was shining bright as the snow did not exist this month. She had to leave her children at home and Kazimir has not been around much as he has been busy doing other things.


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He was taking a look around the guild's exterior, the sight always managed to calm him down when the tranquility suddenly shattered and he heard running and a person coming towards the guild almost out of breath. After inquiring as to what the person was doing there he was told that he was tasked with delivering some information to a guild member. Theo took the note as the person left and started reading, they were directions to a place he was supposed to meet with his guild leader and that apparently they would be completing a task together that day.

Theo was quite surprised by this and started walking towards the appointed place "This is your chance, it's finally happening!" the voice rang in his head, sometimes they acted like parents to him being proud of his accomplishments and cheering him to move forward, "Don't let this get to your head though." another one said, "Yeah cause we're already occupying it!" and another continued. They were quite lively this day and Theo scolded them jokingly to be quiet as he made his way to the place.

When he finally arrived he took a look around until he spotted his guild leader, he had seen her only during the sign-ups for being a founder of the guild but her face or her figure wasn't one to be forgotten. He looked towards the building she had her eyes on for a moment before walking up to her and introducing himself once more just for memory's sake continuing by wondering as to the purpose of calling a member from the guild.

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She gazed off towards where she soon heard footsteps. Her eyes gazed towards the man of blue hair and glasses with large circle rims. He introduced himself, probably reminding her if she forgot about his name. A motherly smile escaped her beautiful full lips as she flicked out a feather fan. Her body was leaning against the wall while her eyes rested towards his. "I appreciate you coming here, Theo." She chuckled darkly while lifting her body posture straight. She tilted her head to look back at him, "I had a brother named Theo once. He was quite the character." She spoke with such a ghostly tone, but it was smooth and soft.

Her golden brown and blue eyes gazed then forward while she wanted to explain the mission. "So we need to interrogate a man to find a woman by the nickname of 'Siren'. She's someone who knows something with the most important to our client." She told him how she had info about some bad guy who sends out their goons to capture late-night workers of random businesses to sell as slaves. It was something that was behind the scene as slavery was no longer accepted after the war they had. It was thanks to Zade and a couple of people that were now actually bad, Caius was an example. He was with some group that fought royals and nobles to free slaves and help the current king to reach that height of importance. Now, he enslaves people. Sighing softly while thinking about it, she continued to fan herself while walking closer to the bar. "Apparently, he's in the bar with some goons. Shall we?" She wondered with a sly smile to Theo.



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Theo wondered for a short time, what could that brother that he shared a name with be like, "quite the character" could be taken in various ways and that "once" did that mean that he wasn't alive anymore or that their relationship simply fell out. In any case he smiled all the way through to show that he cared for her pains -if any- and then started focusing on the task at hand.

An interrogation didn't really sound that bad, after all he knew just how powerful his guild master was, you could practically feel her intense aura just by standing next to her, not malevolence or fear but just an overwhelming feeling, at the same time though her beauty gave off something serene and graceful. Theo realized he was staring at her for too long but didn't want to give the wrong idea, he was meanwhile listening to her explanation of the man's actions and about slavery, he was all for freedom and people doing what they wanted but not when their actions meant that they harmed others. His face darkened slightly at the thought of slavery and quickly but calmly agreed to the request.

Standing in front of the bar he was now wondering if this was the best place to take care of this. If things got out of hand there could be innocent lives at stake and turning towards Kurisa he wondered whether things could be solved in a rather, non-aggressive manner so that people and property wouldn't be damaged. After getting his answer, no matter what it would be he braced himself and entered the bar.

The interior wasn't anything spectacular at first glance but a lot of artsy details made it look quite modern while retaining a sense of tradition. His eyes wandered around and in the back area of the bar he saw a group of people with matching clothes being all rowdy, if he hadn't noticed them with his sight just the noise they made would be enough. He didn't want to be too apprehensive and offered Kurisa a drink which they could then take and go sit with them, after all it didn't have to be all work and no fun, and a cocktail to calm the nerves sounded really good right now. That was only a suggestion though and he decided to see what her answer would be.

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As they went into the bar she got some stares. Depending on the zone area, people are suspicious of anyone that comes through their door. Theo was right beside her as they went into the bar to get some drinks. Maybe acting casual will befit the scene here. At this point and time, her drinking habits will finally be able to come into play. Her eyes cornered to Theo and then to the bartender. "The regular for me." she instructed calmly while turning so her back was towards the bartender and her body towards the people who gave her stares. Not stares of suspicion anymore, but more of thirsty men. If this was LooneyToons, they'd howl like the wolf once Miss Rabbit comes out to sing.

'I suppose it's normal since my attire, but I didn't realize there were so many singles around here.'

'Disgusting' Ana thought.

The drink was sat down to which she then twisted to grab ahold and then gazed towards Theo with the corner of her eye. "I suppose let's go." she spoke womanly soothingly while standing up straight to walk over to the table. Some men secretly watched to see who she was sitting with and who the boy was that was with her. She was well known in Hosenka after all she has done here, but Theo was new here. They better not touch. Soon enough they got to the round table in the middle of the bar. The man who was obviously the target smirked at her. He looked like a large Biker guy who was more 'American' looking with their leather jacket and jean pants that had holes in them. He clearly had aftershave and yet has not taken a bath nor shower. Strikingly, she took her fan out and fanned herself while gazing at the poor sod. "Do you mind if we join?" She asked while her other hand ringed the stem of her drink.

He shook his head, "A pretty thing like you? Heh, I can't say no, but must be business - nonetheless, it's making the crowd quite jealous." He said in a butchy tone. "This one, where is she?" She put down her drink and then grabbed the file in her magical purse that came out of nowhere. She opened it to reveal a woman. "Ah, that bitch didn't even think I deserved to gaze at her face nor did she even pay me after all I did." he spat at the floor beside him and gazed at Kuri. "You'll want to go to Xinglin, who you'll find at the club down the street. Just tell them o'nick sent ya." He waved his hand to get back to his drink. She chugged down her drunk and sat it down on the floor. "Good doing a one-sided business with you." She turned to Theo. "Just get that to-go." she chuckled while getting herself one as they left together to go to the next area.


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He didn't expect the bar to be so popular during that time of the day, he looked around and it was middle aged men that were drinking and making noise, stares starting flying their way the more people noticed that Kurisa was there, some had fear in their eyes, others lust. Theo made a slight smirk while covering his mouth with his hand, it felt fun to be with a popular person and see the others' expressions, "Most of them are utterly disgusting!" he heard them say, "Yes well we won't be here for long so don't you worry" he replied to them, glancing back at Kurisa and following her to the bar where they ordered their drinks. Soon enough the bartender gave them their order and at Kurisa's word Theo went with her to the man's table. He reeked of alcohol but he seemed to not be too drunk, at least he'll be able to understand us, he thought.

Sitting down cross-legged he gave his cocktail a little swirl before taking a sip as the guildmaster made their intentions clear, they wanted information and fast. Luckily her reputation seemed to open quite a lot of doors and they got what they were after pretty easily, Theo was impressed, although he couldn't help but feel quite unpleasant with that man's manners, was it really necessary to compliment her like that or spitting like that even, these kinds of brutes could put a stop to his appetite. No matter though since they got what they wanted and it was time to leave the place, with Kurisa finishing her drink and getting another one to-go he was impressed at how cool someone could look.

As they were leaving the place they were approached by a man that after greeting them offered them dinner at a nearby restaurant, mostly keen on Kurisa but also winking at Theo he realized that the man was part of the people who probably requested that info to be extracted, he knew their circle and how they wanted to keep things in order in Hosenka. Theo smiled back and after they all decided that dinner sounded like a good way to wind down and discuss the next step they entered the nearby restaurant.

Hosenka was well known for its exotic flavors and smells and Theo was very interested in learning more about the culture of the place since it was supposed to be a copy of Joya, he wanted to travel there but for now he had to settle with a look-alike. As soon as they found a table the waiter came to get their order, everything looked more than tasty but he didn't want to look like a glutton, "everything in moderation" he was taught. With their order out of the way the three of them had now plenty of time to decide how they were going to go about the information they had, how they should approach that Xinglin character and discussing what they should in case things get messy.

As time passed and they had their dinner, the man handed them their reward for their info and co-operation looking forward to further results.


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