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This thread has a long title and as such I theorize that you are more likely to both click on it and read it. Since you're reading it anyways and the thread is open, why not join it? [Open]

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This thread has a long title and as such I theorize that you are more likely to both click on it and read it. Since you're reading it anyways and the thread is open, why not join it? [Open] Empty Wed Mar 17, 2021 11:25 am

"I'll take uhhh..." Zane looked at the menu of the Sardina restaurant. This thing was huge. So many options offered on a single page - and there were five of them! How the hell was anyone actually expected to have made a choice within the few minutes the waiter waited (haha) between giving them the menu and coming back? "I must say Zane, I cannot wait to try out all of the food they have here. I've heard this is Earthland's best restaurant." Beelzebub chimed inside Zane's head. Right. Zane didn't need to worry about what to order. The greedy demon inside his head would make absolute sure that the pair came back here multiple times until they had ordered everything, much to the dismay of Zane's wallet. "It's also the most expensive restaurant in Fiore..."

The fact that Zane would have to account for spending a ton of money at a fancy restaurant multiple times a week for the next month or so was stressing him out. It's not like he could just NOT do what Beelzebub asked. While Beelzebub hadn't harmed Zane in any way since their meeting the demon certainly had threatened Zane every once in a while. According to Beelzebub, Zane's body could be maimed if he were to oppose the demon's will to a major extent. Zane wasn't sure if this was something that Beelzebub could actually do, but Zane had no doubt that if it WAS in the Lord of the Flies' power then this restaurant would certainly be the first place he'd use it. Beelzebub had talked about this restaurant before. The greatest in all of Fiore according to a wanderer Zane met on their travels - and many others the two had spoken to before as well. It only made sense that the demon of greed would want to taste the greatest food in the country for himself, even if it was through Zane's senses.

Zane just wanted to get it over with. He didn't want to have to come here all the time. Looking into his wallet while the waiter stood patiently (for the most) Zane counted up the amount of jewels he had. He had... a lot, actually! Zane hadn't even realized how much money he'd been storing away. Guess it really did add up. There was probably enough to buy an entire house in this wallet alone! And that's when Zane had a spark of inspiration, an idea so great that they'd be speaking of it during the 100 page section that the history books would no doubt be dedicating to his time on this planet. Zane couldn't figure out what to order today. Zane didn't want to have to keep coming back here. There was one easy way to fix both of these problems.

"I'll order everything." Zane said, triumphantly placing down the menu on the table. He was perhaps too proud of the silly idea he had came up with. "Umm..." A look of doubt soon came upon the waiter's face. Zane imagined that the boy probably took his words as a joke. "No, for real! I want everything. I'll pay up front if need be." The waiter straightened his glasses a bit, taking a moment to think. Holding up his finger, the boy hurried away to the kitchen. Zane assumed this was him asking his manager. "I must say Zane, I'm rather impressed! To think you'd just take everything for yourself all at once. I'm proud of you."

Zane managed to get his order sorted out with the manager. Most of his wallet was gone by this point, but that was okay with Zane. He had been driven to the point insanity by the demon in his head that he didn't even mind the fact he just threw away a small fortune. Zane simply waited happily.

And he waited.

And he waited a little bit more.

And then it finally came. Plates upon plates. Dozens of bowls. An abundance of glasses each filled with all the varieties of wine offered at the Sardina. Zane's relatively large table was now almost completely full. As Zane stared at the mountain of food that lay before, only one thought came into his mind. He had made a mistake. This was NOT a good idea.

"Go on Zane! What are you waiting for? Just pick a dish and start eating it! Isn't that what you humans do?" Beelzebub's voice snapped Zane out of the daze he had been in for a minute or two. "O-oh... yeah..." Shakily moving his fork towards the first steak platter on offer, Zane began to eat the food. And it was pretty good. There was no doubt this place was worth of being called the best restaurant in the country. And so Zane ate another one of the entrees. And another.

And another. And another.

Zane had to take a break. The food was starting to all taste the same. Dropping his fork and knife on the ground in a defeated fashion he would set his head onto the table with a loud 'thump' sound echoing throughout the restaurant. Normally this would cause most people to look Zane's way, but in this particular instance most of the people in the restaurant had already been staring at him and his horde of food for a while now.

"Help." Zane managed to grumble out, his face still smushed onto the table. "Someone... anyone... eat."

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