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Kurisa leaned against the pillar of the outside hotel as she wondered if she was doing this one alone or if Aegis was coming. It became clear that he was not as time flew by, but what was time to her now that she was time itself? The dragon lacrima made is possible. Perhaps, there was another 'god' out there that wanted her to be 'this' as she was gifted the one thing she has always wanted, immortality. She did not even have to become a vampire - an undead like her significant other. Overall, she was happy that she could be by his side even if their love doesn't last that long. She hopes it does and becomes more than it is, but this will be her last love as there was no hope left for it if it doesn't become complete.

She was wearing a loose light-blue jacket with white strings hanging from the hoodie. Her shirt was black with nothing on it and jeans for the typical bottom-wear. Today she had to go after a target that was some child compared to her. she was working for someone much higher in the pyramid when it comes to bosses. She was causing trouble for businesses that were in the Crimson section of the city. Was she going to capture this little girl and take her to her dungeon? Probably not as she will instead probably end up adopting her, treat her like a daughter, and send her off to who knows whereas it will be a better life than what she was doing now. What were they making her all do? Kuri was not sure, but she heard that their next target was a sweet shop which sounded terrible. Was it because it looked typical? Non-suspicious even? Who knows.


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She watched the little girl, blonde waves, purple eyes, and wearing one of those innocent dresses. With her, she had a man who could look like her father and wondered if they were related. This could be a false accusation. She wanted to make sure it was or was not as she followed them. Her eyes looked at her book as she followed from afar. Once they went into the candy store she went to look at some chocolates. She could get some candy for her children. They have been so good throughout all of their troubles. They deserve some treats.

It was rare for Kuri to let them have a lot of sugar unless they handmake it, like ice cream and such. She missed them a lot and was happy to hear that Kazimir will get to see them. She stood up straight and fanned herself, going towards the very same section the other two were going for but looked in the other direction. Being suspicious was quite the opposite of what she wanted to do. "Perhaps she will like these." She softly spoke in a motherly tone, picking up some caramel chocolates that were obviously fudge. Kuri had a deep love for fudges with peanut butter ones.

The two went to the other part and wondered what they could be doing here. She so far saw that it was just those two, her and the person working today. She listened to footsteps going towards the keeper and whispered something. Her eyes cornered to see that the little girl was watching her way. Was she making sure that Kuri was not listening or watching? She gave a sweet smile and flipped her long beautiful hair. Her eyes of blue and brown gazed towards them as she was going to give them a lesson of their own. It was going to be quite simple since she did not want to really hurt the little girl - no matter how much she was into this scenario. She remembered all those years ago when she heard about how her cousin literally killed a little girl just because she was in the way of his objective. Look at him now. A female and a bad guy. Does that mean he and Alice were no longer together? It saddened her so to think that as it seemed lost love ran in the family.

Woe me.



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She lifted up her right hand while shrugging, she explained to them that they can surrender if they wanted to. None of them took her seriously as if they were really dim-witted. The store worker knew who she was, but it seemed they were not from here at all. She offered the child a deal. A deal to go on her side and she can use her skills to destroy those that she now works for. With that, she can have a huge lifestyle and hopefully, some happiness. She cared not about what she was nor what she has done. There was redemption in her guild and family.

She felt torn when the little girl was showing restraint to the offer as she looked at the guy before looking back at Kuri. She chuckled with a sweet smile, finger banging towards the guy. Swiftly, the shot went right into his skull and looked at the girl with the offer once more. She gulped nervously and offered her own hand. Kuri walked closer to her and also watched to make sure the girl did not act harshly towards her. She knew she had to take precautions. This was a girl who was raised with the Mafia.

The girl took her hand and agreed to go as another orphan was saved as well as the store. She also took the dead guy with her to drag him to a place that no one ever comes out of other than herself. Before leaving, she told the worker to never overly judge someone as someone innocent could be a horrible killer and even tormentor. They rewarded her and told them that if they made it out alive, their boss told them to give the reward to her. Thankfully, they did live and so did the child that she didn't have to kill.


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