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Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake]

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#1Blake Seraph 

Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake] Empty Thu Feb 11, 2021 4:04 pm

Blake Seraph

The sun was going down in Hosenka town, the sky was colored in a sepia tone. It reminded Blake of the nice sunsets back in Stella. There were the most beautiful sunsets of Earthland.

Blake was heading towards the Hinoki theater, apparently they requested their services once again. 'Acting? As an antagonist on their play?' He read the quests details on the slip as he made his way to their destination. The summoner had asked for Kazimir's help once again, for he thought that this would be an enemy facing mission once again. Last time they were in the theater, they had to protect some artists from a possible assailant's attack, which they did. But this was a completely different kind of quest.

The angelic summoner, received the quest slip just a couple of hours earlier. He didn't even get the time to actually read it in detail then. Nonetheless, Blake couldn't explain the reason why they specifically asked for the Fairy Tail mages that completed the last quest on that location, and to ask them to perform. I mean, Blake was a good looking guy, but he didn't have the antagonist vibe that is required in order to act the part. It would also be hard to ask Micah to play the part, he seemed like a little kid after all."Wait a minute... He seemed to remember Kaz telling all about how he had to step into the stage for the last mission, and everything he did in order to deal with the assailant. May be that was the reason why the theater's manager asked for the last Fairy Tail mages that were here the last time. She sensed Kaz's kinda evil and mysterious antagonist aura. He'd be perfect for this mission, it would be a piece of cake.

Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake] Be1951dfe421ab2cd88d1e165c4d3ad5

Blake would anxiously wait for Kaz at the entrance of the theater. You could tell his excitement for the master's arrival for he would keep looking at both sides of the street waiting for him.

Once Kaz gets to the destination, Blake would greet him warmly. Trying to hide his devilish smirk and plans from him, and proceed to rush inside the theater. "Hello there Kaz! Let's go inside, quickly! They are waiting for us". The summoner mage would try to keep the quest slip and the details from the mission from the guild's master until they are inside.

It was a perfect plan, until Blake tripped on a small rock on their way in. He fell down to the floor, and let go of the quest slip on his right hand.  

Word Count: 432/1000

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake] Empty Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:37 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz got a request to join Blake on another mission. The young mage didn't tell him what it was, Kaz could only assume it was because he was in a hurry. Once he saw the man standing in front of the theater, he waved as he approached. They were back here again. Seems the summoner had made an impression on the people.

"Hey Blake," he greeted but before they could chat, Blake was hastily ready to enter the building. "Oh okay." It was a strange time of the day and Kaz couldn't place what kind of job this would be. "So what do we," he began to ask when Blake tripped on a rock in his enthusiastic rush. The quest slipped out and rolled into the theater.

"Are you alright," Kaz asked and helped the mage up. Once he was to his feet Kaz stepped into the building.

"Oh you two must be from the guild thank you so much. So who is the lead,"The woman asked with both her hands happily clasped together.

"The lead," Kazimir questioned and took the quest paper from her. He glanced over it and shot a slow side-eye towards the young summoner, "Blake...what is this?" As he asked the question, a thought was already swirling in his mind, but the woman was already reaching out for him.

"Hey wait a second," Kaz pouted and then was struck by an idea, "Every antagonist needs his forces of darkness, he pointed at Blake. The woman cheerfully latched onto his arm too. "Perfect. Two for the price of one!" The two mages were ushered into changing rooms and engulfed in a cloud of garments and powder. Kaz hacked and coughed at the powdered makeup flying all about him.

"Blake," he groaned but there was no real anger there.

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#3Blake Seraph 

Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake] Empty Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:20 pm

Blake Seraph

"I'm fine" Blake answered back at Kaz as he helped him to get back on his feet. Luckily the quest slip had rolled inside the theater, so the wind mage was not able to take a look at it either way. Karma is a bitch, that's for sure, but she wasn't that much of a bitch after all, not this time.

Both mages were warmly greeted by the theater's manager once again. She seemed eager to start prepping them as soon as possible. The play was a couple hours away from starting and Kaz had get ready and have some direction as to what was expected from his performance. Or so the summoner thought, it was going just as he had planned so far. Blake rolled his eyes upward, playig innocent, and scratched the back of his neck as Kazimir asked about the acting situation. "Heh, you see Kaz. Apparently you made quite the impression last time we were here, and you jumped into the stage to protects the cast from the assailant. So now, you get to recreate such heroic act, but as an antagonist this time.".

"Oh yes dear! You would do just fine up in there on stage. You got the looks, the mystery, the vibes, you got everything Darling! Let's get you ready." Manager Yua addressed the wind mage with excitement.  

Eeeeeeek- The summoner reacted surprised, and embarrassed at the same time. He certainly never expected for Kaz tu turn down the table and cast Blake as his dark minion on the play. He even blushed and got all gloomy. His plan of being a mere spectator of the play, while his guild master made most of the work failed miserably. And, of course, Manager Yua had been given two actors for the price of one, well three in fact. Blake was not gonna be the only minion up there.

The two Fairy Tail mages were dragged backstage for makeup and wardrobe change. First was makeup, Kaz was a little bit grumpy for the setup he had gotten into. "I'm sorry Kaz, I didn't mean to set you up with this mission. I didn't get to read the details until we were outside and was too late to turn back" He comically in tears expressed his regret towards the wind mage.

Tch ~ "I hope you amateurs don't ruin my show tonight" A male voice referred to the mages while they were finishing up their makeup. It was none other than Tomura Matsukaze, the actor who played the hero on the tonight's show. He spilled his venom and headed towards the stage. Blake could hear the crew moving around, and get into position. The spotlight was on, the play had started.

Blake was rather annoyed by Tomura's comment at this point. He was fired up. He had considered summoning Micah to play along with him as Kaz's minion. But, this required someone even more annoyed to be up there on stage that wouldn't have the need to act when playing antagonist agains that joke of an actor. "Open the Gates of heaven! I call upon you! Rookie Angel Layla!" A golden magic circle appeared before him down in the ground, and emerging from it a golden bright light. A female figure then appeared before Blake, and referred to his summoner with an attitude. "Huh! Why have you summon me Blake?" He proceeded to explain everything to Layla, who replied with a dull expression. Tch ~ "Learn to fight your own fights kid, oh that's right, you can't fight without us! heh" She finished Blake with a mocking claim. She was most definitely a rather mean angel, she was perfect for the part.

His warrior's ego had been hurt, so Blake proceeded to the changing room even more gloomier than before. This mission was not going as he had imagined at all. As he changed into his antagonist clothes, he was pulling himself together. There was some sort of magic to this bad guy's outfit that made him feel confident about playing this minion of darkness. They had given him a dark clown outfit to put on, along with an harlequin's mask as a final touch. Blake headed out casting this bad guys's vibe, that even Layla couldn't tell who was the actor behind the mask.

"Well, how do I look?" As soon as the summoner took the mask out, all the dark vibes he casted in order to play the part, was off. Layla was certainly disappointed to know that Blake was under the clown costume. She proceeded to put the mask back on Blake, she liked him more with it, and with the darker vibe.

"Children! You are up! hurry, go upstage. Make me proud!" It was show time.

Word Count: 792
Total Word Count: 1.224/1.000

Rookie Angel Layla:

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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake] Empty Sat Feb 13, 2021 12:04 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"I won't be doing a heroic act at all then," he teased the young mage. if anything the summoner seemed to Kaz to be the one with the acting flare. A smile swept his face when Blake gave a gloomy blush at being drug into the play as well.

"I would be an awful guild master if I took over your request," he joked back. They were ushed to the back and among of flurry of Make-up Kaz heard Blake apologize albeit through tears of laughter. "I'm sure you had no idea," he shook his head. "It's okay really. If this is the least of my worries I can handle it," he nodded to Blake letting him know that he really wasn't upset by the turn of events although a little uncomfortable as he shifted away from some of the grabby costume designers.

Kaz furrowed his brow when the star of the show scathed towards them. "Ruin your show. You're lucky we're here," Kaz grumbled and took the hand of one of the costume workers, "Can you give me a large collar and a pair of fangs, Kaz asked more focused on the mission now.

Everyone was at the show now and the two of them were waiting for their cue when Blake summoned an angel. Kaz waited for Micah but someone much gloomier appeared. "I see you have a new more...feisty summon."

Blake changed into his outfit and emerged perfectly for the roll. Kaz laughed as the angle placed the mask back on him. "You look great and you're gonna kill it out there," Kaz leaned forward. "When I vanish, that's your signal to trip that jerk Tomura,"

The show began and Kaz flew up to the rafters, waiting for Blake and the Angel to summon him to battle. As Blake would take the stage and engage with the performance Kaz adjusted the lighting to take it off of where he would land.

Once he got the signal, Kaz would descend onto the stage landing crouched on his two feet and slowly standing up. fake blood dripped from his gloved hand, his eyes flashed red as he glared at Tomura. The white wig fit snug around his head.

Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake] Saitou.Hajime.%28Hakuouki%29.full.330864

"Who shall be the first victim of the never-ending night," he spoke and let a little of his actual bloodlust pour through.

Tomura hesitated a moment and charged. The two danced around the stage, with Tomura getting more frustrated than acting. He led him toward Blake. Tomura rose the sword to strike down Kaz. The wind mage merged with the wind and vanished with a quick wink toward Blake. Tomura's strike stumbled him forward right by Blake.

Kaz would reappear at the other end of the stage where he would stand ready to be struck down by the star of the show.

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#5Blake Seraph 

Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake] Empty Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:55 pm

Blake Seraph

"Well feisty is a way to describe her." The summoner scratched the back of his head as he replied Kaz's comment, mean would have been a more accurate way to describe her. "This is Layla, she is a new member of the 'Angelic Team' hehe. Layla, this is Kaz, Fairy Tail's master." Summon or not, Blake would treat every being with respect and would introduce her properly. "I see. So he is the reason why you became strong enough to be able to summon me." Layla might be a mean angel, but she would still acknowledge a strong mage as Kazimir when she sees it. And there was her summoner, who was clearly not as strong. She glanced daggers at Blake. "I hope you follow his steps and become as powerful as your guild master." The summoner was now intimidated by his own angel. 'I'm wishing I would have brought Micah, instead'

"T-Thank you Kaz, you look quite handsome yourself." Blake was blushed by the wind mage's compliment, but accidentally spoke the first thing that came up on his mind. So he quickly tried to correct it "I-I mean, you look ready!" Both mages received their cue, they had to perform now. He was saved by the bell.

As soon as they stepped up on the side of the stage, Kaz flew up to the rafters, leaving Blake and Layla to warm things up. Little did he know that the summoner was not acting material, so leaving him to walk into the stage first actually made Blake very nervous. "HA HA HA! Prepare yourself HERO!" He entered the stage clearly overacting his dark minion role. Layla was right behind him with a dull expression, looking at her summoner make a fool of himself. "You have yet to meet the horror! HA HA HA I give you Count Kaz of Arendale! His demonic excellence!" Those were the first words that came into his mind, he was improvising, the dark minion roll was not in the script after all.

After hearing his cue, Kaz came down in an instant. It was a hell of an entrance. He and Tomura started sparring, the wind mage had the obvious advantage, that made the so called "Hero" of this play to get really frustrated. They were coming closer and closer towards Blake, and in a blink, Kaz winked at the summoner and disappeared.

-Eeeek- The wind mage had given the light summoner some instructions before they headed upstage, but Blake was too caught up on the excitement of Kaz's compliment to actually pay attention at that moment. "I guess I'll have to finish your minions first you Demon! Tomura directed all of his frustration towards the surprised summoner, and swung his sword at him. In a quick move, Layla managed to grab her summoner's gown and throw him to the side of the stage, while receiving the impact herself. It was a rather strong cut, Tomura was also a mage after all, but she was not leaving until she strikes back. Layla saw an opening on her rival, and took it, landing a powerful punch at his face that sent him flying to the oposite side of the stage. 'Oh sweet Seraphim, we just messed up this mission' The so called "Heroe" was losing this match in front of the whole audience, when they were asked to do the opposite thing. "There. I did what you wanted and taught that guy a lesson for you. I'm leaving now" Layla exclaimed and disappeared.

At this point, the rest of the performance would be on Kazi's hands. Blake was thrown out of the stage, so it made no sense to get back in there. So he stayed backstage with the rest of the crew. Kaz must have made quite the performance for, after a while, the summoner heard the audience's applauses.

The curtain came down, and it was time to go out there once again, and receive the warm applauses and standing ovation form the audience. Blake headed out and nervously vowed in gratitude towards the spectators.

"Wonderful! You both made an excellent job, don't you think Tomura?" Manager Yua, complimented both mages and handed over their reward.        

- Exit -

Word Count: 700
Total Word Count: 1.924/1.000

Rookie Angel Layla:

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Traditional Hobbyst [Quest][Kaz & Blake] Empty Sat Feb 13, 2021 11:01 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He couldn't help but smile at the performance that the young man had given down below. He was a kind-hearted young man and was building a good set of allies in just his summons. He wondered if or rather when it would be a good time to talk about Kaz's vampiric nature, but not even his closest allies knew about that yet.

As the play progressed he tried to set Blake up for some sweet revenge and shook his head as the young mage missed his timing and was cast off stage. "Guess I'm out here alone," he couldn't help but think this was the man's plan all along. He'd have to keep an eye on that one. Tomura dashed forward, winded from the game of chase and half-embarrassed at the spectacle. But then again he understood the power difference between himself and one of the three wizard saints.

Kaz took the final blow and threw his arms into the sky. He fell to one knee glaring up at the man and vanished into a swirl of wind. The curtain dropped and the crowd cheered at the ending. Kaz strolled to the back, looking for his guildmate and already taking off the makeup and costume. It didn't turn out bad at all.

He took his pay from the kind-hearted manager and looked to Blake, "Well done. You have a very nice summon. One that will be there when you need and can cover the more passive sides of your temperament." He nodded and opened the door for Blake, "What do you say we get something to eat and celebrate a mission complete?" And with that they were paid and off to enjoy the rest of the evening. Hopefully, the theater would be able to stand for awhile without them.


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