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Waiting Out the Cold(Tomoe)

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Waiting Out the Cold(Tomoe) Empty Sun Feb 07, 2021 11:26 pm

Chishio was unfamiliar with this area, but she sure as hell was getting familiar to it now.

She had ventured off in a hellish area of Oak. Oak was a relatively peaceful city, but all cities had areas that were not so pleasant to most. The young woman found herself on a cold, icy, windy day. The sunny town was usually bright and cheery, but the atmosphere completely matched the dreary disposition of the homeless, beggars, pickpocketers, etc. on the streets.

The travelling beauty was careless but knew she had booked a cheap hotel in the wrong area as she walked the streets. It was too late now. As the woman passed by a man eyeing her a bit too much she knew she had jacked up visiting plans. First encountering homeless children(Clem) and now this?

Too late now.

Chishio made her lonesome, feminine, scantily clad self away towards a pub several blocks away. She could see the lights of the building pop even from a distance, torches stood in front of the building, lighting up the entry. Perhaps, it was for the best after all. The weak mage knew standing on the crime-filled streets in an undeniably lower-class part of Oak in the evening was a bad idea. The woman despite knowing how stubborn she could be, a fact, but regardless could still be easily plucked off the streets in the hands of a foul man. She wasn't that big after all.

She felt someone following her now. Or was it just paranoia? No, same man eyeing her from before. The girl quickened her step and turned a block to the right, travelled down and twisted back to the street she was on before, trying to head to the pub, trying to lose the man. As she quickened, it'd seemed that less and lesser people were out as well. Much wiser people, heading home, but Chishio was still quite a distance from her hotel.

Should she make a run for it or go inside a building?

"Ew......what a creep," she'd mutter to herself finding herself closing the door stupidly behind her in a loud smash. She'd frown and turn around finding herself being welcomed by even more stares, by bigger and brawlier looking men. She was stuck here now. Not sure if she had made the right decision or not, probably even a worse predicament, she'd not meet their leering eyes.

All she could think about is waiting out the night and making her way "home" carefully in a few hours.

God, this was going to be great.

She'd sigh as she stood near the door of the inside building. She'd peer out the window neighbouring the door, cautiously, it was obvious that though her face showed no fear something was wrong.....

Man was gone though, for now. Did she lose him successfully or did he not want to follow her inside? Who knew?

"Welcome!" an older man, gleefully sending her pleasantries for her to come sit near him. He gestured to a barstool. Chishio made her way towards him, again not meeting any eyes- or trying her best not to. Maybe she was just freaking out and giving herself anxiety. Yet, she knew she was the only woman in the building.

She sat directly in front of him, ordered a beer and would just wait an hour or two inside. Hopefully, the creepy man would be gone by then if he wouldn't enter the building.

#2Tomoe Tanaka 

Waiting Out the Cold(Tomoe) Empty Mon Feb 08, 2021 3:07 am

Tomoe Tanaka
A creep prowled the streets. A downright villain, the scoundrel was. He crept through the shadows after a stray woman; in this part of the city, why wouldn't he? Life was the sort of thing that offered many opportunities, and chief among them was opportunity for a man to seek out his own destiny. The man would giggle to himself as he followed the woman, skipping along with glee like some kind of gutter gremlin as his eyes trailed her. He didn't know if he had been discovered or not, and it didn't matter either way! He would soon have what he wanted...

The woman took off inside a bar, and that made the man frown. How dare she! Now he'd need to wait for a while to leer at her more. How unfortunate this day was playing out, and how unfair the world was for cursing him to walk the planet feeling powerless and without a shred of glory for himself! Earthland was truly a cruel place indeed.

"Lust is a sin, y'know.", a voice would ring out from behind the man. At once, the gremlin of a man turned around to see an individual in black leather armor partially obscured by a cloak dark enough to reflect the void itself, tattered and worn from many adventures. The most notable feature, however, was the plague doctor's mask that this man wore, obscuring whatever expression he might be making underneath the ominous headgear.

"Wh-What?", the gremlin would respond, staring back with his mouth agape, showing his many missing teeth as if he had lost multiple fights with a gorilla. He had no idea how to respond, because all that he knew in this moment was that the man before him wasn't known for kindness.

"Lust is a sin. One of the worst out there, I'd even say. Fuckin' pervs and degenerates, the whole lot of ya that give in to that temptation. It's the cause of endless human suffering every day, and somethin' that shouldn't be how it is."

After saying this, the masked man would take a step forward, the gremlin man taking a step backward at the same time as if caught in the same rhythm. This repeated a few more times until the gremlin found himself pressed up against the wall of the building the woman had gone into moments prior. He stared into the face of a phantom, and tears ran down his face.

"It's one of the sins that only SHE can forgive. Ya messed up in this lifetime, and you're shit outta luck. There's no future for ya continuing as you are now. But... in the next world you'll get a better lot in life. That's the inevitable truth waitin' for each and every person in this world, sinner or saint, and there's nothin' preventing that.", the masked man would finish, and the last thing the gremlin would see before even getting time to process those words fully, was a fist heading towards his face.

In a single strike, the masked man had punched the creep clear through the brick wall of the establishment, sending the woman-stalking weirdo's corpse clear through the wall and inside, landing in the center of the room. The man had the upper half of his face missing, and his neck was connected to his torso by mere threads. He lay there motionless as the masked attacker wandered in through the partially broken brick wall, looming over his dead handiwork as he scanned the room. The place was mostly silent, because people knew better than to question things here after seeing the man.

The plague doctor observed the scene, ensuring nobody was an eager attacker ready to collect, or otherwise a vengeful hero ready for battle. As time stood still, only a few patrons whispering among each other at their tables, finally something broke the silence: the crazed killer himself. "Somebody here wanna clean this up? Shit, you guys better have good insurance for that wall, too. This place is fallin' apart here. You think this is a standard to be held to? C'mon. C'mooooon!", he would say while raising his arms outward as if to attempt to garner support behind his words... and received none.

After moving forward a bit to take a seat, the good plague doctor paused when he caught a glimpse of the woman from earlier. While that creep stalked her, this phantom stalked the creep, ensuring he paid for his sins in blood and received a better life upon creation of the utopia. But she was an innocent in all this, and unless she too was some grave sinner in need of attention, he needed to make that known.

"Oh, you don't gotta worry there, miss. I took care of your stalker for ya. Followed him all the way here! Heh. Guy was a handful, lemme tell ya. Real tenacious goblin-creature, that waste of soul was. But it's all worth it for the end result, and this dude was beggin' for death with the way he went about life."

The man in the mask before her was known as Tomoe Tanaka, a killer known across the country as one of the worst people still walking the streets. Despite this reputation, he allowed her a bubble of personal space all to herself, maintaining a distance of a few feet as he spoke and ignoring the pool of blood on his shoes from the dead guy.

"What're you doin' in a place like this, anyway? Not gonna lie, it sorta... sucks, in this part of town.", he would inquire, curious as to her response as he shrugged his shoulders.


Strength: 466 (436 + 30 [Elder Hunter's Coat])

  • 2x S-rank damage

Speed: 285 (175 + 30 [Elder Hunter's Coat] + 80 [Moon Aura])

  • 17.5 m/s lunge | 35 m/s run

Constitution: 190 (110 + 60 [Jaan Earrings] + 20 [Soul Ether])

  • -/4x S-rank | 7 post run duration | 3 lunges per post

Endurance: 140

  • 2x S-rank pain tolerance

Intelligence: 1

  • 0% mana reduction



Aura: Moon Aura
Weapon: Rama's Bow Unequipped
Head: Black Plague -/1x S
Body: Elder Hunter's Coat -/2x S
Cape: Ormus' Hundred Hoods Indestructible
Earrings: Jaan Earrings Indestructible
Ring: Pocket Dimension Ring -/1x A
Relic: Soul Ether -/1x S
Companion: Winged Lemur -/1x A
Mount: Pegasus


Mana: 8,325/8,325

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