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Aspect of Failure[Quest][Blake and Kaz]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Aspect of Failure[Quest][Blake and Kaz] Empty Sun Feb 07, 2021 7:41 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir held the quest slip in his hand. It had been a while since he stretched his wings like this. But part of the reason he came back was to help those in the guild reach their full potential.

He headed toward the Hinoki theater to meet with the manager. It was a grand multi-story gothic building. It was a marvel of traditional Joyan Architecture, with old wooden beams holding it up for generations.

The wind mage leaned against a tori gate, waiting for Blake to arrive. The crew was just now filtering into the theater, but Kaz wanted to arrive before the show began to get a good look at the structure of the place. Plus he didn't fully know what Blake was capable of but intended on having him take more of the lead and Kaz would be back up for him. He looked over a small blueprint of the building in his hand and kept an eye out for any entrances on the rooftop.

He would greet Blake once he arrived and together they'd head up to the building. "Alright Blake, how do you want to handle this. We have a possible assailant coming to kidnap them.

The sun had already gone down and the crew was in full wardrobe. The orchestra slowly went from out of tune violas to a rhymic symphony.


#2Blake Seraph 

Aspect of Failure[Quest][Blake and Kaz] Empty Mon Feb 08, 2021 3:06 pm

Blake Seraph

Blake was feeling nervous this evening. He had received a message from Kazmir, Fairy Tail's Grand Master, to meet with him outside Hinoki Theater. He thought that maybe he had received any kind of complains about the last job he did there. Or perhaps, this was a date?! Nah! never gonna happen! Focus Seraph!  

As he approached to the site, he was able to glimpse at Kaz standing right on the front of the theater. Leaned against a tori gate. 'I hadn't realized this was such a beautiful estructure' Blake was also able to admire the theaters architecture from afar, last time he was there, he was such in a rush to complete the quest that he didn't get the chance to even take a look at the structure.

The GM seemed ready to go in, he was looking at what it seemed to be some kind of blueprint on one hand, and held a quest slip on the other one. 'A mission, that's what this is about' the summoner was kind of relieved that he wasn't in any kind of trouble, and even more that this was not a date at all.

"H-hello master" Blake greeted Kaz, he couldn't help to feel a little intimidated by him. Kaz greeted back at him and they both headed towards the building. "So this is a guarding quest then, huh?" He shook of his nervousness, this was no time to feel insecure, a person's life depended on them and the precautions they had to take in order to keep everyone safe.

Blake asked Kazimir for the building's blueprint to take a look at. It was imperative to find out the possible soft spots of the theater from which some bandit's would try to access the actresses. Kaz was indeed so many steps ahead from him, he must have already identified the possible breaches. "Micah and I could take on the rooftop's guard, it seems like the most obvious entrance point for the assailant. If someone tries to force their way in, they would be spotted and intercepted immediately. Plus, he would be outnumbered. Perhaps you could guard the main entrance to the Theater, how does that sound?      

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Aspect of Failure[Quest][Blake and Kaz] Empty Tue Feb 09, 2021 12:25 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Kaz is fine," he assured the new member of fairy tail. Even during his time in the rune knights, Kazmir was not big on formality. He handed over the quest and the map to Blake. "that's right. Just have to protect the performers on stage. Someone has been threatening them and they think there will be an attack tonight." He walked up towards the entrance and nodded along as Blake described his plan.

"Sounds good," he replied. It was weird to think about himself as not being the one to take the high ground for once but was more than happy to oblige. "I'll man the front entrance," He pointed to a spot on the blueprint that showed a stairwell inside that led to the rooftop. "That should do it. Good luck." And with that he parted ways and let Blake take the rooftop. The show was about to begin and Kaz greeted people as they entered and made awkward introductions as they recognized him.

The lights dimmed on the audience with the attention pulled toward the stage. A set of performers danced to the center of the stage to the beat of the music. The show was in full swing with acrobatic flair and music arrangements. A slew of actresses danced and enchanted the crowd. Kaz's mind wandered from watching the entrance to the performance inside. He sealed the doors behind him now so he could keep more focus on the possible victims.

The show was about to drop the curtain for the end of the first act. But they didn't fall. The performers stood up from their bow and looked around trying to figure out what the hold up was. The audience began to whisper if this was part of the show or not.

A burst of grey smog scoured the stage. The performers tumbled to the ground. The smoke swirled into a column in the center, revealing Ayakashi, a masked man holding two actresses in his arms. "These ladies are coming with me. If anyone tries to stop me, they will never perform again." The assailant began to back away and look up at the rafters, plotting his escape.

Kazimir rushed forward and looked up through a small window that led to the rooftop. Kaz dashed toward the stage, closing the distance in a matter of seconds. A panicked Ayakashi grasped a rope that repelled him swiftly toward the roof exit. As he was hurtling upward, he threw one of the actresses as a diversion.

Kaz redirected his mad dash and hurled himself toward the falling actress. He wrapped his arms around her and landed on a stage platform. Ayakashi crashed through the window and leaped onto the roof. The final woman in his arms pushed free but was staggering backward, losing her footing and ready to fall back through the window.

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#4Blake Seraph 

Aspect of Failure[Quest][Blake and Kaz] Empty Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:16 pm

Blake Seraph

The two mages figured out the action plan rather quickly as soon as they got to the theater. Blake was feeling confident about it. Although, he figured that maybe this was some sort of test by the Guild Master, perhaps to test the summoners strategic thinking. But either way, this seemed to be best course of action. Blake thought that by getting Kaz to cover the main entrance, and have the most visibility, the assailants might think twice before making a move. It was Fairy Tail's master after all, the summoner was nothing but a rookie at this point.

"Got it. Micah and I shall guard the rooftop." Blake addressed Kaz with determination as he put his hands down in the ground. His eyes then glowed in a blink. "Come! Micah!". As soon as the little angel appeared, he tried to greet both Kaz and his summoner with excitement. But his moth was quickly covered by Blake. "Shush Micah, I'm happy to see you too". He said with a soft voice. The summoner's magic was flashy as it is, not quite a good trait of light magic, specially in the night. This quest required to be as sigil as possible, for they couldn't warn the enemy of their moves. Micah understood the situation and simply waved at Kaz.

"I know it would be dumb to say this, but be careful." Blake couldn't help but to care for other, even this would be nothing but warmup to Kaz. Then, both him and Micah rushed towards their rooftop position. "Good luck Kaz o-nii-san."  

'What a beautiful night' The view was rather beautiful from where he was standing, up on the theater's rooftop. There was a full moon and a sky full of stars, and to complete the scenery, the city lights were as bright and lively as ever. But this was no time to stare at the sky for too long. The play was starting, it was show time. Music started to play on the background and the actors started to perform. Blake had no view of the stage, but he knew that if something would be up, he would hear the crowd's noise.

It wasn't long after the play started that the enemy made his move. "Micah! did you hear that?!" Blake exclaimed as he started to hear the startled audience. Both, he and his summon, rushed towards the rooftop's exit. A coupled of seconds passed before the assailant had to meet with them. "Leave the girl alone!". Blake demanded of the masked man.  

"You want her? The masked man said in a creepy high pitched voice. "You got her." The girl was thrown out of the rooftop, as a diversion in order for the enemy to have an escaping gap. Blake quickly jumped down from the rooftop to catch the actress. and luckily he made it on time, as he turned his body to take the fall's impact, leaving the girl with nothing but a minor bruise on her arm. Meanwhile, Micah was able to intercept the assailant on top of the theater, making it impossible for him to go on with his escape.

"You're not leaving this place masked mister". Micah addressed the enemy with a defiant stance and voice. "You think I can't handle a little kid? The masked man answered back as he charged against the little angel. Micah was rather quick on his feet so simple attacks would be easy to dodge. And so, a fight started between those two. This was no ordinary assailant though, he had some tricks up his sleeves. He was a sneaky bastard, Micah had a rather hard time trying to land a couple of punches while trying to dodge some too. The summon even had to resort to land a magic kick at his opponent in order to slow down his moves by leaving him half blind for a second. "A magic being? Ohh I see.." The masked man was able to look through Blake's magic. He took a leap backwards in order distance from Micah, and proceed to jump out of the roof. "A summoner's weakness, is the summoner himself!" He aimed an attack on Blake as he took out a knife from his sleeve.

"Blaky o-nii-chan!" Blake was still dizzy from the fall, he would simply watch as the enemy came towards him. His fastest reaction was to take the girl and to cover her from any incoming damage. He was ready to take the hit and closed his eyes, when he felt as if a comet crashed against the assailant midair. He opened his eyes to see the enemy knocked down against a tree from the theater's garden. "A-are you ok Blaky o-nii-chan?" Blake heard a gasping voice, it was Micah, breathing heavily and barely standing. "Micah..."

His summon started to slowly fade away, as he couldn't fight anymore. "Good, I made it on time..."

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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Aspect of Failure[Quest][Blake and Kaz] Empty Wed Feb 10, 2021 8:24 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Thanks. Good luck to you two as well," he nodded and waved to the angel. he took his post at the entrance for the night to begin.

The attack happened midway through the play and the wind mage caught a falling lady as the villain rushed to the rooftop. Kaz dashed up through the rooftop window just in time to see chaos. He landed on the roof as Blake crashed into the ground below. A sigh of relief escaped his lips though as the man held the remaining actress in his arms. A sudden burst of light followed and Micah was already kicking the Assailant into a tree with a loud thud before dashing over to the summoner.

The little angel began to fade back to the spirit world, and Kaz waved once more at the tiny being of light. Kaz stepped next to Blake and faced the attacker. "Excellent job. I'll handle it from here. You have the important job of making sure she's safe," Kaz spoke with a light-hearted tone to Blake but his eyes pierced with anger at the attacker that tried to kill him. He saw the attack and gaging the man's strength it would have been a hard hit.

"Consuming wind," He whispered into the air and held out his hand to create a cone of wind. The masked man stumbled to his feet and braced himself but the gale-force swept him, the tree and part of the ground away.
The man was thrust into another line of trees and Kaz turned to face Blake.

"Mission accomplished. Let's get this lady back where she belongs and finish the show," he nodded with a smile and helped Blake take the woman back. The manager would pay them and they could finish the show if they wanted to. The rune knights came in and took care of the rest.

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#6Blake Seraph 

Aspect of Failure[Quest][Blake and Kaz] Empty Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:25 pm

Blake Seraph

"Kaz!" Blake felt relieved as he saw the guild's master standing next to him. He held the actress on his arms, just in case the enemy had some other trick under his sleeve. He suddenly felt a heavy magic pressure surrounding the environment. It was Kaz.

The wind made seemed rather angry at the assailant, although he just spoke kind words to Blake. Followed by this, a great wind spell was casted by Kaz. The enemy was blown away by the gale force, and crashed against even more trees. He was now more than finished. The summoner covered the actress, just in case of a recoil. 'Such magic force' Blake was impressed by Kazimir's display of power, and he assumed that he was still holding back at that point.

It was over, this mission was finally over. Blake smirked gently back at Kaz, he knew that as a compliment from him. He was happy that he got to protect a person this time. The three of them rushed back towards the theater to report to the manager and claim the reward.


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