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She looked at the first target's information on the paper as it said; who disguised themselves as an innocent old man but was truly into slavery. He owned a deep ground club that only people with proof of membership can go in. It was that and hot women. She sighed as she already has guessed that she will have to dress up for this occasion. Her eyes looked up at everyone who was in this room, wondering if anyone else was coming with her for this. It did not seem like it. She stood up and took the paper with her. She reported that she was going to go for the first guy on this list first. She left before she could hear them say anything if they decided to.

A small smile escaped her lips as her mind became numb from the fact that she knows that she will have to kill people. It was justice, it was her justice as she was going to employ judgment on those who harm the innocent or those she at least found innocent. Some could see it was lawful evil, some lawful good, but no matter what she did not care as she will destroy those she found guilty, just like this man. She was suddenly stopped by her Myras friend who owned this establishment. He instructed her that the person that will be joining her will meet her outside in a few. Apparently, he was going to be late for the meeting. Since the person missed out on everything she could just take him with her.

She sighed, walking out of the business building after waving them goodbye with the back of her hand. She yawned softly and exited out to see people roaming about normally. No one seemed to bat an eye towards her so it was obvious none of them were her 'partner'.


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"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


Still not feeling a hundred percent himself, Aegis was trying to keep himself busy. He was doing so by taking on some smaller tasks that kept popping up on the guild board, but was becoming less fulfilling as time went on, as it allowed him to view more and more of the hidden side of Hosenka that most care not to see. Or even some who look away on purpose. But he didn't want to walk away, nor did he want to ignore the people he was. The labor camp that he saw still clear in his head, another job had came up with a similar objective, to which he offered to assist in immediately.

As he carefully made his way over to the meeting place that they had arranged for him to meet his partner, he was thinking about how it was actually acquired. When Aegis was in the hall, the attendant were actually in the process of taking down this notice. Apparently they were hoping for multiple people to join in, but only one decided to participate in the request in the end. They didn't have much information for him other than it was an older man that thoroughly enjoyed owning and trading in slaves. As he was removing it from the wall, sadness could actually be seen. Aegis walked over and motion towards the parchment paper it was printed on, and offered his hand to take it. "Is this still available?" he asked as the man turned around a bit surprised. "No, well, yes technically. We were hoping to get multiple people on this but only one has taken it so far.", his eyes lit up slightly, "Are you willing to help as well?" he looked at Aegis' apparel up and down. " You would fit the look we need for this. If you are indeed interested, if you proceed quickly you will be able to still meet up with the other person under taking it.". Aegis read it over quickly, then nodded. The man's sighed slightly, almost pleased. "Let me fill you in very briefly before you head out."

From the brief description he had gotten, the older man was an amazing disguiser and they were having difficulty tracking him down has he kept popping up at random times and locations. Even though they knew who he generally showed up as, he always was able to slip through the hands of anyone trailing him, either through guile or force has he most often had guards or protectorate nearby.

As he got closer towards the meeting place, Aegis gave Theo a little pat on the head as he made sure the little ball of fluff on his back was doing alright. "To work then little guy."


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Kurisa sighed and waiting outside. Minutes felt hours to her for some reason as the people passed by her without even glancing at her. She was known here, but people feared the other side of her. They heard it from the one mission where she became rather dangerous. She already forgot the mob boss's name as she was forgetting people in general. Her eyes were slightly shut with a small opening to let in a little vision. Her lips departed slowly to yawn and then closed her eyes fully. She felt like she should start heading towards the place already.

With or without

As she was lifting her body away from the building she was resting against she then opened her eyes up to see a man walking towards the building. It was possible that he was the guy. Her nimble fingers went through her dark black-brown hair to flip it to the side. The woman walked over to him while shifting her arms to cross against her chest. "Are you, my so-called partner, then?" She wondered in a dominating way. She liked to get right down to business as her eyes scanned him. "You probably know the details and if you don't then you can have this sheet they gave me." She unleashed her arms crossing to hand him the slip of paper while gazing at him with her golden-brown and blue eyes.

"It says we need to go by the market place around closing time of bars. He finds his victims during the night." She sighed.

"Of course when they're vulnerable and mostly weak." Or in other words, drunk. She looked off into the street and walked beside him as she nodded her head to follow. If he wanted to talk then perhaps while they were on their way. Usually, Kuri would introduce herself with her reputation in Hosenka alone. She was like a well-known star. A dangerous yet sweet one.


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"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


"It seems to be that way. I'm glad I made it in time before you headed out, as they were in a bit of a hurry to send me over." he scratched his head slightly as he moved stray hair that was covering the right side of his face. Briefly checking and patting himself and clothing down to make sure that he was as little mess as possible from the expedited trip. He tried to keep his pace steady without sprinting or making any scenes which was not an easy task considering how busy the city was, especially in this region later on in the evening.

"Unfortunately they weren't able to fill me in too much other than the basic information I think. so thank you, I'll take a look.". After reading over the information about his particular interest in targets and location, and listening to his partner's a response, he nodded. Have to himself, and have to the partner in front of him. "If he is as old as they say do we have any idea on the actual capture methods that he uses?" he said, as the contents had very limited information about the senior himself written on the form.

After seeing her start walking, and the nod right before, he quickly finished reading the paper, and caught up. He stayed just behind her on her right side, towards the middle of the street. "Hmmmm..." he thought to himself, but slightly out loud, as he rubbed his chin as he walked. He kept thinking about all the different ways he could envision the kidnapping of people, even in a vulnerable state. Threatening could be the most common, but it was also a possibility of it being medicinally induced. Another route of his thought process brought him into what if he himself didn't do the capturing, but had accomplices to work or two do it for him. Or if this person was a mage, could the magic he had access to possibly he'll also aid in this?

While he was in his own mind and thoughts, he caught himself short and moved slightly to the left, almost bumping into someone but stepping out of the way in time. Having snapped back to the walk and wait before their destination, he's slightly leaned forward and tilting his head to the right, looking at the person in front of him. "Also, my apologies. My name is Aegis, and it's good to meet you.".


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Kurisa glanced at the man as he replied to her. He looked like he could've belonged in a rather wealthy family when it came to how he appeared. She knew better though. He questioned about the old man as he wondered how a man his age could capture people among the night. She chuckled, "Don't judge the age too much, Aegis. You can be quite young physically till you hit your eighties to nineties. Depends on your diet and course of action upon life." she explained. Her head tilted and gazed towards him for a moment. "Well, I have many names, but I suppose I'm more known now for Kurisa." her motherly smile was like warm oven cookies that just came out.

So sweet, gentle, and happy.

She turned her face and eyes towards the direction they were heading after that. It was already getting dark by the time they were getting closer to where the guy probably will find their victims, by the bar. "Alley, we'll watch from there." She turned and knew how this went. She remembered two lifetimes ago when she was a victim to some guys once. She came out of the bar, they followed...

She gulped and leaned against the wall of the building next door. "When I think about it, you look the age." she quietly spoke and scanned him some more. "Age of my son." She chuckled lightly. She looked as if she could be in her 20's, but she was older than that... The time flew by as people were going in and out of the bar. Nothing was suspicious till it was about 1 AM as a couple of girls walked out together, leaning on each other for support. They were giggling and all that and after a couple of meters away she saw a man in a drench coat following them silently...



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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


"I suppose that is accurate." he set up loud, half in response and half in thought. "And it's a pleasure to meet you Kurisa." the smile and warmth that was received back felt nice to him, but for some reason he also helped us slightly disquieted. He thought about it as they continue to walking up the cooling, dusty road as it was becoming much closer to nighttime. He wasn't sure why the feeling was there, as recently that wasn't really something he was entirely good at deciphering, especially with precipitating events. It had been quite a while since he was really communicating or even just casually talking with people, let alone someone being friendly. Not sure if it was entirely due to the situation or just that he was focussing on Hosenka's clean up, it still seemed a little strange. It wasn't necessarily unwanted or unappreciated, but somehow felt off to Aegis.

As they got close to the bar, Kurisa pointed out the alley location where they were going to set up the ambush. As he was very quiet as he moved, he made his way to one of the building walls to lean on, walking as normally as possible and weaving through the people that were left on the streets at this time to avoid suspicion. As they got to the wall he looked down the alleyway. It was clear for the moment. Various attendees and staff came in and out but no one that looked overly suspicious at the time.

"Oh, I do? I guess I will have to say hello some time after we deal with this situation we find ourselves currently in." he smiled just slightly from the right side of his mouth, still focused down the alleyway. Time passed with more staff and patrons entering and leaving the bar, but no one suspicious or acting as such came out until much later. After time and past throughout the evening, it was getting closer to morning then night. The two girls then that came out of the bar seem to be having a good time. They were quite obviously influenced, holding onto each other and stumbling around as they walked. A few moments later as they were walking off to another alley on the left side, there was a individual in a trench coat that came out of one of the Shadows of the alleyway. Aegis had not seen them before, even though they were looking and scanning the alleyway intently beforehand which worried him. He briefly looked over to Kurisa and nodded as they made their way down the edges of the alleyway. Aegis make sure to keep a decent distance as they progressed forward not to alert the man and was extremely cautious of where he was placing his feet to not make any noise on the expeditious approach. The figure turned left down the alley that the girls were walking.

As they came up to the intersection of the second alley where the girls went, they were easily in view as they were walking at a very slow pace in comparison to them or they're cloaked individual, who stood just a few feet behind them.


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Kurisa waited to see if Aegis was going to do anything. Will he go for it or wait a little bit longer? She sighed quietly as it seemed to be the latter option. She and Aegis left their current spot to quietly spy on their target. Will he realize the two were watching him or was he so concentrated on his two targets? She felt the only difference between him and her son was the height and the eyes. Her son was quite shorter and she wondered if perhaps he already knew him. That seemed to be a better conversation for a different time though.

The girls kept leaning on each other and chatting about random things. It made her wonder if this was how she was when she was around that age. She was alone when her incident happened with a gang of men. Her heart was darkening at the thought while her hand slide against the wall of the building they were hiding by within the alleyway. She still needed to get her revenge for it happening. The gang probably thought she was dead as most would if they saw how they left her. The man was slowly getting closer to the women as they couldn't tell from how loud their laughter and giggling was. Finally, they left the alleyway and Kuri quickly snatched the man from behind. Her left hand covered his mouth and her right hand dragged him back into the alleyway with Aegis and herself.



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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


As he looked over, saw Kurisa was looking slightly pain as her hand slit along the wall. As they continued forward quickly he looked at her and gave her a bit of a questioning look to make sure she was doing all right. They kept getting closer as quietly as they could but as swiftly as possible, the only audible thing being the occasional rock or dirt clump under their feet.

When they got close enough, Kurisa grabbed him from behind as soon as the women passed into the main street, covering his mouth and dragging him with a swift pull of her arm. As he was still losing the force of the spin, Aegis did a quick strike to the back of his leg with his own, quickly followed by a palmed strike to his other shoulder, forcing the man to fall down to the ground back inside the alley where he was now wedged in between the ground and the cold stone of the building. Right after the swing brought him stumbling down, Aegis quickly used his outstretched hand that had hit his shoulder to continue with it outstretched making sure the man couldn't run, or even pull away from the wall.

"Do not move." He said quickly. With his opposing hands still free, he clasped the top hood of the cloak and pulled it up and back, revealing the individual. Aegis' eyes narrowed even before the hood was fully off, as the individual in front of them was not old at all. The second, but more surprising thing was that wasn't even a man. The cloaked woman in front of them seemed to be in her early 30s from Aegis' best guess from just sight alone. He briefly looked over to Kurisa who was still beside him. Out of the very well trained peripheral vision he had, he caught some slight movement underneath the cloak.

As the situation stood, he had one knee on the ground and was currently on the left side of her. While his right hand still placed on her shoulder, there was a quick flash of light reflection from her bottom right underneath the cloak as she brought up a dagger in a sweeping motion with the intent from cutting from the bottom of his chest up to his shoulder. Reacting as fast as he could, he push off her shoulder with his right hand giving enough Distance by leaning backward to dodge hager and leaving her right hands above his shoulder. As soon as the gleaming dagger passed over his chest and passed his shoulder, he quickly pushed back against her shoulder with his right hand and punched just below the wrist at her arm that was raised up. The strike itself would hit the muscles and tendons right below the wrist, and in one motion cause her to lose grip of the dagger and have the wrist secured against the wall with pressure. "Enough." he said sharply with narrowed and focused gleaming blue eyes. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

She quickly turned her face away towards the pinned arm and the dagger that was now out of reach. "Why were you following those women?" his inquisitive and analyzing stare did not change position from her own eyes, even though she wasn't looking directly at him. Very quietly under her breath she whispered, "To keep them away from people like you...". "People like us you say?", he said in normal volume but a questioning tone, "and what kind of people would we be?". After saying that she just glared directly at him and Kurisa, "The monsters and cowards that took my sister!"


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She squinted at the paper she had and then back at the woman. She suspected something, but maybe she will play this game a little longer. Kuri is reminded of the time when she and her companion met a woman who was pretending to be the missing daughter of some townie. She made it seem so real and talked about the missing girls that were with her. It was some bizarre crap that you would see in some horror film. Sighing softly she shrugged and slipped the paper against her own side as she folded her arms against her chest. "Well." Kuri started speaking softly and gazed down towards the ground.

"I guess we're going after the same people then, huh?" She spoke heartily towards the woman, but if anyone knew who then they'd know it was complete sarcasm, but none of them did. That was good. "If you're going to point fingers at someone with a large reputation - larger than obviously yours cause you're not even known..." She chuckled. "You're either stupid or just new to Fiore in general." she bluntly spoke. This time, Kuri's tone wasn't so sweet. It was filled with chilling coldness as she gave a wicked smile behind those words. She hated when she was falsely accused of something. Ana hated it when people falsely accuse Kuri...

"So tell me... stranger. If I'm really a coward then..." She ghostly spoke as she approached the woman closer with a cold strict stare. "Why am I right here looking for a creeper like you?". Her eye colors became solid as if she was dead. There was no shine to them.


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"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


Even at the start of Kurisa's words, the woman looked in the other direction, as if trying to distance one's self a continent apart. However, as her words continued, they began to slowly drift towards the gravel covered ground. Not a single person had came down this way since this altercation started but her embarrassment seemed to escalate as things went on.

"She is correct you know, our job is to clear these creatures out." he said as he slowly and carefully moved his left closed fist off of her wrist. His hand went and grab the dagger that was beside them on the ground. The girl immediately flinched and turned away, assumably expecting some sort of final strike using her own weapon. However, Aegis simply dusted it off from all of the debris that the finally polish dagger had accrued, and put it in between the layers of his clothing carefully. "I will take custody of this for now, i'm assuming we don't need it.". She let out a breath of air that she had held in assuming it could have been her last. She slowly looked up towards Aegis, then to Kurisa. Just after, the girls hand that was stuck up against the wall fell down, unsure if from adrenaline wearing off or some semblance of relaxing, and he caught it with his own that was just a moment ago holding her shoulder.

He firmly but gently used the held hand to pull her back up to her feet. "Well, I can safely assume you know at least a decent amount to the people were after, considering you knew where he might be as we were in the same place ambushing.". After making sure she was steady enough to stand on her own, he pat himself down, clearing off the majority of the dust, tiny pieces of gravel, and stone that were sticking into him. "Have you reported this to the authorities of Hosenka yet? Or was this something that happened more recently?" "Other than putting up a notice, they don't do anything." she sneered looking back down towards the ground with clenched teeth and narrow eyes "Most of them have to know these things go on but don't do anything to stop it." "Well my dear, we are here to help," he said putting a hand to his chest, "Even though it was a notice that brought me here. You may call me Aegis, and it is a pleasure.". He waited to see if Kurisa also wanted to introduce herself or not, then continued on. "And what is your name?"

"Mya... Amelia Mya." she said rather quiet like and sheepishly, obviously still uncomfortable with the situation. "Well, as I said would you mind filling Us in on the information that you had? It might be extremely useful considering they didn't show up here like they were supposed to. Or if you prefer," he looked over to Kurisa, "We could talk somewhere are there more public or more private depending on your feeling on it.".


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She wanted to lift her hand up as she felt disrespected. Within her fame, people know that she hates those that are disrespectful to people who deserve respect. She felt after all the things she has done, she deserves respect. She let Aegis talk to the woman as he seemed to be more in control and not mind what she said to them. If the woman did not know her name then she doesn't need to know at all. She pouted and gazed away, 'If she lives here and doesn't know then I don't want her to know.'. She darkly thought towards the situation.

Lastly, she listened to her partner talking about how they were to ask her some questions and perhaps find out more. She just shrugged, "Sure.". Kurisa just went along with it as she was still annoyed about it earlier. She had to control Ana for a bit longer till she was able to be alone. The other side of her felt more triggered by the moment. "I'll just follow up and watch the backside." she insisted towards Aegis and the random rude woman. With that, they went towards where they had to go to talk over all of this.


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