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Losing my favorite game [Judina]

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She gazed at the same spa that she saw a certain person she will probably never get to see again. Maybe it was best that way since they probably are selling people as we speak. It has been a little off as she was so used to her old games. It was the game of cat and mouse. She was unsure what people were quite looking for, people always swung her around as every lifetime she would turn up lost. It was always with her being alone and losing her mind. She'd end up being a killer, a mad scientist with no morals and that was how Judith still existed.

She entered the Spa and waved to the owners before going into the women's bathing area. She quickly stripped off and went into the water. Kuri ordered her alcoholic drinks and treats ahead of time as they were being prepped. Her head tilted back against the cold stone as the hot water devoured her body. Softly and ghostly, she started to sing;

In the dust of the deed of time
And this is no case of lust you see
It's not a matter of you versus me
It's fine the way you want me on your own
But in the end its always me alone
I'm losing my favorite game
You're losing your mind again
I'm losing my baby, losing my favorite game
I only know what I've been working for
Another you so I could love you more
I really thought that I could take you there
But my experiment is not getting us anywhere

... The rest of the words were hard to hear as her voice went lower and lower within time, sinking off.

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#2Judina † 

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Judina †
No doubt Judina had seemingly taken her sweet time for once in her life to show up some where, maybe just as other people get busy with other things in life, Judina might have for once naught been busy with something.

With now being told where to really go after arriving back in hosenka Judina would evetually end up in the spa section of Sultry Heights, Something that well she might not exactly be the time to be in normally.

When told Kurisa would be in a spa, Judina would prepare herself to well, Entire a place she generally never really wanted to start with, Vast difference then what Kurisa might be use too with Judith would just have no problems walking in, Judina seemed to have different kind of view when it came to her view of being in a public spa bath.

Walking in with a towel on her shoulder entirely covered in a one piece swim-suit Judina would join Kurisa and seem to remain quiet for the most part.

Eventually when a quiet pause would happen Judina would just remark."It seems my mother and yourself have something in common."She would remark, regarding the singing part.

Then again it showed how little knowing of how close the connection and how far that connection went, After all Judith still seemed to have tried to keep a lot of things hidden from her daughter.

Most likely out of her fear of being an outcast from her children, Judina was clueless the only time Judith tried to reveal part of her past Judina still seemed to have not believed her.

Judina also had her secrets after all Judina did have a singing voice much like her mother and Kurisa just she never revealed it often. Most likely because Judina felt like it was not something she ever really needed to train or use often, Opting to be more like her father.

While waiting some out where outside sleeping, Was Alistair. Since there was more than likely he would not fit in the building.

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She could smell a scent that was familiar. "Ah, Judina it's nice for you to drop by.~" she purred and shifted her gaze towards the woman. She was a lot like her mother in terms of their personality, both of them can be cold, quite nice, and also distant when they wanted to. Ah, so much like Kuri's own personality right? It was like... they were all of Kuriana's children. They were like her so much that at the same time they were not like her. She closed her eyes relaxing as she trusted Judina to not do anything too rash. "I trust you found yourself here with no problems?" She questioned softly while letting her body feel the warming salts and scent of honey and lavender.

"Judina, I must ask. What do you see me as? A sister? Your aunt? Your grandmother? A friend?" Truly, this was an out of nowhere question, it was like a riddle almost. The girl didn't know her much other than thinking that she was just Arisa with a different name. She remembered Judina being there when she did that play. Surprisingly she didn't question any of it which means she should maybe bring it up. She could feel the need to pass on the title of being her mother's 'successor' even if maybe she won't want to. 'I wonder how much of her mother passed onto her...' Ana thought as she stayed in the shadows.

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Judina †
These casual moment just seemed typical at this point, all about what she expected. But Judina seemed not all that different."Well, You did tell me to come here in some manner, Where exactly was never stated."Water and places like these seemed like things she should have expected."I had gotten told to come here to find you, After going to where you told me too."So Judina had went to the location she was told and had the servants tell her to come here.

"It took a small amount of time, Mostly because I needed to place Alistair somewhere."Which it might be a thing she had not exactly figured out, that was mostly for Judina to figure out and not Kurisa's

This question was interesting."you are far too young for me to even consider grandmother or Aunt."This showed what little Judith has taught her daughter, Which would either be a worry for Kurisa or to her benefit."Sister and close friend."It was just simple to recall from Judina. There was a strong bond of trust however Judith seems to have have taught her daughter entirely how far her connection has been.

Was it for the children safety she never told them? Or her own? It would be something to ponder with her next choice of words, Did it all get revealed and Judina learned a past that seemed to be long buried in some ways, Or kept out of the loop it seemed that choice could be left to who she was sitting by.

Stiff as ever, Judina was so far trying her beat to relax, Unlike her mother Judina seemed to be the type to be use to just bathing alone, When Judith did not care as much. Maybe that was just her fathers side more.

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Kuri listened to the poor child as she didn't really know. Judina still didn't remember everything or it was just the fact that she didn't want to tell anyone. Who would believe her in the end..? She snuggled into the water against her towel as her eyes gazed at the girl. "Mmm, how old do you think I am?" she wondered. She wondered if Judina went by Arisa's age or if perhaps she knew this lifetime's age. Did she even know her sister, Arisa, died a year ago? She waited for an answer and saw the alcohol coming. Should she even drink at the moment?

After Judina guesses, she plays a little game. "You remember that play you watched? The one where it started as a little girl who lived in a kingdom. She got betrayed by her best friend who was arranged to marry her. She was lastly devoured by The goddess of Sin and all that? Then she kept being resurrected as another girl?" She waited for that answer too. Her eyes calmly looked at her with a small smile. Love was something that Ana could never achieve, Kuri had a taste of it, but it didn't last forever. Arisa had a taste of it as well, but that didn't last long either as it ended up killing her. And now... this.

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Judina †
Yet again the continuation showed of how far behind Judina seemed to be locking upon her family life, No doubt this just showed, Either Judina's own failures, Judith's secret keeping or some else that neither had figured out."Normally I do not see age is super important to guess, I would assumed somewhere between 24 to30."Judina did have that mind set of thinking she was still Arisa, Judith had not told her too much, these were the hint that lead up to what her mind set was.

These questions seems almost kind of strange and out of no where for Judina, Then again working with the daughter was a lot different then with Judith."It was an interesting piece of fiction, Quite a story that seemed to be in great detail."Judina seemed to think it was still just that a story.

The underlining meaning did not seem to be hitting her, Then again Judina was always the more blunter type, Everything to be explained to her some times, She was no fool just sometimes unless it was really something she knew had to be important she did not seem to keep much in her mind."I do wonder if that story is based on something, If based off of some one's life just with a lot more fictional details added with in it."Some what Judina might not be able to believe, Maybe if it all seemed that connected it could be something she could come to terms with, Then again Judina and family seemed to be, as much as she valued it she also seemed to keep herself a good space away from it as well."A good story over all, I do wonder what could be done to continue it."it was sure a conversation over things she did not know.

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Kuri twisted her upper half to grab some ice-cold water that was served to them both. Lemon, lime, and oranges were offered to put in the water to give it flavor as some could not handle the taste of simple water. Her eyes scanned any troubles Judina may have and wondered if perhaps she will even believe her if she told her about how Arisa was dead. At least the one she knew. Her own lips curved to give a grim facial expression as she finished hearing what the woman had to say.

"So many details were left out, indeed. It could have been longer, but I felt like some details were..." she tried to think of words to describe it. "Too graphic for some people." She squinted and shrugged, "You know what I mean?" She then gazed upward. "That story was mine, Judina." She softly said. Afterward, Kuri took a deep breath and gazed at her once again. "I am well over several lifetimes in age - spiritually. My body is obvious in their 20's to thirties." she chuckled, "I lost count." She gazed away with an expressionless face. She swirled her drink while eyes gazed into the water. "The Arisa that was raised with you died. ". It was finally silent now as she wanted to let all that sink in first.

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Judina †
This was not what would be coming to term for Judina, The reality entirely that this conversation and meeting alone did seem to have a purpose and reason. So far she did not seem to believe it."Such a tail through out such a time, Even with magic being a thing, feels surreal almost in a way not believable."It would be much harder for this to connect most likely, Logically it seemed Judina knew such things could exist but most likely because of how personal it connected to Judina might be a bit rough for the fact it was starting to effect her.

This would show where Judina's focus now went."Who would even consider such an act of a betrayal? no best friend would do that to a person."It seemed to upset the mostly emotionally stiff Judina, It might be a rare case of emotion springing out of her.

Even kind of putting past the age part even now she would go."As much as I would like proof I am unsure if I want to ask what is entirely on my mind."Judina sounded, like she was hiding being a bit angry, After all she did not know how long a go this had happen."Who would do this to her and why?"After that moment had pass she had some quests expressed but most likely a fair amount was still kept to herself.

Judina for now seemed to be fighting her own feeling to keep it in control rather then just let that short tempered feeling she had in her mind get out and just walking away to deal out what she felt was right, Such a thing was something she was more then able to do, As well as more then determine enough to find out it was too.

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"You're too pure, Judina..." She sighed and lifted her gaze towards the sky that was blazing with stars and the beautiful light that gave her comfort. She feared the pure darkness as she always had to see everything. "Even family can betray you." she was just blunt in a truthful way. Ana has no reason to hide anymore. The facts had no reason to hide. She wondered what Judina will all want to know and where will they start? The bath was engulfing her body and making it rather soft than tough. Her muscles were no longer tense as she could smell the salts of honey and milk be mixed into the water.

"What do you mean by, who?" She arched her eyebrow. "People of course. People are the cause for their own ends and others. Truthfully, if people helped each other for the sake of helping - feeling good about it. There would be no reason for currency, for crime, or any of that. People wouldn't feel as miserable if they weren't forced into something such as having to pay to survive; food, a roof over their heads, or to even feel alive." She felt like her beliefs were rather simple. People went hunting for their food, helped each other as they lived in a peaceful community, but there were those simple few who always made trouble and causes it to collapse. Ana felt this, this was what Ana felt. Her best friend turned more corrupted by greed... so he did what he did.

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Judina †
Was she clueless? This thought hit her mind."too pure? I would like to think that is a lie, I have been through plenty of events to seem like i am clueless."Reality it seemed Judina might seem to be really annoyed being called pure as in the aspects of her life."The war of demons, section of the dragons and my times in the rune knights"Judina seemed to be trying to at least keep herself in control.

Family betrayal was something at least Judina knew she had not experience, at least so far she assumed she had not."Regis killing his wife and daughter and me finding it all doesn't count towards that?"It was the closest thing she felt to that level, It would just show, Judith did not tell her daughter much, Almost like she was trying to move on and be at peace for at least one life time.

It was a chance for her to reveal what a possible monster or blind servant Judina's mother once was, how long she had been alive."It is a pretty horrifying experience to witness if I am honest."That and Judina most likely did not want to feel like she was clueless to anything in life, since well in reality she did not think she was clueless she felt like she had a decent amount experience in life.

But that final part about people."Such a reality will always exist, As annoying as it is."Settling her slightly mad mind for a moment with that reality. It was something she noticed."No one realized how easy it is to help each other along to live, That was a lessons that took a while to get into my mind."It did seemed almost like Judina got lost in her thoughts for that moment when this was in her mind.

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She let out a deep sigh as it felt pointless to keep ongoing. She could perhaps just leave the subject alone. "Well, I also called you here for another reason." She tilted her head back and gazed at the sky tiredly and wondered if she would even join. She felt like perhaps she was tired of her mother so there was a better chance it could be a yes. She tilted her head and gazed at Judina now with the same tired gaze, but a sweet smile. "How would you like to join my guild? It was all about Sabertooth, but I feel like the name of Empyrean Divine sounds better." She shrugged and thought while speaking.

"Being in the highest part of whatever is up there; sparkling, beautiful, and peaceful... It fits the guild's name as the place we're residing is that as well." She explained and took a drink. "We only care about rules being followed that are the guild's rules. Otherwise, you're free to do what you need. I am willing to answer any questions about it." she insisted and slowly got out for a moment. Her body was heating up so she wanted to sit on the stone seats that were attached to the spa.

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Judina †
This must be the reality of what Judith would be saying where her daughter was more like her father, More like a lady trying to be vastly different in her own way. Judina maybe was far more in deep of being stuck upon the things she had done in life, not realizing she maybe would suffer being stuck in said loops as well.

Maybe this chance would be that continuation of trying to be herself being on her own and free.It was an simple and interesting offer, Then again It did not take much to really talk Judina into something she might want already want.

With this Judina would seem to try to loosen up."Your offer is tempting."It did almost sounded like Judina seemed unsure. Then again in reality she would.

After all she was trying to find her place in the world to say and have it not been connected so much around her mother."I do not feel like, I need to be in the same guild as my mother."Which was something given each person, Judith might want to keep her daughter in sight to keep her safe, could be a problem since Judina wanted freedom and not always to be watched.

But it was so far a pretty open ended situation for her."What are you current worries of the city that the guild is based in?"She was already diving back into her work mind set, which could be left to wonder if it was needed so soon.

Then again maybe Judina was just planning ahead of time, For things she may have to do after done relaxing here, If Judina even could still understand how to full relax and allow her mind relax. So far it seemed like Judina was saying yes."Right...Also yes I will join Empyrean Divine."

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Kuri gazed at the girl who seemed so uptight in work that she was already asking about what current worries Kuri had when it came to Hosenka. She was glad to have her join her guild, but she wanted her to start relaxing now before the work began. She crossed her leg over the other as she gazed at her. "Let us worry about work later as today we enjoy it." She yawned and then put her legs straight, sinking back into the waters. "Ah.~ That feels good." She softly spoke and cuddled against the sides that became rather like clouds. "Have you ever had a massage? They do that here." She saw the workers come to them with trays of fruit and finger snacks. "Enjoy all you want.~" she added.

"Later we will worry about the crime bosses and those that harm the innocent. That job... is never done." She quietly said those last words as they were true. People always sought out to harm the innocent, even royals, and high nobles. They were the worst, Caius proved that when they went inside the castle. She wondered how he was doing since the last time they met... it was at the spa. Too bad he wanted wealth from enslavement though. As bad as the crime bosses here...

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Judina †
Getting Judina to relax might be job it's self."I do tend to prefer what i am dealing with ahead of time."she was not trying to relax either, that might be a fault of Judina herself as well."I can relax eventually."Most likely that meant she was either lying about because she had no clue how too unless alone, After all showed how she worked how stuck she seemed to be stuck in some kind of reality that Judina was putting up, Judina's struggles might be knowing not how actually to be actually be at peace even around people.

it seemed after mentioning Judina even did attempt to kind of relax, her body motions seemed to show she actually was trying to relax as she actually slowly lower herself into water more, at this point half of her neck and her head were above water."You assume it won't be."It is the strange part that Judina sounded a bit more determine to deal with the problem but how would she go about it? Since she knew what could be deal with and she could relax any plan might not be exact yet, nor did she seemed be in a rush too.

For now this would be some what the closest time Judina herself might have actually relax."For now that answer will do until anything else comes up." Judith bred a loyal warrior than some one who could enjoy the casual quiet life,maybe it was reason why she wished to have that herself now, Then again with how clueless Judina seemed as well as how uptight and work minded she was, It might not risk for her to know anything else, being lead to a path forward with out many options seemed to be a good thing, Because she still was a free of mind to choose what she felt was right too.

With that on her mind maybe she needed to take a walk and go somewhere else to retain that focus or maybe, Then again maybe she just lingered in this city for a bit too long now knew she had a place she could eventually call home."That is all I have in mind currently for questions, do let me know if there is something you need done by me, for now I think I am done being in the water."Judina did not really seem like she had wanted to stick in the water for the moment, There would be other times anyway, Judina was the type to return pretty quick and when needed too.


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