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It seemed like it was time to get up after her small rest. She literally got home and fell asleep after her long trip to Joya. She was rather exhausted from all that fighting and sadly she did not get to find Kazimir. Was it her fault that they were not together at this moment? Her lips frowned but soon became a small smile as her two girls joined her, giving her a hug. They were happy to see her, but she had to tell them that after food, she had to go and help some people. She had to go help some people store in some goods for the nurse's station that was helping people who could not afford medicine. She was told that some people liked to mug the owner's stuff and then try to sell it off to the same poor people she is trying to help.

It was disgusting to hear such a thing since she was always here to help the people that are weak and in need. Kurisa was surely sinful, but she hated it when people preyed on the dying, weak, and poor. Patting her children's heads she shoo'd them off to the kitchen, out of her room. She slid on her slippers, put on her robe, and left the bedroom to go into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and looked around to see that she could make them some eggs and some other things, but then a knock came from the door. Sighing, she went to the door and opened it to see the mailmen bowing their head. They told her that they were ready for her and they will send someone up here to babysit at this moment. Quickly, she rushed to her room and put on some pants, her shirt, and sandals.


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Before leaving she told both of her children that she will be back later, but for now someone else will come in and make them their favorite food. They both gave her a hug and waved goodbye to their mother. She loved them so much that she will protect them with her life force. She saw her babysitter as they promised Kuri the children will be safe. She studied the woman and then left as she did not have time to stay. The woman will be sorry if anything happens to her children. The last person that babysat when stuff happened, she does not talk about what happened to them.

That night was when she met Kaiser who introduced her to Daeva eye that no longer existed. It was too bad that the guild just poofs as soon as it appears before her. The streets were filled with people as she got closer to the place she saw some guards surrounding it. She angrily told them to get out of the way. They had no business here and the only way she accepts it if it was her son or if she summoned them herself. She told them to leave as she swayed her hand away. Quickly they left as she went towards the nurse. She wondered what was wrong. She told her that a few men were here earlier who stole some important supplies. She was working on some medicine for a woman's husband and child as they caught some infectious virus. She was unsure what the virus was, but without the stuff, she cannot find out. Kurisa told the woman that she will go and find where the men are as she left to ask people around. She started asking all the women and then all the men. So far she could not find anything out.


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They seemed confused, they seemed a little scared perhaps as their eyes gazed away from her. She gave a sweet smile and then went to the children. She has heard that the children here get into more trouble than the adults themselves. There was a pack of children surrounding each other talking quietly. Kuri went over and asked them what exactly did they know if they knew anything that happened. One of the girls looked at her and then told the others that it was okay. They started to explain that a gang that were really bad people came in from the alley by the bakery and came here to take somethings that were not theirs. It was obvious that it belonged to the nurse.

She gave them a few jewels each to get something to eat and left. She felt bad for them being poor and wanted to do something, but perhaps she will come to visit again to bring her kids to play. Normally, a rich mother wouldn't bring their children even eyesight from poor children. It was truly sad, but she could not tell a mother what to do with their own children. If someone told her what to do with her children, how to take care of them, and such, Kuri will freak out, and maybe bad things will happen. She went towards the alley by the bakery and looked over to see no one there. There was only trash, papers everywhere, and then she spotted a door that leads from the back of another building. She had no idea what building this exactly was, but she did not fear it one bit. Slowly, Kurisa approached the building alone and looked around again to make sure nothing was around to jump her or attack her in some way that she would not notice.


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She licked her lips and knocked on the door kindly. She wanted to warn them, to make them know that she was here or at least someone. She slowly opened the door and saw that it was pitch black inside. For some reason, it seemed a little suspicious, but she felt the wall and tried to find the lights. As she further went in she flicked on the lights to see that she was not alone inside. People were groaning in pain as there were men hovering over them. In their hands were bags full of stuff. Was it the stuff from the nurse's station? She questioned them about what they think they were doing. She herself did not understand why they will steal with unfortunate people who could not afford things. She next times them that since they were poor too they could have just asked for assistance.

They seemed to be very slow as they did not understand. Instead, they decided to attack her which caused her to dodge. She felt a chair go through her body and then shot them with her water comet as she gave a finger bang. She sighed, tilted her head with a facial expression of disgust. She felt enough of this feeling weak thing. Perhaps after all of this training with her other stuff, she will become stronger. She knocked over the men with her magic and grabbed the items. She warned them that they need to rethink their choices and went back to the nurse's building. The woman looked excited and happy as she was given the meds for the viris. This all made her wonder what these two have and if it will affect her and the people around them somehow. Will it endanger her children? She watched as the nurse started to mix everything up and after she was done with that she was rewarded. Kuri stayed to watch her inject the two to see if anything happens at all. So far nothing has happened as she then walked away.

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