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East to South [Flying]

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Kurisa looked back at Hosenka as she had to leave the people she felt close to behind. She was getting attached to things all over again. She had things to get done though and then she shall return to find out if those things, the people's feelings were true or just like the past. The day has come as it was time to finally finish what she started. The trip to find the dragon of Joya was going to begin for her. The weather was perfect for this occasion. Her eyes gazed up in the sky as Levi was flying downward for her to get on. Slowly, she walked to him, pressed her hand against his scales as she finally hopped on.

"Let's go, shall we?" She asked him as they finally started to leave. Her head turned once again to look back at Hosenka. She was hoping that her guild that was fairly new will be safe. Her lips curved to a frown as she then returned her gaze forward. To Myras, she had to go as that was where she started it all. How far will she get till she finally reaches the peak of her mission? How long will this take and how long till she got to see his face once again?

200+/200 [flying with mount/50%]


East to South [Flying] Sigme10

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