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Questionable Recruitment Practices [Quest][Solo]

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Finally, a task that offered some excitement. Mikajia had been approached by a shady looking character fairly recently. The man offered Mikajia a job to put an end to a couple adventurers. Apparently, they were causing trouble for the man’s boss. Though he wasn’t completely forthcoming on all the details, he informed Mikajia that the group was originally to be employed by his boss, but they diverted and began trying to recruit a large raiding party to enter a nearby tomb.

According to him, the man’s boss was directly responsible for a lot of undead activity around the area. Mikajia figured the group got a little too ambitious and were about to fuck up the man’s plans. So now he needed to put an end to their activities. However Mikajia saw fit. Just how he liked it.

The man informed Mikajia where he could find the duo that was stirring up problems. With the duo located shortly after, he went to work. Normally he would try to draw these things out, what with his love of fighting and all, but he was on a bit of a time constraint. He climbed to the top of a nearby building and waited.

At the moment the targets were surrounded by a few others. Though he had gotten stronger and knew he was more capable, he still didn’t like the idea of five on one. So he waited until the stragglers began wandering off. Mikajia had made sure to bring a cloak and mask along with him, purchasing them earlier from one of the many stalls located in Baska. He made sure the hood and mask were well secure before starting, he didn’t like the idea of his identity spreading too quickly. As the day began to fade into evening, the sun setting over the horizon, he began.

Mikajia climbed back down from his perch and clung to the shadows as he circled around behind his targets. They had set up a little booth in a small square of town; a fountain in the middle of the open area, a few gardens placed here and there with small walking paths, and surrounded by small buildings, mostly lofts. Their booth was set up next to the fountain, the loud splashing of the water helping to mask his already quiet footsteps, making them almost completely silent.

He spotted a number of weapons in either man’s possession, but the dagger on the belt of the left man caught his eye. They had been in the middle of a conversation when Mikajia crept up behind them and lithely grabbed the dagger. They only just noticed his presence when he stood up, but it was too late. In one smooth motion Mikajia took the dagger, dug it into the right side of the man’s neck to his left. He removed it, spun it around and then slammed it directly into the throat of the man to his right. With neither being on guard, they had nowhere near enough time to react and fell in a matter of seconds.

He removed the dagger with a sturdy yank as the man fell, eyes wide as the life left him. With a blank look, Mikajia dug the dagger into his heart for good measure, wanting to make sure there was no chance the man might be able to be saved, even with magic. Next he did the same to the first man he’d stabbed, piercing his heart cleanly from behind, seeing as he’d fallen on his face.

Sure he had been thorough enough, Mikajia left the dagger in the man’s back as he stood back up. There currently weren’t any people around at the moment, but that was likely to change very soon. Having no more reason to stick around, he simply placed his hands in his pockets and wandered out of the small square and into one of the many alleyways around. He ditched his cloak and mask moments later.

Once he was back at the meeting spot described to him at the start of this task, he finally got to meet the actual client, an exceedingly tall man in a bone mask, apparently going by the name of Cain. He relayed the information to Cain, who simply nodded and handed over the payment.

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Questionable Recruitment Practices [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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