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Training Day [Yugo]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Fri Dec 11, 2020 9:18 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir sat in the outskirts of the town beneath a tree. He rolled one of his old rune knight pendants around in his hand. "I've just returned and the Rune Knights are not only back but have reached out to me. What a bittersweet turn of fate." The organization that had been his life that he worked so hard to preserve still fell and yet rose again only this time without him.

"I hope they are cleaner these days. I guess we'll see," he tucked away the pendant. Despite all that had happened, he was glad that the organization had returned.

The region was mountainous. A small path wove through two large mountains that connected to the large mountain range. It wasn't a path used much by travelers or caravans, but the skillful hiker. More so, the area was treated as a category 3 danger zone between the bandit rumors and the monster sightings.

It made for a perfect place to train. "Yugo," he leaned back on the boulder. He wondered what kind of knight the man would turn out to be.

"I suppose I'll get some things ready," he said and hopped off for a bit of light stretching. The tree above him kept his lack of a shadow, hidden within the shade of the tree.

The sun shifted high overhead and shimmered on the light covering of snow on the ground. His boots soundlessly pressed into the snow.

"Hopefully I'm not too rusty." It would be bad given the situation he expected to find the two of them in, were they to travel further up the mountain.


Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Sun Dec 13, 2020 5:01 pm

Yugo had been making his way to the mountains after breakfast. He wasnt wearing his standard uniform and was allowed to wear more comfortable travel cloths. He was going hiking after all. But he had serious doubts about how safe he would be considering they were having him meet with Kazimar. The man was a legend, a true figure of living mythology. Yugo made sure hed be in his best behaviour. 

He soon reached the meeting spot, and found Kazimir waiting. He cleared his throat as he approched and then saluted. The man's aura was insane, despite barely being able to see most peoples auras, Kazimir was like a sun in the darkness of the forested mountain area. He really was standing in front of a living legend. Yugo decided hed dedicate his full attention to whatever Kazimir had to tell him. 

Yugo released his salute and spoke finally. "Its an honor to be under your tutelage, Mister Kazimir. The legends about you appear to be very true sir, if your general presence is to be believed." Yugo looked up the mountain, and breathed in. "I assume were going to be climbing that today?" He wondered how tall the mountain was.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Mon Dec 14, 2020 11:48 am

Kazimir Seiryu
It was not long before a hulking man marched up the path and saluted. Kaz could tell he was a natural-born fighter. Perhaps it had something to do with his criminal background. A rough past. But all things shaped a man into who they were.

Kaz saluted back although it felt odd to do so. "You must be Yugo. A pleasure. Although we don't have to salute. It has been far too long since I served in the knights," he said with a smile. Despite not being in the knights anymore, it was nice to see they were growing again.

"The pleasure is mine," he said with a small bow. "But we can dispense with the formality. Kaz is fine if I may simply call you Yugo. You have an interesting tale from what I'm told by the knights. But your history doesn't make me feel any differently towards you. I'll treat you the same as anyone else. Heck, your past may even make you a better knight than most when I served," he chuckled and looked over at the mountain.

"I'm sure you've heard a lot of rumors about me. Some true and others embellished," he shrugged knowing that if one searched enough they'd hear some unflattering accounts of the mage's rage for a time.

"But yes, we are to scale that mountain today and take on anything that crosses our path. But first, let's begin with this."

Kaz jumped forward and turned around to swipe his arm towards the man from eight meters away. A blade of wind shot forth from his arm and spiraled towards Yugo at 20 meters a second, closing the distance between them in less than half a second. A quick test of reflexes. One of the most important aspects of a knight.

Once Yugo reacted, Kaz would stand ready for a counter attack.

Mana 6380/6390

Actions: Launched a gale slash.

Name: Gale Slash
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 10 (60% mana reduction)
Requirements: Empyreal Storm Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts (0 from amulet)
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user swipes his arm and a blade of wind slashes outward at the angle of the mage’s arm was in and stays along that trajectory toward the target. The blade is .5 meters long and .5 meters thick.


Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Fri Dec 18, 2020 3:35 pm

Yugo listened to the words the older man said and he nodded as he listened to the living legend that was Kazimir. But as he felt the air swirl and gather, he barely had enough time to reach. The motion had been been quick too, had Yugo even seen a movement? Was he that far down below Kazimir that it was possible he missed him even cast the spell? The monstrous energy that sailed toward him was weak, yet Yugo felt that it would slice him up if he didn't block it.

He let out a roar as his threw his fist forward while coating it with light magic. The two D ranks spells collided and Yugo was flung hard back. So that was the difference in their power. It wasn't just the amount of mana he had, it was the razor sharp and refined control he had over his mana that was the difference.

Yugo landed having been lifted off the ground a good foot by the impact Shockwave. He panted as the dust drifted away but then he curled his lips into a smile. "That was amazing, and it was probably your weakest attack." His hand was bruised from the impact alone, he would hate to see what such condensed mana would have done if it hit.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Fri Dec 18, 2020 6:34 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
His reactions were what he hoped to see. Fast and without hesitation, the man punched the blade of wind and the clash of spells sent beams of light and wind spiraling off. The wind mage waited for the sunlight to disperse to see Yugo's smiling face on the other side.

Kaz put his hand on his hips with a smile and a little embarrassed at the praise, "Well thank you. That was an impressive attack yourself. So that's the kind of mage you are. Light and fists. A risky move to attack a spell but it worked. You can usually gauge the power of a spell by the size of a magic circle that's created when someone begins to cast. Bigger the circle more dangerous the spell. be warned though that there are those that can cast without creating a circle." He took a more defensive stance and placed a hand on the wand at his side. Although it was nothing much more than a training staff, it was the first one he bought and he still used it.

"Now that I've seen how you use offense for defense. I'd like to see how you use it to attack. Most of the time if I don't know anything about my opponent I'll lead with a test shot like the one I sent you. Like a jab to see what I'm dealing with." And now he waited and wondered what kind of offense the man would have. He wanted to do a few more rounds of warm-up before they tackled the big threats that may await them above. Kaz clapped his hands together and sent out a gentle breeze to all within 15 meters around him.

OOC Thoughts:

If you want you can start dropping your stats and actions in a spoiler box to get used to it once you go bounty hunting for big prey. You can catch a lot of technical stuff down here. AKA Headaches. lol

Mana 6330/6390

Name: Rhythm of the wind
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 120 (50 from mana cost reduction)
Requirements: Empyreal Storm Magic
Type: Supplemental
Element: Wind
Range: 15 meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: The user reaches out with his magic to feel the wind around him within a 15-meter radius. This connection allows the user to detect any movement that happens within that area by feeling the vibrations in the wind.


Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Wed Dec 23, 2020 10:15 am

Yugo listened and nodded as Kazimir spoke. Using his magic for attacks was easy...at least if he got close that was. But he had never fought an opponent like Kazimir. He knew he'd lose in a close range fight just as he would in a ranged fight. He didnt know if he could... but nothing ventured nothing gained. He wondered how well it would come out, he'd never tried using magic at range. Yugos mana was wild and uncontrolled a majority of the time, so fine mana manipulation wasn't easy for him. But having seen the power Kazimir had found with it only made Yugo want to try harder.

He lifted his hand facing it toward kazimir as he tried to create a new spell. The wild mana inside Yugo swirled outward as it tried to formulate into a magical circle. The runes were fragmented and barely formed. It was obvious Yugo had never formed a proper ranged spell before. The circle slowly spun as it formed, arcs of light mana reached back from the circle and touched the sleeve of Yugos shirt destroying the sleeve. He grunted and lifted the circle above his head as it begun to spin fast and faster and faster still. Till it no longer looked like a spell circle, and looked more like a disc of light.

Yugo dug his feet into the ground as the .50 meter wide disc spun even faster. Yugo hsd to yell over the sound the mana was making, along side the wind from kazimirs spell.

"My whole life I've only ever had bare control over my mana! I never cared enough to train ranged spells. But..." he thought back to Gunter and to Tomoe, if he was ever going to stop them incase they turned evil again... he needed every thing he could get. "Its time I start trying!" He stepped forward and as the ground cracked under his foot step, he threw the disc forward sending it right at Kazimir.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Thu Dec 24, 2020 11:41 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir leaned forward examining the newly forming Magic circle from eight meters away. The symbol was in pieces and still forming. Kaz knew what that meant all too well. He had seen it a dozen times and performed in a dozen more. The young mage was already creating a new spell on the spot. No small feat of prowess. He had a bright future if this was the case.

The mage's eyes followed the spinning swirl of light that formed above Yugo. His fingers twinged with anticipation as to what kind of spell the man would unleash and conjure. Kazimir stood up straight as Yugo spoke. Passion poured from his words. In just one encounter he already saw a gap in his offense and corrected it. "Impressive, that's a good spell. Precision will help you protect others. Give it all you've got!" He called back as Yugo dug his feet into the ground and tossed the light disc at Kazimir.

It was a solidly built spell and came right for the wind mage, who had less than a second to respond. He jumped upward and kicked his leg backward sending a gust of wind from his leg and propelling the mage forward. Kaz spun in the air, over the light disc. It glowed close to his body and cut the fabric of his robe as he sailed above it. Kaz was moving faster than spell speed and reached Yugo in a fraction of a second.

As he appeared in front of the rune knight, Kaz flipped and dropped a leg kick down toward Yugo's shoulder. If it connected, Yugo would feel physical damage from the attack that was the same as he himself could do. Kaz's physical strength left something to be desired. "Even mages that seem fiercely powerful have weaknesses," he spoke in reference to his strength. And he also wanted to see how Yugo would deal with a ranged combatant suddenly closing the distance on him.

stats and stuff:

Kaz strikes with B rank dmg
Kaz dashes as 32m/second


Sustaining Rhythm of the wind-50

Name: Step of the wind
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 30
Requirements: Empyreal Storm Magic
Type: Supplemental
Element: Text
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user concentrates magic around his legs or arms and forces a strong gust outward that propels the user. The blast of wind can push the caster off the ground. It can also be used mid-air to change the course of the caster in another direction. If the blast of wind comes from his feet or hands it pushes him in the opposite direction, I.e. if his feet are on the ground it pushes him off the ground and upward. The spell is activated by a thrust of one of his feet, or his hand and the wind will push him in the opposite direction, I.E a right-handed thrust to his right will send him to the left. The speed the user moves his dash speed plus spell speed to the maximum range of the spell


Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Mon Jan 11, 2021 4:17 pm

The disc Sailed harmlessly under Kazimir, Yugo felt he had given it all, but the gap between the two was far to wide for him to even try to close. It roared as it sliced through a tree and dissapeared. But before the tree could even fall, two things happened. One, Kazimir moved fast enough that Yugo barely had time to react. And two, Yugo fired off another new spell. He realized he didn't have enough time the second he saw Kazimir start to dodge.

His mind didn't even consciously develop the runes of the magic circle. Yugo had begun to open his mouth in a roar as he lifted his head finally coming out of the motion to throw the disc. He didnt have time to even properly aim as the magic circle snapped into existence in front of his mouth before firing as a .50 meter wide beam of light that threatened to spear Kazimir. But Yugos aim was off, causing the beam to only go about 5 meters before it slammed into the ground burning it like a solar ray. Yugo was drained tho, he wouldn't be able to dodge Kazimirs attack if he continued through with it.


#9Kazimir Seiryu 

Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:36 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz flung his body over the solar-powered disc. Before he had a chance to reach Yugo, Kazimir saw another magic circle form in front of the Rune Knights mouth. Kaz was coming in too fast to be able to fully avert his direction. bright light gathered around the knight as he breathed in deep, ready to exhale. Kazimir only had one thought, 'A slayer.'

A beam of light roared forward at the wind mage. He reactively rolled his body as best he could to the side and moved to heave a blade of wind at it, but the beam curved down and bore into the ground instead. Bits of earth sprayed into the air. The wind mage veered off target and pulled back from throwing another wind blade at the man. The kick from above never happened as Kaz rolled to the ground, near Yugo. Dusting himself off he looked back at the knight.

"That was a good reaction. With some fine-tuning on that spell, it would have been hard to deal with if it came straight at someone. Keep that up. But we have a long day ahead of us. That's all for that though. You did great," he meant it and turned his attention to the climb in front of them.

"To the top, we go," he said with a smile and made his way up the mountain. "So why did you join the knights," he asked and climbed higher. He wondered if the man wanted to do any more training against him, but wanted to leave him with a little bit of a surprise first. As they climbed higher, they passed through a small rocky canyon. The perfect place for an ambush.

A few rocks shuffled down the sides of the cliff followed by the rustle of bushes. Kaz smiled knowing what he had just walked them into. "This place is supposed to be a site for lots of attacks on merchants. An old path that was closed off because of it. figured we could take a look." he said and there was a loud thud behind them and another in front. Dust raced across their faces as a band of beastmen emerged.


Training Day [Yugo] 986021_1363699856341_427_300


Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:09 am

The spell flew from Yugos mouth as he regained consciousness and saw that Kazimir had actually...dodged. Yugos mind raced for a second, had he really been fast enough to fire off that spell? His mouth tasted of burned air a taste that was unpleasant. His nose also burned from the burning ozone smell as he walked with Kazimir.

He was grateful to hear the much stronger mage sing his praises. It meant a lot to the former berserker to be priased. The man walked along the mountain path and climbed along side Kazimir as he thought of the question the better mage asked the young slayer.

"I didn't join willingly." He said as a rock broke underneath him, causing him to grab on and with ease pull himself back up to safety. He wasnt a nekomata, but as a monkey Demihuman heights and climbing could be considered his specialty.

"I was caught along side a man name Gunter after raiding an old guild. Tho, I wasn't part of the fairy tail raid. I only attacked Penumbral Guard." He didnt lie either, he wasnt sure if the relic inside him would punish him for lying, and he wasnt taking a chance. "It was either rot in the pit, or work as a dog of the Rune Knights."

He didnt mention the blinding he had suffered from Captain Clearwater as punishment, or the fact that actually...enjoyed being a good guy. He had thought it would take his freedom away. But he realized he could actually walk in the daylight, not wanted for any crimes or reasons. He was even starting to be respected by some of the towns people in Hosenka.

But as they reached what seemed to be their destination and Kazimir was explaining, Yugos nose had finally cleared up enough to be useful. He yelled out a warning just as the two were ambushed. The dust settled and Yugo found himself faced with a massive lizardman, a beast man. However, if Kazimir or the beastmen thought this show would scare the Demi-Human they were wrong.

He gritted his teeth and dug his shoes into the dirt as his natural bloodlust rose to the surface. "You picked the wrong people to ambuse." Yugo said with a smile as his mana leaked out of him like a upward waterfall. "I have to hold back in the city... but out here?!" He gripped and opened his hands like claws, veins pulsing in his neck and muscle show just how battle hungry this man could be and it revealed why he was so confident in his own skills. The outfit he wore tore as he flexed him muscles in pure ecstacy of anticipation of the fight ahead.

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:12 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Dodged may have not been the word. Kazimir was lucky the shot itself was off or it may have ended differently. he may have had to use too many of the tricks he saved for surprises. After which Yugo agreed to walk along with him further up the path.

"Yes but surely there is a reason you haven't tried to escape?" He asked and took a moment of silence as Yugo identified his old running partner as the same man that attacked Fairy Tail. His face relaxed as the knight explained he was not the one there when it was attacked. Kaz was almost distracted seeing the man's quick reflexes. He was a demi-human different than the rest but that was a question for another time.

"It's good to know you weren't there for the attack. Sad enough that you assaulted Penumbra Guard, but you are here and whether it was your intent or not, you are making progress towards making things right." He reasoned. Even if the man didn't like working for the knights or doing good deeds, for the wind mage the actions spoke louder.

"It is an interesting program the knights have to include people in your position. There have been a few others in the past. They must have seen the same promise in you," he said, all the while thinking about the dragon threat. The man needed to be ready and fast.

Yugo yelled his warning but the beastmen had already descended. Kaz let the dust settle to see the threat from both sides. Spite poured from Yugo. Kaz watched the mana flow from his body. Was it a side-effect of being a slayer? Mana had always been linked to a person's emotion. But to this extent? It could prove to be dangerous, useful, or most likely both. Yugo was ready for war. Kaz smiled and turned his back to his partner, so he could face the other threat.

"Let loose and let's take them down," Kaz said, letting his mana rise as he prepared to cast a spell. He threw his hands forward and created a cone of wind, that he drug in front of him, swiping at the row of beastmen. One leaped in the air with a mammoth fist cocked back.

At Yugo, one beastman thumped its chest and charged the rune knight. The beastman rose both fists and locked them together to drop a haymaker strike on Yugo. However, another beastmen slunk hunched its body to hide behind the first and charged forward in the shadow of the first beastman. His plan was to leap high if the first missed and come in with a punch of his own.


Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Sat Jan 16, 2021 4:16 pm

Yugos body was ready. His mind didn't react so much as his fighting instinct did. Despite his large frame, the beastmen were equally as large, meaning that the tactics he learned in Seven would be most useful here.

He was already ready to go when the lozardman charged him to hammer fist him. Yugo lunged forward closing the distance very quickly as he dipped into a new stance. Where he caught himself against the ground with his hands and launched a full powered kick directly to the lizardmans solar plexus. The kick would land square and firm, letting Yugo kick off the chest and return to a position with his feet on the ground.

Directly after that he lunged again and caught the lizardman as he hit the ground from the kick. He caught him by the waist and inner thigh as with his full strength he roared and spun, throwing the lizardman against the far wall. The seconds punch was unexpected and landed slamming into Yugos face and sending him flying off the edge further into the abandoned road way. He rolled down the hill and slammed into a rock before finally stopping. The Demi human groaned in pain and stood up. Blood dripping fom his forehead where the monsters scales had tore the flesh. He stood up shakily as his vision tried to clear.

He could tell he was concussed, and as the 2 beastman he had been fighting broke off from the others to slide down the rocky hill without any sign of issue. The first one that had attacked him jumped up and managed to kick Yugo back sending him sliding over the ground, his arms infront of him to guard as the second followed up with another punch, that turned into a series of blows. As he finally got away the two chuckled and laughed in their own language as Yugos arms bled from being torn open.

Yugo smiled and answered back in common. "Is that the best you got? Your hatchlings"

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

Training Day [Yugo] Empty on Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:03 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Yugo rushed into combat as any proud warrior would as Kaz tore into the ground with a funnel of wind. The lizardmen were thrown back and battered from the blast of wind. One jumped over the galeforce wind with a fist aimed at the wind mage.

Kaz lunged back as the fist crashed into the ground, leaving a small crater. Without missing a beat, the lizardman charged forward. The wind mage thrust his hands in front of his face as the beastman's punch was less than a meter away. A blast of wind consumed the small area between them, knocking the lizardman away. Kaz dashed into the air and took in a deep breath. Wind collected around him and his attention was pulled to a small group of lizardmen now visible on the elevated cliff face. He spun around and exhaled a bullet of wind. The shell struck the cliff face and erupted in a tornado that blew chunks of rocks into the air. A piece of the cliff toppled off, taking the lizardmen with it. Kaz brought a hand up to cast another spell when he saw Yugo skidding backward from a strike.

The wind mage began to dash over to his ally,  but a roar came from below, as the lizardman that was hit with the burst of wind, leaped into the air and latched onto his leg. A few bruises and cuts covered the enemy's body. The lizardman slung the mage backward toward the cliff. Another group jumped down, one landing a blow across Kaz's face and then a strike came to his back from a third assailant. The mage landed on his feet next to the ruble. His eyes wisped with a red hue and the wind settled around him. He stood back up and cleaned the blood from his face with his sleeve. He pulled the ends of his headband tight and stared them down.

"Alright then," he replied knowing that the strike was meant to fracture his skull. Wind gathered around the mage once more.

At Yugo, the laughter from the lizardmen stopped at the knigths bravado. Sharing a look they scowled with wide teeth. A snort of air shot from flared nostrils and they charged once more. One lizardman jumped into the air and curled into a tight ball, his hard exterior making him like a wrecking ball. Teh second lizardman grabbed his ally, planted his feet, and flung him forward like a blast from a canon toward Yugo.

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