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Oak to Orchidia [Travel]

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Oak to Orchidia [Travel] Empty Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:00 pm

It was time. His adventures and quests in Oak had provided him with excitement and entertainment. Well, at least a little. He had been bored most of the time, what with the lack of any decent quests offered for someone as low on the totem poll as he was. He needed to get much stronger, much faster. As far as he could tell, that wasn’t going to happen here. So without further ado, he packed up his few belongings and hit the road.

He had saved up a fair amount of jewels during his quests, but nothing substantial enough to afford him any type of transportation, so he would have to make the journey on foot. That didn’t matter much to him though considering he was only going to be traveling to the northern region. He had been pondering where to set foot next for a while now and ultimately decided the northern region seemed most promising at the time. Lucky for him, it was fairly close so even traveling on foot wouldn’t take an eternity or hurt too much.

The time seemed to pass by fairly quickly and before he knew it the sprawling forest surrounding Orchidia City could be seen. Though the city wasn’t much to look at, he had a feeling there would be a fair amount of excitement to be found soon enough.

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