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Travel deeper. Into sieghardt mountaina

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Travel deeper. Into sieghardt mountaina Empty on Wed Dec 02, 2020 1:06 pm

Every molecule of this toast is immaculate. One cannot wait even to smack and lay it. To quench my dear feast with deer meet and beseech. An angry black fire charred beast most roastly. A hent of foul peppers and red Cornish lashes. Her mouth opened wide, like a snake, and she gashed it. The mouth opened of horror, and embraced the night's cold. She listened for good now. To the winter tales old. She listened and rhymed and spat verse without reason. A terrible curse beheld by dozens missed seasons. Why then was it now, in winter fur brow? The sieghardt mountain checked in and she squeezed it?

What good was it then. A long feathered neck. A sabertooth grin? A leathery fleck? A moonlight dance peck? To death knells of heck. She trudged through the snow, she called them all children. The long pearly reach, she checked it and chilled them. She trudged through the gates, made her way to the mountains. An outsider, for meditation, she knew it would be krampus. The campus she scored, she marked off a zone. Here in the mountains she would make herself home. For days if it took, she would find her solace. Perhaps with luck, even reach internal solstice. She lit on the incense and drew in a deep breath. A hermit voyage heretic, lost soul in the Visage. A winter wrath meditation, biding in the scrimmage.

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