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Random Thoughts

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Random Thoughts Empty Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:37 pm

This is just me listing how I personally view the canon info to create a progression path for Mages and Non-Mages, just ignore me. I plan to use something along these lines while progressing my character, and potential future characters. This is a thread to keep track of that and any other Random thoughts or ideas I have.

  • Ethernano: Ethernano, the energy of life which exists in all organisms and flows freely throughout the atmosphere. Contained within this ethereal energy were countless elements which would be filtered into individuals and creatures who possess varying elemental and energy affinities. Once this particular energy is harnessed by someone or something it will become either Magic Power, or Aura. This energy can most accurately be described as the World’s Energy.

  • Magic Power: This is the energy that is used to fuel Magic and Spells. By mastering their magic they gain the ability to mobilize the Ethernano within them. Steady usage and training can allow the magic power to expand, purify, strengthen, and condense allowing the user to use more powerful magic over time. The particular element of each person’s Magic Power is dependent on the type of magic they practice. The best way to describe a Mage wielding Magic Power would be harnessing the World’s energy with the Origin as the medium.  

  • Aura: This is the energy that supports and strengthens the user physically. It is typically developed through steady physical training allowing Ethernano to seep into the body. Unlike Magic Power for Mages, Aura isn’t unique to Non-Mages. Both Mages and Non-Mages can take advantage of steady physical training to hone themselves and their skills to strengthen their body and connection with their weapon. When it comes to Aura though, Non-Mages excel at development and usage of the energy in techniques due to their focus. Aura is essentially melding Ethernano, the World’s energy, into the body allowing it to become a part of the Aura User.

  • Magic Power Training: Magic power is produced by mobilizing the Ethernano within the body, and functions similarly to the body itself. The best way to train and improve Magic Power is to steadily use and refine the energy. The first step in the process is to slowly Expand the user’s Ethernano pool, as well as Expand the total amount of Magic Power that can be mobilized at once. This is the first step that one takes moving from D to C Rank as a mage. To improve further in rank from C to B Rank requires that the Mage not only Expand their capacity, but also purify the energy itself. This process increases energy efficiency of the Magic Power allowing the user to wield more powerful spells. After achieving a certain level of Expansion and Purity a Mage will hit a bottleneck which requires that they achieve a qualitative change to progress from B to A Rank as a mage. Their energy after the change can still be considered Magic Power, but will differ greatly in both efficiency and power as the form of the energy within shifts from gaseous to a more liquid state.

    From A to S Rank the Mage is required to condense their Magic power. Unlike moving from B to A where the energy naturally condenses from gaseous to liquid in form, this stage requires that the user condense the energy into a seemingly solid state. From S to X Rank is the culmination of each stage prior, and thus leaves to most room for variation among the rank. Mages at X Rank would have expanded, Purified, Strengthened, and Condensed their energy once more eventually reaching a seemingly crystal-like form. The highest level of Magic Power and Mages known as Z Rank can be reached simply by achieving mastery over the steadily trained Magic Power. In truth, this process gradually transformed the Origin which contained the Mage’s Ethernano into a structure which is most suitable for Magic Power. Mastering this Origin is the only requirement to achieve Z Rank, but also the most difficult step. It should also be mentioned that it is the shift in the form of the Origin which contains the Ethernano of the user that limits a Mage’s potential with Aura and prevents them from reaching the level of Legendary Masters.

  • Aura Training: Aura training is similar to Magic Power in the sense that it requires steady training to achieve, but the energy itself is vastly different at its core. Unlike Magic Power training which essentially improves the connection with the World’s Energy, and steadily improves control over the energy itself; Aura is the energy of life created when the World’s energy merges with the physical body. Mages can assist the development of Aura with their Magic Power control requiring that they do far less physical training than Non-Mages, but it is also the reason that they have limitations with the energy itself. Non-Mages are individuals who are born unable to wield Ethernano, and normally have a weaker connection to the World’s energy itself. For those who can’t mobilize Ethernano to seep into their body, the only way to develop their Aura is steady training. It is through Aura that a user’s physical qualities are enhanced to a higher step.

    From D to C Rank is the stage where Ethernano gradually seeps into the skin. At this stage the gains of Aura are minimal, but it becomes an energy which even Non-Mages can mobilize. From C to B Rank the energy seeps further into the body reaching the muscles. As more of the body merges with Ethernano, more of the life energy known as Aura is steadily produced in the process. From B to A Rank Ethernano will slowly merge into the user’s bones, the process by which the user’s capacity steadily increases. For those who master Aura and their skills at A rank is a unique skill possessed by masters to project their energy towards their enemies and weaken them. From A to S rank is the process by which Ethernano melds with the user’s tendons. At S Rank Aura mastery comes the unique skill to utilize bursts of Aura to accelerate, a skill that only became available after Ethernano merged with the tendons.

    From S to X Rank is when Ethernano merges with the user’s organs and finally merges fully with the body of the user. The peak of S Rank is where Mages find their limitations. That is because X Rank is the Process of synchronizing the body’s Aura and becoming the Origin itself. The step of becoming the Origin isn’t possible for Mages who constantly perfect their Origin within. X Rank differs greatly from the ranks before as progress towards Z Rank isn’t made through physical training, this stage requires that the user mentally progresses in some way and is most commonly achieved through meditation. As for Z Rank, it is achieved only when the user achieves mastery over the body and Aura allowing them to move in unison. It isn’t uncommon for those at this stage to seem to merge with nature due to their body having become one with Ethernano. True Mastery at this Rank belongs to a God of War, someone who is so in tune with Ethernano that in a small area the user is able to ‘see’ everything with Ethernano as a medium.

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