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Ballooning Head [Q: JUDINA]

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Previously: False Prodigy ft. @Judina

The night wasn't over yet, even if the show was, apparently. Masami found himself accompanying Judina, Luca and Giuliano Salvadori, the client, as they run away before getting their own selves caught on fire. Luca managed to believe that the fire that caused quite the ruckus was his doing, which isn't good but... it also kind of is? The night continues, and Masami followed Giuliano along with Judina as they look for Luca, who has now apparently decided to become a hero. It's not a good idea to keep a person delusional, but it was Masami's task to keep them as they were, so he had to comply.

"Ah, you know that I got in the Rune Knights, too..." news spread fast, indeed; Masami shouldn't even be so surprised anymore, "then, I would learn a lot from you, but is our job really to keep this man thinking that he's a powerful mage?" When Masami pointed at the delusional man, Luca had already worn the makeshift hero costume, and was proud of it. Masami wasn't so proud of his behalf, however. "Should we at least interview him about his choices?" he asked Judina in a whisper, because the boy no longer trusted Giuliano, the client. If he were to think like a mother, surely keeping a person thinking that they were powerful really isn't a good choice and would lead to much more damage in the future. Masami wanted to avoid this outcome as much as possible.




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It seemed now they would continue the long string of event were Judina might have too keep biting to her own words to avoid getting herself in trouble. It seemed, They were now going to continue there slow conversation of working with one another Who did she know? Well it would most likely be a simple way of explaining, They would just have conversations over time while working these...mentally straining jobs for one person."A good rune knight, knows what they get themselves into Masami."

Which was a good point for Masami."Even with who they will work with, what the job is might be equally as important."There was always another things to it that might help as well, After all learning off an old rune knight."everything should be recorded via paper work, Details: who you work with, Who they are, What they can do..All details that should be something you look into."Yes the old work knight Judina way of acting and being right to the point.

"So...That is one way i figured out when there was an option with working with the rune knights, I figured out names for it was not hidden information."So that was it all, She figured out how to learn details, from filing of information. Was it something Masami picked up on. Alistair was  however was still around, just happy and contently watching and listening to how Judina was acting, Almost like he was trying to figure out if Rune knight Judina and current Judina were really anything different, so far did not seem as such so far.



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"P-Paperwork..." unintentionally facepalming, Masami didn't expect those words to come out of Judina's lips. Truth to be told, he had expected that Judina would act more like a fighter-knight, not a paperwork-knight! Not that Masami was complaining – he has been working with (too many) paperwork back in the theater in Hosenka, after all... but that's actually the main reason why he's slightly complaining. Masami was no scholar and, in fact, he hasn't been in school, so he shouldn't be dealing with these in forever, except he was. Trying to look away from Judina had made Masami look at the client, Luca, instead, and that the said client had went off carelessly to do his magical shenanigans. By instinct, Masami held Judina's wrist to take her to wherever he goes, assuming Alistair the cattian will lag behind to follow. And, while Masami follows someone else, he had made sure that they weren't so visible to the public compared to the attention Luca has been getting ever since a while ago.

Luca was now trying to save a cat from a tree, causing Masami to facepalm at his forcibly heroic deeds. "If I use my fire, the tree will burn..." upon releasing Judina from a gentle grasp, he looked at her as if asking for her help, "people aren't supposed to know that we're here, but I don't know how to convince them that Luca's a powerful, heroic err... mage."




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There was at last a way around being the no liking paperwork type."Then make friends with a secretary Masami, That might short cut you a few things."Which might be the best advise in that situation for him."Then you can easily make a lot of paperwork not of your worry."That would be entirely different piece of advice then just always focus on work, There were various layers to it, The knights were a team much like any other guild, Some had to learn how to talk and work with one another, With in the knights or not.

"You will get your feet into the door of understanding the Rune knights over time."It was as casual as Judina would could guess for still being well, slightly monotone plain sounding.

What Judina seemed to be plainly pointing out, Even if when she seemed to try and work alone when she was in the rune knights herself, The Rune Knights were more about learning to work with your follow mages much like guilds...Just in this case it also dealing with the public too.

Timing and everything was normal for mage going a job. However Judina could save the situation since Masami was worried about burning down a tree."It is fine I can manage this, Talk to Alistar or something.."Judina's monotone faded, she sounded annoyed with the situation. She had not expressed it at all she was, all more and more showing, Judina was far different then her happy always positive mother.

So alas she had to play along, Maybe if Masami caught Judina not working with him and asked about he would learn how Judina disliked these kind of people. but getting in place and close enough in place Judina would just stomp her foot on the ground so that either the cat could honestly get down it's self for the very spoiled child could climb up to get it.



Spell used:
Name: Metal Make: Pillar Stomp
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Metal Make
Type: Supplementary.
Element: Earth
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant.
Effect: With a single foot stomp for either right or left foot on the ground having a seal forum on the ground making a pillar of come form the ground just under her foot on infront of her, 5 meters in rank.


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Judina suggested that Masami hires someone who would do the paperwork duty. For a traveler like the Joyan, that hired secretary must be someone equivalent to a total companion, and surely it can't be just anyone. "Ack... hiring more people," his reaction was awfully close to a complaint; Masami neither wanted to act nor seem bratty in front of a respected senior, so he tried not to complain at all. I feel like this sort of freedom had made me brattier than I thought, he hoped that he was wrong—managing a whole theater by himself, in accordance to multiple managers, Masami had the right to boast his experiences. Except, he chose not to.

Now, Judina told Masami to speak with Alistair for a suggestion in their current situation, which would make them deal with two cats in total. "Ah, yes, ma'am!" giving a salute, Masami turned his back to speak with the cattian. Judina's suggestions felt like orders to him, and he listened despite being the newly recruited Captain-Commander. The ability to be submissive makes a person wiser, doesn't it? Or is it a bad thing in Masami's case for being an already-too-submissive person?

A few seconds after, a loud thump! could be heard from afar. When Masami turned around, Judina's spell was already over, and that the cat had finally landed onto Luca's arms. They would expect a crowd to form, cheering for the magnificent mage that saved a cat that didn't really need any saving; well, people didn't really care. Luca seemed proud for himself though, and it was starting to make Masami feel guilty for taking this job. What will happen to this man in the long run? "Ah, he ran off," Masami's eyes followed Luca's delusional self run away with pride, the cat being wrapped in his arms, and it didn't seem to like him either. Masami decided not to question both Luca's ignorance and ask Judina; "Let's follow him," he instead said, and then went off.




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Even if it did sound annoying Judina simply would say."It is better to have other working with you, Then being the mages leaving you dead in the gutter."it seemed almost like he meant it, Extremely harshly, But it was to prove a point. Sure Judina had settled into a role as a fairy tail mage and seemed to be still thinking like a knight, in some ways Judina was showing ways to improve more, Not all souls would walk alone.

At least Judina had the magic to save the situation situation. Alistair however did seem quite happy to see Masami again. However even if Alistair was quiet he would just kind of walking over to Masamu and sit next to him, Most likely because he did not know what to talk to him about.

Which sure made the situation just simple and quiet, But showing he was still friendly as a normal cat would do, gently lower his head to Masami. unlike last time, He would not headbutt him or knock him over.

Then follow back to Judina, once her task was done so to say, she would slowly make sure she made it back to Alistair and Masami with out being seen, Then gain she would not stand out as much she use to, She use to wear far more armour at one time and that was what was known for."I never thought I would be stuck with these kind of jobs ever in my life again.."Judina remarked because she knew everyone needed a starting point, But it showed Judina might really hate these kind of people.

Her way working well, was already just something generally no one would really guess sometime, So when it came to make sure they would keep up with the spoiled son. Judina just hopped on Alistar, only because she did not feel like walking as much currently."Get on if you want."Judina would mention.




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Judina impressed Masami as the 'cool' type, causing some sort of slow-motion effect when she hopped onto Alistair's back, and then invited Masami to ride the cattian with her. Sure, Alistair was huge enough to carry both of them, but Masami didn't know that he'd be the type of cat that would let humans ride them! Then again, it could've been their friendship—not all cats were as friendly. So, Masami accepted the invite, and struggled to get onto the cattian's back, sitting right behind Judina. "Thank you, err... I never rode on a live mount before," although the mount was already as comfortable as it is, Masami's lack of experience in riding living mounts had made him uncomfortable. He held tightly so that he won't fall off, trying to enjoy the ride. Looks like the "stay hidden" plan will no longer work out, considering Masami's reputation and the presence of a Legendary creature companion. Luca still believes his magical power and it had made Masami worry for a grown adult.

"Where do we go next, Judina?" he tried not to use the word "Ma'am" this time, but it sounded quite awkward either way. Alistair would start walking and Masami would get startled, and eventually get comfort in the middle of the road. "Luca's already after Giuliano, so I don't think we need to follow him any longer."




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It seemed they did not need to worry too much about rushing forward towards anything else beyond at this point. Internally Judina was relieves that this was over completely over. She could now relax her mind so to say."It is simple once you get use to it, Alistair is easier to ride upon then a horse since he can understand us and speak as well."Which was wonderful for this situation because it was extremely helpful for people not use to riding a mount Alistair was also a really collected and calm cat that also helped here with that kind of situation.

With that question posed Judina would think it over, with just saying."I am sure we can find other things to do: Keeping busy can be simply if done right." She would start off by mentioning that, Then again asking Judina what to do when she was stuck in her work mind side is like asking a mute to speak, it might not be simply possible or Judina actually had no idea really what else could really be done.

It just would break said mind set when what they were dealing with was gone."Yes, Thank whatever beings exist so to say..."Even if less noticeable her annoyance with said kind of people seemed, apparent. Judina could at least think the father is doing a good job by raising her in what he felt was right as well, She was just a different kind of person.




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