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False Prodigy [Q: JUDINA]

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Masami woke up seeing himself in the Rune Knights guild and owning the title of Captain-Commander; that was, because, ever since he was in Myras City, a spy had been following him until they decided to recruit him at the right time, assuming that Masami won't run away from his tasks. However, considering that he was still young, the guild's management team had to decide a very faithful event: what is better than setting the boy up for someone with more experience? When he was told that he'd meet up with a client named Giuliano Salvadori along with another Rune Knight member, Masami didn't know that he was going to finish the mission with Judina Karlinius, a former Rune Knights member. In one table, Masami and Giuliano waited for the 3rd party member, so it was the duo that discussed about the request while Judina was still not present. Once Judina has arrived, they will be escorted immediately to the location of the party. Spies of Rune Knights are still around and casted themselves spells that would make them invisible, not that they cannot be sensed through magic as well, however their task is to watch what the two will do together to accomplish this mission.



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#2Judina † 

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Judina †
Slowly getting back on the ropes of feeling normal Judina would figure it would time to work as she always was use too, At least for now Judina would go work around Magnolia to see what exactly these jobs were like, maybe it was a far a different for what she was use too at a fairly long time a go. So when some one of the Rune knights ended up being some one to work along with, It seemed like a good idea for Judina to join in, They must have been new since that name has not been brought up for a while.

It was a name she at least knew the person she was working with upon this task, It was some one she had met before. not personally expecting Masami to join the Rune Knights, Then again it was just how life was sometimes life threw unexpected things happen

So now what would be the task at hand while Judina would ride Alistair over to a meeting point with Masami. Wondering how she would go about this task, after all Judina did not really like faking some one being something their not, So this would be interesting for her and Masami.

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With his eyes widened, Masami would call her name regardless of circumstances and location. "Ma'am Judina," he got it right this time. The last time they have met, he called out the name of his mother instead – would it be the kid's fault for having similar names? That would be the reason, as much as Masami believed.

"You're going to accompany—" by the time Masami had recognized the woman's facial features as an acquaintance, the show had already started – Giuliano is in position, and Luca is on the stage. What makes it hard for Masami and Judina to keep the client hidden is that he was... positioned not so secretly—actually, he made his own stage right in the middle of the crowd, so everyone's looking at what this "weird man" is going to do. Right, he did mention that he can only cast magic like this, the client had to be flashy, after all.

What kind of show were they going to put up, anyway? Masami isn't even interested anymore, and that his attention already travelled from Judina to the fire he had created that surrounded only Giuliano, without the intention of hurting anyone. Now, Giuliano Salvadori had become what you call a lightstick, and everyone thought that this was Luca's doing. Internally, Masami hoped that he was right and that the person accompanying him for the next few missions really is Judina, otherwise he'd have to make more use of his acting skills to make these work out. The boy tried his best to recall everything Judina had ever told him; has she told him that she was a former Rune Knight's member? He was aware of the present, but definitely not so much of the past. She existed in Fiore long before Masami have had, anyway.

Now, back to the present: looks like the show had ended quite too quickly for lighting the venue in small fire, but at least they finished the job... right?



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Judina †
Alistair would be the first time to really say anything after Masami greeted them both."Hello again Masami."The Cattian would say to Masami, He would walk ahead of Judina and well as cat do for people they are use to and like, Rub against him slightly however Alistair was light enough not to have enough forced to risk knocking Masami over. Judina would also finally respond."Ahh hello Masami."Her casual greeting, Much different then her mother who was seemingly always more delighted and joyful. She was more well mannered, slightly monotone still polite voice as she had not changed much.

They would continue on their way as they normally did."Welcome to the Rune Knights as well, Nice to hear they are taking people into their ranks again."Judina might be a former knight but she seemed to at least wish the group still managed to do well. The former knight still seemed to act one fairly often now days, Almost like it was stuck in her."I was once in their ranks too, Fairly long time a go, Hopefully it works out well for you."

For now they would focus on the task at hand, Well more like Judina bitterly biting her her words to not say anything that would ruin the job at hand. Judina knew entirely what the task at hand, Was about. Just knew people with horribly high egos annoyed her greatly.

Nonetheless they would follow what they were told to do, much to the wonder of why a child with such little magic ability needed it high lighted so greatly, Judina had more magic in her one finger, Than this lad had entirely in him, She never boasted about it to anyone. But she would watch on the show as she normally would until it ended, Much like a good knight watching over everyone.


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