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Cabin in Samhain[Private]

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Steel together with a group of other teenagers all entered the haunted house. There was one desiertan fellow among them, one hot chick who seemed to be the cheerleader type, one big bulky guy and it actually wasn’t Steel, there was one dorky chick and then there was Steel.

When they entered they all thought it was going to be fun and games but Steel had a feeling in the back of his head that something was wrong. Steel was proven correct quite fast when the door closed behind them and a loud locking sound could be heard. Then it was followed by several other locking noises. They were trapped inside. The group panicked. But not Steel and the dorky chick. They both remained silent. The cheerleader type hot chick screeched and started crying saying they were all going to die inside the haunted house. The big bulky Jock guy told her that he was going to protect her. They seemed to be a couple and they all seemed to be from the same school.

The desiertan guy smoked a big cigarette looking thing and told the others to have some but Steel and the dorky chick refused. They were not the type of people to get intoxicated in fact they were anti intoxication.

Steel liked the dorky chick. They seemed to have similar thoughts and views.

The big Jock guy took the lead saying he was going to get them all out of there. They should spread out in pairs and look for an exit. Of course the fact was they were an uneven number so they could not all go in pairs. The Jock and the Hot chick quickly paired and Steel asked the dorky chick if they should pair to which she seemed to agree.

They all then walked in different directions within the haunted house. And the Desertian guy did not even have time to say he wanted to walk with someone before he was alone deserted by his comrades. Everyone had left him and so he had to walk around on his own.

Steel however was enjoying walking around with the young dorky girl. She seemed to not be an airhead like the rest.


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Odin watched the group enter the house, his single eye trained on each one of them individually for a moment before passing to the next. Of course, there was Steel, but whether or not these people were friends, foes or simply innocents was of little consequence of what was to come. He was seated in a large room towards the back of the house, which had lacrima set up to observe every room between the Lich and the entrance. It also gave him the ability to, as the group soon witnessed, lock every door and prevent their escape. He had found it while exploring the house, almost as if the house itself had wanted him to find it. Perhaps it was alive, able to manipulate those who ventured in for its own amusement, if amusement was even something a house could feel.

The group split up, their first mistake, with only the Desertian left by himself. He seemed to be the only one not originally from Fiore, other than Steel of course, and he would be the Lich's first target. Odin was taking advantage of the situation of one man being alone, and that was the sole reason why he was the first to be killed. There was no underlying reasoning behind it whatsoever. He cornered him in the lounge, using one of the decorative swords to skewer the man. Afterwards, Odin made sure to arrange his body in such a way that, when he was found, there would be five swords sticking out of him and he would propped up on the fireplace mantlepiece for all to bare witness. From the lounge, his chuckle and his voice echoed all throughout the house, allowing the others in the group to easily come running and find their mutilated friend, as Odin sank back into the shadows once more.

"Welcome to Halloweentown."


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Steel heard a death scream from the lounge area where they had entered the haunted house. He looked over at the dorky girl he was with. She had heard it as well. She seemed scared to death. But Steel was another type of animal. He was not scared by such small things. And showing fear was not for him.

They rushed back to the lobby. As they heard the dark chuckle and a voice say “Welcome to Halloweentown.” Steel was at this time unsure of who had said it. He didn’t recognize the voice due to the echo and also due to the fact he had only met Odin once before. Had the voice not echoed he might have been able to know who it was but at this time he had no idea.

Arriving back in the lobby just as both the hot cheerleader girl and the jock also returned they found the Desertian with five swords sticking out of him. Someone was hunting them. He looked over at the others. They had all obviously returned at the same time. No one among them was an impostor. “Well he was left alone.” Steel said looking at the corpse. The others looked to him with a shock of horror. How could he stay so calm in a situation like this?

The jock chuckled. “Yeah well then the rest of us should be safe as long as we are together all the time.” Steel looked back at the jock and nodded. He didn’t like the jock but it seemed they had a sort of iron will not unlike Steel. Except Steel had a steel trap mind.

“We should go back to looking for the exit. Same groups but you should be very careful to not be out of sight of each other.” As Steel said this the cheerleader seemed to be breaking mentally. Steel knew that she was going to be the next one to die.

And so they split up into the same groups again and wandered the mansion looking for an exit. Steel and the dorky girl. The jock and the cheerleader chick.


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Interestingly enough, it didn't seem like Steel recognised Odin's voice, likely due to the man's limited meeting with the Lich, instead having known the person, and voice, of Lucas more. That allowed him to truly have some fun with this, as he eyed up the four children to select his next target. The options were limited, and the choice was obvious. He would leave Steel and the dorky girl alone for now, as the cheerleader was the next choice. She was already slowly losing it, not knowing where she was or what to do. That gave Odin a lot of ideas, he could truly play with her before she died.

Stalking the jock and the girl, the Lich watched them enter what looked like one of the bedrooms. It was just one room in a long corridor of doors, and all Odin had to do was creak one of the other doors open. "This way Stacey." He had picked up her name from listening to their conversations, and he knew she was too broken to think of the voice as anything but her saviour. She started running towards the door, the jock only noticing after the door slammed shut and the two were separated. He wasn't even able to catch a glimpse of the Lich as he battered the door, trying to break it down.

Her death was arguably less brutal than the Desertian's, but that didn't make it any less terrifying to witness. Odin had simply punched her face, and had never stopped. The once beautiful girl was now a mess on the floor, the disfigurement making it almost impossible to recognise her. Odin unlocked the door, staying in the shadows of the room to watch the three left get together to witness the second death. Without giving away his position, his voice would echo once more.

"Only three are left, who will be next?"


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Steel did not hear a death scream this time. Instead he only heard the sounds of someone punching a door. Both him and the dorky girl looked at each other and started rushing down the hallways again. On the way to the crime scene. Steel saw the exit. A window that was slightly open on the second floor.

They rushed down a flight of stairs and found themselves located on the other end off the corridor where the jock was standing. He had been punching a door. He was alone. Both Steel and the dorky girl instantly understood that the cheerleader chick from earlier had died on the other side of that door.

Steel stopped the dorky girl from walking any closer. He then put one hand up as if to more precisely direct his voice towards the jock. “Hey I found the way out. Let’s get out of here!” He had no time to worry about the dead.

The killer was clever and Steel did not want to let him get the upper hand by getting too far from the exit. He also did not really care about the life of the jock. It was then that the voice echoed again. Steel thought the voice was familiar but couldn’t quite put his finger on where he had heard it before.

He would not wait for the jock any longer even if they were following or not Steel would throw the dorky girl over his shoulder and start moving back towards the room where he had seen the slightly open window.


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It seemed that Steel was more resourceful than Odin had first considered. If nothing else, it was a good thing to discover, as it made him a more useful ally for Eternal Nightmare. While the Lich had been seeking out the girl and the jock, and killing one of them, the dragon slayer had apparently found the exit, or at least somewhere he thought he would be able to escape. Odin watched as the three began to make their way to their salvation, the dorky girl being carried by Odin as the jock trudged behind. He had lost his love, and it seemed to be hitting him pretty hard. He was dejected, and looked like he would rather die and be with her than escape. That was something Odin was more than happy to oblige with.

As he watched Steel and the girl escape through the window, Odin caught up with the jock, who was just enough away from the others to make grabbing him simple. Odin's face appeared at the window, revealing himself to Steel and watching the two escape with their lives. A deep chuckle echoed throughout the house as the Lich brought a knife to the jock's neck, slowly cutting his throat and letting his blood coat the bones. Three out of five wasn't terrible, after all.


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Finding his way back to the room with the window. Steel and the dorky girl. Tied together a few of the window drapes to form a rope. They then tied it to the door of the room and climbed out of the window, used the makeshift rope to safely get down to the outside of the house.

Having finally gotten down to the outside of the house the two breathed a sigh of relief. However they counted one missing. The Jock. Looking back up they saw the entity that had chased them. Steel knew who and what it was. Odin his guildmaster. To which Steel sighed in an almost annoyed way. He had been worried for naught. He knew Odin would not have harmed him and even if he had wanted to Steel wouldn’t have gone down without a fight.

He looked to the dorky girl who at this point had started piecing it together. After all, while Steel himself was not so famous. Odin was. And after the events in Worth woodsea whenever Odin was around it seemed he elevated Steel’s reputation beyond what it truly was. This because of their actions together and the rest of the members of the “newly” formed dark guild Eternal nightmare. Steel had to get rid of her now. And so whilst she was piecing it together Steel walked behind her. Raised one of his hands and brought it down on her skull instantly crushing the bone and damaging the brain irrevocably. He need not do more than that.

Afterwards he waved at the window as if greeting his guildmaster. He then left the area. Wiping his hand from the blood and brain juice as he walked away.



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There was a sick glee that formed in Odin's chest as he watched Steel's actions. First there was the sigh, as the mage realised he had never really been in any form of danger, neither had the dorky girl since she had stayed with Steel during their time in the house. If they had been attacked, they would've been last, but the Lich only cared about scaring Steel. he wouldn't kill one of his guildmates so soon after forming the guild, he wasn't that evil.

Steel's sigh must've resonated with the girl somewhat. Odin was a Wizard Lord, a guildmaster and a Lich. It was difficult to mistake him for anyone else, and that also had the added bonus of making the dorky, and evidently very intelligent, girl begin to think that, perhaps, Steel had been in on it the whole time. The allegiance between the Lich and the dragon slayer was known now, they were Eternal Nightmare. They had met Zagan.

Steel caught onto this, and promptly smacked the girl across the head. With his strength, Odin knew he had caused some serious damage, causing him to laugh once more before exiting through the front door of the Haunted House. He had had hit fun, time to move on.


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