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Name: Besouro do Gualana | (translates literally to Besouro of the Gualana, but it only goes by Besouro. If this account's username is changed let it be Besouro not Besouro do Gualana lol)

Age: 19 | Born Feb 29th, 770

Gender: Genderless, usually referred to as 'It'

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan (Divine Insect)

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan (Gualanan)

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Demihuman | Insect

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Painted on left 'shoulder'

Face: Hollow Knight, from Hollow Knight


Height: 183 cm/6'2" without horns

Weight: 62 kg/136 lbs

Hair: Hairless

Eyes: Black entirely

Overall: Besouro is an odd demihuman, supremely lightweight in build and covered in a black chitinous exoskeleton that barely reflects any light at all. It does not possess any notable features that mark it as one sex or the other. It has large, white horns on the top of its head that cover the majority of its face as well. Its mandibles, eyes, and nose are completely hidden from view behind it, but it seems to have no trouble seeing out. It tends to wear loose, draping fabrics that don't hinder its abnormal anatomy. Notably, it does not seem to possess feet or toes, rather standing on needle like protrusions that strongly resemble insect legs. It seems to balance on them pretty well, though.

Extra: It is missing its left eye and possesses numerous cracks up and down its horns. It also often attaches a small gold pin to whatever clothing it wears at the time.


Personality: Besouro is completely silent, not possessing vocal chords to speak aloud like most sentients. It is entirely limited to vaguely insectoid sounds, such as chittering, hissing, and clacking its mandibles. Since those noises are oft unsettling, Besouro tends to remain entirely quiet. If it could speak, however, it would likely be a stream of endless questions. The insect is endlessly curious about the world and its inhabitants and possesses a strong wanderlust that seems to prevent it from settling in any one place or another.

Despite this, it is often shy around full humans or other races- its outright alien appearance has resulted in more than one 'accidental' attack or other stressful encounters. It tends to be more polite and courteous than not, but not being used to the customs of Fiore often results in many social blunders. Such incidents greatly embarrass the bug and tend to lead to hours of isolation after the fact.

When it warms up to someone, it tends to be almost overbearingly friendly, willing to go almost implausible amounts to make them happy- likely because of its crippling fear of rejection. In this manner, Besouro is easily manipulated. Perhaps once it gains some self-confidence this will change...


  • Learning: Earthland is a very exciting place, packed to the brim with new stories and hidden treasures- why wouldn't it want to explore as much as it can? Though if other people would stop getting all bunched up about 'insensitive questions', it'd be a lot happier.
  • Good Company: It's rare to find non-judgemental company, and even more elusive to find people who genuinely enjoy the bug for who it is. As a result, it tends to obsess over the prospect of making friends.


  • Being Excluded: This guy likes to be involved in everything- the thought of being left out really tends to make it more upset than not.
  • Fioran Food: Besouro's used to a specialized Savannan diet based on its odd anatomy- native Fioran food tends to upset its stomach.


  • Belonging: More than anything, Besouro wants a group to belong- it had one in Savanna, but the isolation of Fiore has left a notable piece missing in its psyche. It tends to wander from place to place looking for a place to needle itself in, but it seems to have no avail.


  • Being Disliked: At the core of its being lies a crippling, demoralizing phobia of being disliked. As a result, it tends to isolate itself so as not to set itself up for failure, but such actions have taken their toll. All in all, its a lot easier to never get attached than to be let down.
  • Human Gore: The guts just look so weird! How do people live like that? The sight of human gore is sickening- and it'd rather avoid the phenomena at all costs.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 10

Speed: 7

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Insect Prince

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Enhancement: Holder Magic | Spear

Magic Description: Besouro's magic is based almost entirely off of its insectoid anatomy and often manifests itself as being able to alter its physiology (note: this is almost exclusively in 'bug-ish' ways- growing wings, antennae, etc.), using pheromone-based debuffs, and occasionally plain offensive techniques that seem to have been inherited from its father. Most spells regardless tend to be channeled directly through its spear as a medium, even ones that affect itself- perhaps the medium provides it extra focus. In general, it likes to think its specialty is altering itself to better utilize its spear based attacks- regardless of how potent its debuff based spells are.


History: Born as the fruit of an alliance between the Gualana and the Divine Insect tribe, Besouro would likely have never been born by choice. Its father, a royal worshipped as a deific religious figure, had almost no hand in its upbringing and as a result, it knows little about its own culture. Its mother, on the other hand, is the second princess of Gualana- a small-ish principality located in Savanna. Its upbringing tended to be sheltered, resulting in a boundless curiosity and insatiable wanderlust later in life. Despite technically holding the title of Prince, it was never treated as such- it was never expected to rule much of anything. It was a child of necessity and nothing more.

It tended to be closest with its cousins, who were young enough to not really care about its unusual appearance as long as it was a good sport when playing games. Being desperate for peer approval, he complied. Notably, for its eleventh birthday, it received a small golden pin- something which it wears reverently to this day. As per regional tradition, it practiced Holder Magic along with the royal family, choosing the spear as a preferred conduit.

When it was a little over eighteen, it visited the Divine Insect tribe as a means to foster relations- supposedly, its darkness affinity was unusual amongst the Insect's royal family, which tended to be light-based. Despite technically being amongst its own kind, Besouro quickly found itself wishing it was back at Gualana. Its strange, fleshy cousins were better company than its many half-siblings who barely seemed to tolerate its company. It stayed for about three months before tragedy struck.

Gualana had been invaded by a neighboring city state, and the remains of its nobility and royal family had been scattered to the wind. Where the insect had once been an afterthought, now it was a valuable political prisoner. When word breached that the Divine Insect tribe was housing someone of royal blood, it quickly changed its stance- Besouro was now a liability. Over the course of little under a week, it was shipped off to Fiore without much fanfare. There, it'd be out of the tribe's mandibles- what it made for itself at this point was none of their business.

Reference: Shichiro/Aloide

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Hello, I will be reviewing this character application,

  • Sexuality: Please state an appropriate sexuality in this section e.g. Asexual.

  • Ethnicity, Father: Please state an appropriate ethnicity in this section; you may write the "Divine Insect" part after it.

  • Tattoo: Despite the character's lack of skin, it is required that you state a guild tattoo's color and location for future references. It does not necessarily mean a tattoo but a guild marking that defines the character's guild if they ever join one in the future.

  • Overall: This section is short by a few (7) words. Please extend this to pass the minimum word count.

  • Personality: This section is short by a few (62) words. Please extend this to pass the minimum word count.

The rest are approved. Bump this character application when changes have been made!

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I think I did everything-


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This character application has been approved.

Besouro Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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