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What lies beneath.

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath. Empty on Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:26 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Shichiro had been out of the game for a very long time and wasn't quite Sure where to go from here. The last thing he remembered was attempting to conquer land for the previous guild. After certain complications and events, he had returned to the Blue Pegasus guild of his own free will. Feeling his decline, he decided he would undergo a request as a form of training as well as put a bit of money in his pocket as he had remembered sending all of his money to a girl he had a minor crush on previously. He pondered on how she was doing briefly before deciding to finally get off of his lazy butt and do something. Currently, he was laying in some tall grass with his hands behind his head, using them as a makeshift pillow so he could feel a bit more relaxed. Sitting up, Shichiro pushed himself from off of the ground, dusting himself off briefly before placing his hands into his pockets. Sometime during his break, he lost his bow because of lack of forethought. He wasn't sure he could have misplaced it but he wasn't too broken up about it. A ranged weapon wasn't his thing in the first place and he probably won't miss it too much when he gets a replacement that suits his style more. Enough of that for now, he just wanted to dust off the cobwebs and decided to head back to the heart of oak as he was currently in the forest nearby, lounging around as he normally would do. Walking back to the gates of Oak, Shichiro had no problem going in, or out, when the situation called for it. For now, he'd head to the mission board in hopes to find something that he could take to murder his boredom.

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#2Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath. Empty on Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:27 pm

Shichiro Uchida
By the time he got to the pub, it was midday and not much has changed in the way of scenery all things considered. It was still quite green but at least the sun came out from behind the clouds giving a slightly brighter perspective of shichiro's surroundings. He walked a path that was supposed to lead him to his next assignment. If he was checking his list right, he would see the next assignment would involve delving into a crypt and exorcising spirits and such. This was a very important job to do and he had to get it done in time for the future assignment. He already knew what it was and where it was located but that wasn’t the point. The point was he was to help with the local exorcists as soon as possible because the town was expecting a bunch of wealthy tourists to appear for vacation and didn't exactly like the idea of potential evil spirits lingering around. Even though the village had an irrefutable reputation because of their past ties to a dark guild called Phantom Lord, it still manages to attract a few wealthy tourists here and there and still generates a good portion of the town's income. Recently a bridge has withered down and degraded as time went by and once every so often and it was up to mages and adventures alike to help repair that said bridge. It wasn’t a bad job and the payment was pretty good despite some hard work here and there. Well, now that he's got the missive for it, it was time for him to head straight to where he needed to go, or so he was led to believe. The group of exorcists he was supposed to meet with weren't going to show up for a few hours and they were supposed to do this quest for the next three days so he had a bit of time to kill in between assignments.

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#3Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath. Empty on Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:27 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Deciding to take a detour to warm up a bit first, Shichiro figured it would be best to work out a little bit. He wasn't exactly in top form right now so he'd do a couple of warm up exercises. Twisting his waist from right to left and then to the right again, Shichiro decided he would use this opportunity to limber up some more of his body rather than from just the shoulder rotations he did on his way here. To properly loosen up, he continued to pivot from right to left a few more times just to be certain. After that, he brought his left forearm towards the bicep of his right arm, curling his right over his left, giving it a few tugs while twisting his upper body slightly to the right in order to stretch. He repeated this process with his other arm, placing his right forearm onto his left bicep, curling around it with his left arm and giving it a few tugs while twisting to the left. Continuing his routine stretching, he placed his left hand onto his temple, leaning his upper body to the right to stretch the left side of his upper body, bobbing at the sides a little to loosen the muscles surrounding his rib cage. He repeated this process for the right side of his body, placing his right hand onto his temple and leaning his upper body to the left to loosen his muscles on the other side of his rib cage, bobbing to the side. Once he was done with that exercise, he leaned his upper body forward in an attempt to touch his toes, straightening out his back and making it as limber as he could. He straightened his body up before leaning backwards as far as he could, bobbing as best as he could but not too much since he didn't want to leave any discomfort when trying to align his spine.

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#4Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath. Empty on Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:28 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Now it was time for the lower half of his body. Taking one giant step forward with his right leg, shichiro bends his left knee towards the ground, without it making contact to the ground, whilst outstretching his right leg into an arch, performing a lunge. He then straightened his body up before taking another giant step forward with his left leg, bending his right knee towards the ground, without it making contact to the ground, whilst outstretching his left leg into an arch, performing another lunge. shichiro repeated this process two more times for each leg until he was good and ready. Soon the time came for battle and shichiro prepared to enter his stance. Standing with his feet shoulder-width apart and taking one step back with his right foot and orienting it so his feet are at right angles to each other. His left leg was relaxed, with the majority of his weight on their right foot, keeping his body straight but maintained the same angle. He brought his hands in front of his face, curling them while leaning his head forward behind them for better coverage of the face and holding his elbows forward so he could maneuver his arms to block body shots to his ribs or liver. This was a basic stance for a person that primarily used kicks in fights because it lends itself well to kicking and allows for greater mobility and stability. Maintaining his stance for a few seconds, shichiro had begun to focus a bit on his concentration a little more as he held his posture in place. After that, he took a few practice strikes and kicks at the air. Catching a cramp in one of his thrown limbs, shichiro winced a bit wondering how he let himself get this bad.

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#5Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath. Empty on Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:28 pm

Shichiro Uchida
He figured he'd leave this place for now and go and rest up for a bit before he resumed training, feeling himself getting used to the workout little by little. He strolled up and down the town of Oak getting himself used to the atmosphere surrounding it. He wanted to find a private place where he could unwind and let loose but he was having trouble figuring out where to go. Since he wasn't much of a socialist, he decided he would give himself a tour of the town though he wouldn't know exactly where he was going himself. It would be long and he might even get lost but he decided it was better by learning through experience then having some tool walk around and point at things and tell him the description of what each place of interest had to offer. If he wanted information like that, he could have just looked at a sign or something along those lines. He still planned to but he was going to walk there himself as well and see what it looks like himself. First of all, He decided to look at where he was going to stay so his first destination was the inn. He was hoping it would look plain and simple but not too flashy or not too run down. Checking out a nearby sign that had a list of destinations to choose from. Already deciding where he was gonna head first, he decided to take a quick peek at the directions of where the rooms were. After reading, he took a stroll along the pathway of the property to find a rather large inn building with a large signing saying "Apartment" on it. He had received a tagged key with his number on it marking it as 'guest-24'.

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#6Shichiro Uchida 

What lies beneath. Empty on Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:29 pm

Shichiro Uchida
He finally found his room and used the key attached to the tag that was mentioned earlier to unlock his room. It was exactly as he wanted it to be. Simple bed with plain white sheets and a sizable pillow. A head stand and a simple dresser with some uniforms were in there. Actually forgetting to bring spare pieces of clothing and he decided he’d have them delivered to him later. There was a mirror, a nice small bathroom with another mirror inside of course though it seems as if there was no point. A window he could look out of in case he felt the need to well, look out the window. He decided to take a seat on the bed to feel the texture of the bed and if he would even sleep well on it. He had to admit he was a bit spoiled while growing up but it did come with the name. After lounging around the room for a bit longer, he decided it was time to see what else was in store for him at this place. He took his exit and locked his dorm room before backtracking a bit and went back to the place where he first encountered the sign. Going to the cafeteria was out of the question so he would kindly cross that off of his list. Eh, He was aware of what an infirmary does already but he guessed it wouldn’t hurt to know where it was located or what he looks like in general.

Who knows, maybe he’ll be seeing that place a lot or sending other adventures there a lot himself. He chuckled a bit to himself before going back to his usual apathetic façade. He looked for the directions to the infirmary before going off on his way. It wasn't too far from the gym and the room to be honest, It was actually pretty convenient just in case people were getting scraped or they didn’t feel so well in the dead of night or morning. Ah, the visits he would pay. As he walked towards the infirmary he thought of all the creative ways he would enter or send others there. It’s not like he was hoping to be sent there but he knew eventually there would be somebody he couldn’t beat. It’s not like he was gonna win a hundred percent of his matches or fight either. Knowing this, He decided it was best if he hit up the training center last since he was gonna need all the help he can get. But first thing was first, the infirmary. It looked like a small clinic to be honest and at first, shichiro didn’t think it was all that until he stepped inside. Medicine and high tech machines everywhere. He didn’t even know how they could afford and fit all of this into one tiny ass building. Got a couple of X-rays here, healing tubes there, beds over there, The works. Not to mention tons of medicine on racks of shelves. It would suck to look through all of these if a patient only had a few minutes to get treated before they died. Well, that’s enough sight seeing as it was time for him to get on with the quest he had taken. The exorcists and shichiro then successfully cleared out as many of the dead as they could before they returned home.


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