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妙 / MYO [SQ: SOLO]

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Continue running to the shrine; he did exactly that. A while ago: one, two, three torii gates where kilometers away from each other, but that was only until Masami reached the final gate, wherein he had encountered the komainu statues who had spoken (or stolen?) a very familiar voice. Now that they were back to normal statues from live lions a while ago, it was only now that Masami realized that the torii gates weren't actually that far from each other. No doubt; everything feels like a dream, a very frightening one. Zeami's voice also was not present at this point, and Masami was starting to get terrified for travelling the spirit world like this alone. As he was told, he entered the shrine, trying not to run out of breath, and eventually flailing right at the middle of the stage with no time to identify the features of his surroundings. Joyan structures often smelled like old wood, and Masami could describe it clearly; even upon realizing this, there was no smell, and Masami had no grasp on his senses.

For a large performing shrine, there was no audience. The feeling was nostalgic, just like when Masami performed for himself in Hinoki Theater, and only himself. It was a prelude to egotism, a prologue of pride, but at the moment he had no more pride to lose. After all, what will happen if he dies here, in the spirit world? Will he meet with the man that they referred to as Minamoto Reikou? As he was told by his own instincts, the lights switched off—all of them, into complete nothingness. When they switched on again, the temple was above the waters, and Masami could see the waves and the storm from the windows outside. The seats were occupied by youkai, most of them from a while ago, but nothing major; no deity to watch Masami, whose clothes now transformed into something completely elegant. His face, as well, and the props that were held by his own hands; for an outfit like this—Myo—he needed to charm the audience, even in the middle of nauseating waves? I am feeling sick, he thought, covering his mouth with one of the paper fans from both of his hands, but there'd be no one to hear him out, nor to guide him. He had to reflect from the memories of the past.

Let's see... which performance was this? Was it when he performed in Sekibachi Komachi / Komachi at the Gravepost? Will he do nothing but speak in the conversation of two priests, and then reveal that the old woman was in fact, a possessed deity? Or was it in Aoi no Ue / Lady Aoi, a piece of Prince Genji's tale? Or maybe in Yorimasa, where he played one of the warriors? Warriors, in Joya, are very charming creatures, but not as delicate nor silky like the ninjas at nighttime. Masami was neither of those; he was a performer, a Joyan Noh performer, and he'd hide his role through a mask.

Why don't we do exactly that, instead? One of the paper fans turned into a hannya mask, and it deliberately faded into that new object. With no time to waste, it placed itself on Masami's face, and it got stuck to it. A part of Masami believed that the mask he wore was a true face, and that he was being possessed and succumbed to it, neither could he even breathe nor see properly. As mentioned earlier, his senses revealed no grasp, and Masami had to rely on... movement? His body had started to move on its' own.



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The ability to perform without having to think. Once an actor achieves that level of performing, they are undefeatable, because then they are able to perceive the character they are performing. Noh actors perform characters from the past: deities and spirits, those who may or may have no existed. Actors never act present moment characters, nor the future, except they recall the past and act it out on stage. If that was the case, then what exactly is this mask—the one controlling Masami's body in this "present moment" in this present stage—trying to tell its' vessel? A piece of Masami believed that it was trying to tell a story of how it died, or perhaps how it transcended into the spirit realm; Minamoto Reikou, the hero that slayed the legendary Shuten-doji of the mountain, was certainly not enough to recover from this curse. So, if the tale that the mask was trying to tell is about its' deceased state, then Masami must force himself to tell a story of how it lived; the past presented the future and surely, if he failed this time, then he will be like the mask.

However, all of that was just a theory.

If you have got nothing to lose, then raise your voice and cry out loud, was what Masami thought—it rang in his ears, but he had no senses to grasp so neither was his body nor his spirit able to do anything else but move. Masami cannot see anything through this mask that did not have any openings; not in the eyes, nor the nose and the mouth, so he was unable to breathe or speak too. Since this was a dream—an ascension to limbo—then Masami was still as warm as he was alive, and the inability to breathe; and it was as if the mask spoke: A demon, you'll be a demon with me tonight, Masami didn't feel threatened at all. After all, is he not a demon yet, at this state? Going through a lot already, will they be able to drink sake in the end, too? Like a bird trapped in a cage, Masami was surrounded by youkai who took the role of human lanterns, and their heads that separated from their body was exactly like that of a chochin-obake. Masami was unable to see this, but he felt like so, and the audience clapped when the theater was filled with firefly and lantern lights, that which will eventually burn the whole theater in crisps.

When Masami was being trained in the past, his first day in a Noh school, he was three years old. He was taught that the stage was a gap that separated the Heaven and the Earth, and that when he can finally walk on stage, he has the ability to become completely pure – to be one with the deities. Before, deities were a big deal because magic-users were scarce, but not anymore. Now that he had left Joya and experienced what Fiore had to bring, he now knew that all of them were certainly deities of different rankings and sizes. They may vary in ranks and power, but how about their words? Were they worthy of becoming a deity?

When Masami was being surrounded by chochin-obake that possessed human bodies, he had extinguished them one by one, then the audience clapped by the beauty of the fireworks which Masami created when he sealed those demons off. Because to them, death is beauty, and it was exactly what Masami's mask wanted to tell its' vessel. Because then, we'll become one, right?



妙 / MYO [SQ: SOLO] Untitl19
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He didn't even notice that he was laughing when he kneeled down in stomach pain. Poor kid.

What else happened after the Kagome Kagome? The audience clapped at Masami and finally, he was released off of the mask, which turned into dust the moment it touched the floor. After that, Masami was finally able to "grasp his senses" and see the surroundings; oh, he truly was in the middle of the sea, and the only light that supported his vision was the lights he created through fire. While he was performing without thinking, he was slowly burning the theater, and all of the other monsters had started to create their attempts in evacuation. In between his palms was the mask he had worn a while ago, and it snarled at him, telling him that it was finished. Then, it's finished...? it sure was. Wait, wasn't the theater burning a while ago? Then... why is it—

Apparently, he woke up at the right time, and screaming and voices had surrounded Masami. People—real people—have made their attempts of escape; when Masami looked up, he had realized that half of the building he was in was already burnt down, and that he could finally see the night. He was gone for a few hours, and it was only now that he had realized it. "Did I cause this?" then he felt anxious, because he wasn't meant to do this, was he? The orb in his hands didn't comfort him at all, and he was supposed to feel accomplished, but he was scared. Zeami was nowhere to be found and the only thing that was left was Masami and this orb—the cure, he has finally accomplished his task, his reason of leaving Joya, but looks like he has more things to fix before going back.



妙 / MYO [SQ: SOLO] Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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