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Hosenka to Myras [Flying~]

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Hosenka to Myras [Flying~] Empty Sat Sep 12, 2020 10:56 pm


Kurisa had to leave everything behind and she knew that Masami was off onto his own quest. Perhaps they will meet again or maybe they won't. Her heart was being squeezed at the thought, but as always she had to let people go. She looked at her necklace as it pointed towards the new city she has heard about, Myras. Rather or not the necklace was really speaking to her was in question, but she might as well try. That was all she could do at the moment. Once she left the city and onto an open land area she whistled for her leviathan to appear.

Surely it was not like the real big thing, but it was good enough. That'll do, that'll do Levi. She saw the serpent hover, waiting for her to hop on. As soon as she did she rested against it. Her mentally felt tired, exhausted even as she could feel the end was near for her own life. Her children were on their way to Myras as they were being protected by the best guards from that male guild along with the girls who were caught as slaves. Within an amount of time they were finally there. As she got off of Levi she saw her two little girls running up to her with hugs. "Now let's go settle somewhere for a bit." She gave them a motherly smile and held their little hands.

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Hosenka to Myras [Flying~] Sigme10

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