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Traditional Hobbyist [SOLO]

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#1Natsumi Duranndal 

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Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi was sitting in the dressing room of a theater, having taken a quest to pertake in a play, ofcourse she had seen plenty and could easily memorize lines, but she had never been in such a play. Not to mention using her normal magic was rather forbidden as it would burn the clothes she be wearing, She didnt want to burn the costume she was to wear, made of multiple layers of clothes, and wigs as she begun to get ready, putting the wig cap on as she had some trouble stuffing her long hair into it. Her hair was tricky as there was so much of it, once stuffed away she begun putting on the first layer of the wig, consisting of a rather short hairstyle, putting it on as she looked rather boyish, sighing as she put the second layer on, a rather longer hairstyle, reaching her back easily. putting it on as she grabbed the final wig piece. Being much longer as she put it on, her eyes covered by thick bangs and the back thick and messy, made so it was hard to tell who would be under it. Reaching out as she begun to put make up on, consisting of marking on her cheeks, and some other cosmetics meant to make her look more dark, dark rings under the eyes, and a filthy look meant to make her complextion less pale and more dirty.

"There we go, it will be hard to tell who I was, I must say I hardly use makeup but I am getting used to it. Anyways now I just need to bind my chest, and wear the costume. The character I am playing is a tall Male, I guess I can do that but , I never used a sword before. the one the villian used is quite big, luckily I can pick it up using a single hand.

She says as she gets up, undressing some to bind her chest to make it look smaller and not noticable.
soon getting dressed in what seamed like a normal Tshirt and shorts, made to be heavyduty, being quite thick. Putting such on and the next few layers that consisted of different types of shirts that kept on getting bigger and pants as well, all heavy duty as she finished it off by wearing a general costume. Having a giant fake broadsword on her back as at first glace no one can tell she isnt a man, Her shoulders now broad looking and it looks like she has muscles thanks to the heavy duty clothing underneath the costume. She begun to walk out, having trouble at first as she adjusted rather easily. soon standing at the edge of the stage, behind the curtain. Soon she saw the client who hired her.

Manager Yua walked up, looking up at her as she says. "Hmm I do say, the costume looks quite natural on you, even if you aren't a man, you sure can pull it off. She said to Natsumi before walking off to take care of a few things as she didnt quite know if that was supposed to be a compliment or an insult.

Soon the play started as across the stage she saw the Hero of the story played by a Tomura Matsukaze, Seeing him dressed in all white, wearing a mask as the play begun, watching from the sidelines as she watched the play, being about a lone Vegabond taking down the evil kingdom by taking down their Top Brass, as she played the Commander of the Evil Kingdom, the head honcho. Seeing it being played out before her, she couldnt help but think abit.

"I personally like this play, too bad I wont be able to see it from the spectators view, it would have been nice but still I am getting paid, Tomura's kinda nice to be honest, I caught a glimpse of his face and He is rather quite handsome, He isnt quite my type but he is quite a looker. But I wonder why a vegabond instead of a villager or something.....Maybe it is supposed to represent the fact that no matter what happens, there is always someone willing to stand up to oprression, a vegabon who travels and never stays in one place could represent such a meaning quite well.

She thought as she looked forward, her cue being signaled as she walked forward, her footsteps were quite heavy as she looked at the 'Hero' giving a nod and a loud grunt as she grew the giant sword in a rather flashy way, using her flames as she threw it up into the air, spinning as she caught it, and arc of flames above her before vanishing in a beautiful manner, holding the giant sword one handed. Soon the battle had started, she using giant swings, getting a few good hits in against tomura but he was quite well...better then her, despite having such heavy clothes, she could still feel the strikes against her body. After a few clashes of the swords, she gave lee and the sword she held was perried being knocked out of her hands. Soon the fake sword tomura used slide under her arm as she clenched, pretending to be stabbed and jumping back in the same manner, landing hard and with a huge thud, dying as the play wraped up. upon the curtain closing she got up as it opened, all the actors giving a single bow as the audience applaude. Soon after removing all of the clothes, wigs and makeup. She walked up to collect her rewards as tomura walked up to her.

"Your performance was quite good, You are strong and good with a sword, it is hard to beleive you are a mage and not a swordsman, it is truly a honor to have met you natsumi"

He held his hand out as she smiles and replies.

"Thank you Tomura, and it was a pleasure to meet you, I hope we meet again.

She said as she skipped the afterparty and went to collect her reward from, Manager Yua, only giving her a slight nod but she knew she was greateful even if not show as she heads out. leaving the theater.

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