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Kurisa fell asleep at some random hotel that she doesn't remember going to. Her eyes gazed at a letter and realized what she just did last night. She gulped and blushed hard as it was slowly coming back to her, but not the full-on details. "I guess I will worry about remembering on a different day." She spoke to herself with a sigh. Her hands gripped onto the sheets and looked around to see her clothes everywhere. She saw a few things left behind of his and wondered more about the night. Was it that crazy? Sliding off the bed she started to then walk to the shower.

She could still smell him and his aura, making her heart flutter. "Well, whatever happened. Too bad it won't last forever.~" she giggled and hopped into the shower. The water here was really bad. Was this a cheap hotel room? She grabbed a toothpick and nommed on it softly. It was a minty flavor and made the shower even better. The soap felt cheaper as it left scum against her skin. Why was this so bad? She felt disgusted and left the shower. The towel was even worse. "I better hurry and get home. Masami will be asking questions." Kuri signed and walked off to her better hotel.

The people around her were rather keeping to herself. It was morning so they were either over-thinking work stuff or their dramatic lives. There was so much going on with her mind right now for example. What will she tell her 'son'? She chewed on the toothpick to the point where it snapped. Swiftly, she spat it out before going inside the hotel room with her dress that was a mess and hair that was yet to be brushed. "Hey, Bob." She waved to him. "Haha, finally got a wild night out huh?" he jested. "Yea, yea... I'll cry about it later," she spoke with sorrow and went into the elevator.

Was he even up yet? It was about five in the morning. She leaned against the elevator and wondered when it was going to open. What was about five minutes felt like an hour. Her head started to hurt, she felt like she really needed a glass of water. Soon enough she went inside and towards the kitchen. She had a mission to get ready for soon. This party they were going to was early in the morning. Great goddess and god. Whatever HIS name was. Damn twisted angel.'



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No bed has been comfortable, even if he lay asleep on a clean, white mattress, which sheets get replaced by the condominium's cleaners daily, specialized services for Very Important People, but Masami had never fit in that category. He was the Joyan, theater prince, who never learned how it felt to become a prince. Impecunious since a child—ever since he was born, rather, he'd work nonstop, just like the rest of the Joyan men in his hometown. It was because he chose not to become a samurai or a shinobi, but because he chose to become himself: a performer. Despite status or ranking, Masami never acknowledged himself as the 'prince' in which everyone knew him as; the performer had stepped out of the seemingly uncomfortably comfortable mattress, greeting himself with a vague: Good morning, and then fix every corner of his slumber-zone as if condominium cleaners didn't exist. It was five in the morning, but Masami has yet to know that until he's look at himself in the mirror, the glass reflecting the clock, like magic, telling him that it was time to wake up and that he'd pick the groceries from the marketplace.

The old men, and the women, the vendors—he had become friends with them. Not the rich acquaintances that became his clients from different requests, but those who are traditional enough to be considered a true Joyan. Whether or not they held swords or brushes that wave flies off of their goods, they worked hard—enough to be considerably worthy of praise, for Masami. Even if he had enough to consider himself worthy, those weren't enough to consider himself a passing remark in his own standards.

He took some time staring at his own golden eyes, and the blond hair that had never turned back to black. The theater doesn't have lunch yet, he wondered, trying to ignore looking at himself, analyzing and asking questions about his own identity—a physical identity—he had many identities. He was the hero, the villain, the beaver, the green-eyed kitten; what's there left for him? He was the one who took care of people—to prove this, he'd walk off of the guest room to grab the small leather bag that hung by the kitchen, a few steps before the exit door. He'd see Kurisa and ask: "Where have you been?" He spoke in a tone that signaled her to tell him everything, as if he had the rights to do so. It was often Masami who woke up early: the sun hasn't even completely risen yet, and there was no way that she'd wake up as early as him, would she? Trying not to scrutinize her, he spoke without looking at her in the eyes. "A client again?" Should she go to quests without him, it was a reasonable deal. She was an adult, but Masami were also getting into adult-rated requests when he was in Joya—but not so much, what made him so different? Kurisa wouldn't know that, nobody would. For now, he'd be the one who'd get good results, the good kid; the one who made everyone happy, the cute kid; the lovely, good kid. And if that was the case, then people (specifically Kurisa) would have no choice but to take care of him, would she?

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Kurisa was not quite sure if Masami was going to be up or not. In most cases, he was up before her so she did not get to know the exact time he woke up. Softly, she yawned as her footsteps were quiet. Her tired eyes gazed around to see no one, but as she turned her head she saw Masami standing there looking at her. It seemed like he was going to go get groceries. Was this the time he always went? He wondered where she went like any typical curious child. For some reason, she could not get herself to lie to him even if she tried. Once he asked if it was some client she shook her head while walking past him to get a glass of water.

"No, but we do have a client to get rid of more of those bosses." She grabbed a class for the top cabinet and turned on the faucet. The water always started lukewarm so it took a few seconds to get colder or even hotter if people were into that. As soon as it was ready she took a large drink and sat it down gently onto the island table. Her eyes gazed at Masami who was most likely gazing at her. "Shall we go food shopping together then? Perhaps they deliver or we could just take it back here and go." She offered either choice.

She wanted to give him more details about where she went and everything she has done, but Kuri doesn't even remember the details. Yawning again, she went to her room to get changed out of her gown and into better attire. She slipped on some pants, a black t-shirt, and then some socks to go with her shoes. "Shall we?" She offered and started to open the door. Maybe she will grab some food on the way or at the market itself. She enjoyed being around hard-working people as she too knows what it was like to work hard to survive. It was how she got to where she was today.



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Ah, it wasn't a client. Where could she have been? Masami was unsure whether to become considerably concerned or let the thought pass: she was an adult, anyway. "I see," he replied instead, wearing the small bag whose single strap hung by his shoulder, still wearing his white jinbei (sleepwear) which he wore when travelling outside for small distances only, despite the informality. Other than that, he had not much to say to Kurisa; she had her own work, and Masami has his own, as well. How much do they even talk a day? Come to think of it, Masami didn't seem to be interested in knowing Kurisa – he had already failed multiple times, and the child had rather given up. When he heard about taking another job, he realized how awfully tired he was, and that he'd rather go back to bed. "Alright, I'll go with you," he answered despite the completely contrasting thought; he couldn't say "no" to the woman and just like that, he had to work again.

Kurisa walked off to change her clothing, "I don't want to buy any more food," Masami told her, his glances following her head until the door was shut, and that he'd only be looking at the wooden plate. He was getting tired of buying and purchasing, it was the ways of the rich. Masami isn't the type to follow that sort of 'way,' he was awfully frugal at times and he'll never get rid of this trait. It was culture—nature? Or nurture—yes, that was perhaps the best word for it. "I don't feel like eating, anyway," that was odd. Masami has never skipped a meal, especially a breakfast meal? He was being honest; truly, he did not feel like eating. At this point, it felt like he was immune to starving. He had assumed that Kurisa will shrug and admit that it was alright, and then they won't debate on whether he truly was going to die of nourishment or lack of food. That was the most possible scenario, right?

A flash of memory struck him, and that he suddenly missed his guild master. He promised that he'd make a bowl of ramen for Masami, but that never happened. Ever since Myras City, none happened, and Masami felt a small portion of longing as he waited for Kurisa to finish changing clothes.

It didn't took her too long to wear a completely different outfit from earlier, and she had opened the door, in which Masami used to pass through before the woman. He had walked before she would, and then he'd stop to realize that he doesn't know where he'd be going—where they'd be going? He had acted as if he was half-asleep—yes, this was a convincing reason, as he'd stare at Kurisa's eyes without saying anything. Rather, he didn't know what to say.

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Her eyes gazed at him as she listened to him speak to her with such a lack of interest. Was it something she has done? Was it because she went somewhere for the night? Nonetheless, he wanted to go with her even if he truly did not. She wondered if perhaps they should maybe be a little late for their quest - the client will understand. She walked over and grabbed his hand softly - not tightly and lead it out. "How about we go grab some tea or even a smoothie and talk, mm?~" She gave a motherly soft smile as light embraced her body. She noticed something.

He was still young and she claimed him as her adoptive son yet they never really sat down and spoke to each other much. It was constantly fighting this or that, doing missions for everyone, but did nothing for themselves with each other. The people reading this quest won't mind a little mom and son bonding, right? They better not or else Kuri will get super pissed off. The woman leads them into the elevator, down the hall, and out of the door. She just wanted to go with her adoptive son and conversate. "Masami.~ I was wondering, do you like tea? A smoothie?". Whichever one he picked, they went to that location. Her blonde hair swayed in the light as the day grazed in with her beauty.

Her tired eyes stayed on the path they were going, but soon enough she saw that the place was closed. "What in the..." she was about to finish till a Joyan old man came out of the store. "Oh-hoho, it's closed for the day since Mr. Koyoshi wished to have his party today." He bowed his head. "Please forgive me, Mrs. Kozshiroyuki." She gulped and licked her dry lips. Welp, there went her plan to spend time with her son. She has not heard of that last name of hers in quite awhile. Probably since her trip from Sin. Arisa was known as such and twas true that she still looked the same besides a little detail such as her eyes.

Her head tilted to look at him. "Alright, let's go to this party and we can enjoy their tea there." she nodded and signaled for him to follow. The party was in a large traditional Joyan house. Nothing exotic nor weird like the other place they went to. She wondered what was wrong here. What was waiting for them? The guard outside waited and looked at his list of faces. "Right this way, Kozshiroyuki-Ma'am. Follow that path to the right and you'll find the party of Joyan foods." He had a large tall hat. It was amusing to the point she wanted to poke it immaturely.

She had to act mature though in front of him so they went on towards the path and saw random people here. One could easily tell who was from the higher class and who was not depending on their attire. Her eyes cornered to see that it was the woman from her meeting. So this was her party then... "Ah, Kozshiroyuki. I see you could join my little party." She spoke darkly and chuckled in a rather sinister way. Her eyes looked at Masami curiously. "Who is this young man then?" She lifted up her smoking stick with its butt pointing towards him. "My son, if you don't mind that is." Kurisa gave a soft smile. It amused the woman and shrugged. "Sure, more the marrier. Find a seat and order your stuff. Enjoy the show and talk. I don't care!" She laughed in a oh'hohoho~ manner. With that, she took him to their own seat, a little further from the rest, but a perfect setting to watch the dancers of men and women in dancing attire that looked like something from Aladdin.



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Tea? Tea is great; smoothie? Masami doesn't know what that is, and it doesn't sound too good, either, he thought, nodding at Kurisa, pretending as if he was thinking an thorough answer. "I've had milk tea with an acquaintance in Myras," he suggested as he followed Kurisa to wherever they were going; it would be nice if she asked him who the acquaintance was – getting quite personal, but Masami thought that she must not be into those sentimental things. They arrived at the shop with the intent of getting a drink before going to the party, only to be told that it was closed for today. He wondered if it was because buildings were getting renovations throughout Hosenka, but then that wonder eventually dazed into a curious thought of who "Kozshiroyuki" is. Doesn't sound Joyan, thought Masami, nor Sin, despite being in Hosenka. Like Kurisa, he had not asked. It was better if he imitated people and acted as if he knew everything. "It's fine," said Masami to Kurisa, assuring her that it's alright, "we can probably get the same drinks at the party." Hopefully, just hopefully, those were safe drinks. Parties have a thing for mixing drugs into their liquids, which was why Masami and Kurisa were sent to exterminate the causes, right? Masami understood this; for a kid, he knew how (almost) exactly how things happen all around him.

Upon arriving to where the party was going to be held, the host turned to Masami immediately after noticing Kurisa's presence, then asked her who young lad was. Kurisa answered that Masami was her son, and Masami grinned immediately afterwards. "You've got a good eye, for guessing correctly that I was a male." There was no doubt, however. Masami has become more masculine in appearance ever since he started to teach himself how to fight, or maybe it was because he was growing already, even if it was quite late. Whenever he looks at the mirror, he'd still see his mother, almost as if he, himself, was her. It's probably the only thing that keeps me sane, he smiled at Kurisa, analyzing ever contour of her face, and then realizing how far they appear from each other. Both were beautiful, but certainly, they had different aspects of what beauty meant.

They were brought to their seats, and Masami held the hand of his (adoptive) mother along the way. For a Joyan-themed city, they went for a completely different matter: Desierto? Was that how it's called? Masami heard that they were stricter in culture, so maybe they were doing good in the decorations, otherwise the Desiertian visitors would've already cancelled this party. "You think we can grab their meals?" Masami had to make sure before standing up and accepting whatever the servers give them, which was why he asked Kurisa and made sure that the adult knew better. Other than that, it was a party – Masami probably had enough control to force himself to enjoy something he did not know how to.

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Kurisa gazed at the beautiful colors and tilted her head to whisper to Masami. "I'm surprised they don't have the ladies in kimono's doing ribbon dancing. I heard it can be quite a sight." Masami, her adoptive son asked if he could get some food if they would mind. Her head shook no and gave a small smile. "Oh no. I'm sure she will be delighted to know a Joyan is enjoying the food she brought." Her head turned to see many of the people going for the Fiorian food like some normies. Kurisa did not feel like eating at the moment and watched Masami go on to get some food.

While she waited for him she felt lips against her own ear, a maiden whispering something within. Kurisa's eyes went wide as she listened to each word about how the boss wanted to see her alone. Swiftly, she cornered her eyes to gaze at the Joyan maiden and shook her head. "Tell her that I am busy enjoying the pleasantries." The girl bowed, "As you wish." She whispered and went back to tell her the message. What they did not know is that this job was indeed to just guard the area and make sure the party went well. The Boss had no ill intentions towards the duo nor the people within her party.

Once Masami came back she gave a sweet angelic smile while combing her blonde hair. Her eyes of brown and blue mirrored the boy. "Masami, I wish to know from you. I feel this parting that is rather empty." Her lips frowned and for once her eyes watered a tiny bit. It saddened her that she wanted to be closer to him, but something was in the way, like a wall.

"Like, tell me your favorite foods, drinks - even do you have a best friend perhaps?" She gave a hopeful look as she watched him most likely drink his tea or any other liquid he acquired from the table of goods. She ignored anything else around her for the moment.



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Nobody bothered Masami when he listened to Kurisa and got food for the both of them. It was a big buffet, but not too classy, and not too underwhelming, either. He came back with a tray on each hand, then separately brought everything down, one by one. "Tonkatsu," he introduced a plate of cooked pork with sweet sauce, greens placed underneath, "maki, tempura, kani salad." He introduced each plate to Kurisa, telling her what the meal was, and what they were made out of; he'd look at her afterwards and shrugged. "They only had Joyan food," so technically, they were forced to eat what was there. Masami would sit beside Kurisa and start eating for himself.

Masami wasn't told to socialize with the guests so instinctively, he didn't mind them. Like a child, he waited for the event to pass so they may go back home, and to wherever he had to go for the day. Kurisa was the one who broke the ice and admitted that she wanted to know Masami, but her questions didn't give Masami a slightest hint on what to answer. I just eat anything, he thought, since he was in the lower-middle-class in terms of wealth when he was a kid, and he was the type to sigh and say no choice, and it'd be embarrassing to admit that to Kurisa. Then, she asked if he had a best friend.

Come to think of it, he doesn't remember anyone back in Joya apart from his own family, why is that? "I don't have friends," now, that was a pretty blunt reply, "we didn't have time for friends, only work. I talk to many people and make them feel good, but that doesn't make me consider them as a special person." He took his time and felt the meal break down into the tiniest of pieces, because he was building up the guts to finally look at Kurisa in the eyes and say: "That what makes you a special one."

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Masami came back and after he answered her questions she made a small frown. There was no way he had no friends. She gave a supportive smile, "Oh, Masami dear. I'm sure you have friends. Rather among your guild that you're in or perhaps maybe you just haven't found the right crowd. Could just be picky too." She giggled with her hand against her lips. Her eyes could not help but gaze at him as she listened to what he said next. It made her heart jump and made the unexpected happen. It made her happy...


Her eyes wanted to cry as she doesn't hear that very often. The last time she heard she was special she was abandoned by them. Was it a sign of up? It surely was melting the darkness that was devouring her slowly, making the progress of Ana decrease. Masami would feel a sudden embrace that was soft, warm, and held onto him close. "You're special to me close. Even if we're not really related. To me you're someone I'm afraid of losing." She chuckled. "Sounds pitiful, pathetic even, doesn't it. An old soul worried about losing things when I should be used to it." She whispered.

She has lost many loved ones, friendships, and everyone who gave her honey words were turned out to be poisonous, toxic; aka false words. She would let go of him as she did not want to suffocate him and did not want to take that chance in him becoming annoyed even. She knows some people did not like overbearing emotions and affection. She sat back down on her seat and faced back towards the dancers with a peaceful smile. Maybe she doesn't need anyone to really call her own. No loved one in a sense of being her husband.

She just needed a family and maybe she could keep her fling while she was at it. No one wanted her anyways in that sense. She was just a mother, a friend, a sister... To HIM, what was she? She wanted to find out one of these days. HE was the one that turned her into what she was. That will be her goal now. To find the ally Rosa wanted her to find and then find HIM to get some answers. Masami, of course, had his own goal. To find his mother's cure. A curse in which she knew too well on. Her head turned back as she had a motherly look upon her face filled with peace. "Masami, tell me more about her curse after this. Alright? Even if we travel our separate ways. I will send letters if I find out anything.~" She softly spoke. It was almost time to go as the party was about to be over.

Something seemed to be amiss though as she then saw some people collapse out of nowhere. "What in the...?" She wondered. She stood up immediately and ran to the people who fell.

"What is the meaning of this?!"
The client-boss yelled. More people started to collapse and people who did not, started to scream and run for the exit. Suddenly the boss collapsed as well as if they fell asleep. Was it something in the air? No, they were just fine. She started to walk around, "Search around for any clues." She suggested and looked to see if anything was similar to all the others. She has not seen anything like this since the smoke that turned people crazy all those years ago.

This was not like that as this just made everyone fall asleep. Was it some sleeping gas? She went inside the building and went to the kitchen. Perhaps they had something in there that will give her a clue? She suddenly saw a shadow stand within the darkness of the door with only piercing red eyes gazing back at her. Her heart jumped, she felt frozen as she was scared for some reason. She never was so scared before, not of anything. So why was she scared of this? Suddenly, it vanished and with that she looked at the counter to see a note. She quickly grabbed it and ran back to Masami.

"Found a note..."
She then lifted it back up to her eyes as she read it. "It... wants us to go our separate ways and find specific items during our future missions? What?" She squinted as she was confused. Her fingers rubbed against the paper to then realize there were two pieces. It had a list for each of them. What were these things for? She shook her head and realized that everyone slowly started to wake back up. They felt like it was all part of the party and the Client rewarded them. Her head nodded for them to leave as she gave Masami his paper after being rewarded.




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Masami recognized Kurisa's embrace as a genuine action of love, and he wanted to cry. Well, he wanted to, but it's not like he's allowed to do so, not unless if he was on-stage, that is, but this wasn't an act, thus he wasn't supposed to tear up? He frowned instead, unconsciously controlling himself from doing so, otherwise he'll get guilty until the end. Her words were something of worth when it comes to script writing, and Masami has recited thousands of lines to the point where he doesn't know which words are genuine anymore. Regardless, he understood that Kurisa isn't like him, and he understood that she cannot accomplish any acts of manipulation, meaning she should be trusted unlike the others, right? Masami let her embrace him to the fullest until the crowd started to panic, and Kurisa had to detach herself from him.

He waited there, watching the people run away, standing as still as he was. There was nothing for him to do anymore, and if he were to be honest, he didn't care about the people in this hall, because he was hired to be in this place and everyone else is suspicious, right? Kurisa came back and told him that she had found a note, and read it to Masami. It's inevitable, he thought, because he knew that clients knew better as to separate the mother and the son, otherwise they will be unable to get what they want, but he didn't want to say this to Kurisa. Pieces of Kurisa's voice was cut off by the screaming of the people, and all of the announcements that was shared through different languages, and Masami could no longer identify if they were Fiorian or Joyan, so he couldn't understand anything anymore. Instead, he forced himself to smile—believing that it was better this way. "Let's go home," he held Kurisa's hand then tugged her out of the scene.

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