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Into the Unknown [Hargeon > Sieghart Mountains]

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Into the Unknown [Hargeon > Sieghart Mountains] Empty Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:17 am


The day had finally come, the day of her departure. In the wake of her final confrontation with the pirates, Esperia had decided that now was the time for her to leave. It took her a modest walk till she was on the road, a modest enough distance for her to do what she had planned. The next thing she did was make a sharp whistling noise, briefly causing a rustling of leaves from the nearby trees as soon the sight of a majestic looking white wyvern came into view, descending from the sky as it landed in front of her.

Esperia smiled kindly at it, a hand raised to caress its neck. "Hello there Ryuko, have you been doing well?" The wyvern let out a soft content noise as she looked straight at Esperia, earning a gentle shake of the white-haired lass. "Do not worry about me Ryuko, I am fine~ Could you please be a dear and help me reach the Sieghart mountains in the North?"

The wyvern nodded her head lightly, crouching down so Esperia could mount the wyvern, and after she was properly seated the creature started to take a few steps, stretching its wings as it soon ascended into the air.

It was always an exciting feeling, to fly on the back of a wyvern, feeling the air against her and the sight of the landscape changing underneath her. Despite her pursuit of knowledge and power, Esperia still found beauty in such seemingly mundane things. Indeed, even as the hours passed and night came, Esperia never ended up getting enough of that feeling. It was after it started to become dark that she told Ryuko to land, setting up camp for the night, so that they could rest and the very next day the two of them were on the road again.

A quick trip, a swift adventure into unknown territory, in the distance the mountains already started to become visible, the miner's town that was prospering, the mysterious floating island, but what drew her attention was when the soul of Morrigan stirred. "There at the higher peaks of the mountains Esperia, see that canyon between those two mountains? You'll want to try to descend there."

Esperia nodded her head lightly, a tap on Ryuko's neck making the dragon descent toward the area Morrigan told her about, yet Esperia was still entirely unaware of the fact even her arrival in the area would be an entirely new story of its own.

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