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Bark at the Moon [Closed]

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Listening to nothing but the sound of silence from the city that never sleeps. It was quite different or maybe it was because something or someone was here that should not be. She has heard of nothing yet besides a few rumors, but to be sure she made sure Masami was alright before leaving to go venture off towards the bathhouse. If it wasn't the fact that she knew this area was Hosenka, with the view she could have sworn it was Orchidia. Kurisa hasn't been there since as far as she could remember. She wanted a break from everything if she was going, to be honest.

From fighting and missions in general, from new people and those who gave her hope and then a break from just this life. Her past life, all those other lives made her just want to go away. Not like she made a difference in people's life - not a true one for that matter. She walked towards the Bathhouse that had trees of pink and red Japanese maple on the sides of the walkway. The fireflies were not even showing up as if they too felt like there was no point in being around.

A few bottles could be heard from her bag that was tied around her waist. She felt like perhaps was a good time to finally let loose. There was no reason to really stay a saint. So far there was no reward, not even the thing she wanted the most. She remembered the words that were spoken to her by a few people on the subject. All agreed it was not a silly thing to hope or wish for, but then why was it so hard to grasp?

The night was full as it was beautiful to her, but enough of that. She walked in and said hello to the ladies that worked here before going into the changing room. Today was mixed bathing, but everyone went into their own baths anyways it seemed since as soon as she opened her door up it was empty. "Well, at least I can drink in peace." Softly she sighed while holding her towel together to tuck it in-between her bosoms. Before getting into the hot water she put down her bag of many items and stood up straight to stretch.


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It had been a few months since Caius had arrived at Hosenka and he had been putting in work. New partnerships had been made, some men and women slaves were added to his inventory, and his new drugs were selling well. However, even a demon from the abyss needed a well deserved rest every now and then. That's what brought him to Sultry Heights. It was famous for the hot springs that were built into the mountains. The hot water could lower his stress and open up his pores so he could go on to fight another day.

At the bath house, there was a nice surprise special that they were running today. Mixed bathing for those who wanted to go together. Since Caius was by himself, all he wanted was his usually spot. There was one spring in particular that was directly under the moonlight and it allowed you to see the city perfectly. It made him feel like a king. To his displeasure, the secretary stated that it currently was occupied. Caius was not going to take that as an answer.

He skipped going into the changing room and opened the door that led outside to his hot spring. It looked like some woman was there but Caius didn't care. They were about to be evicted. He raised his hand and fired a small bullet in the water. A giant splash of water would erupt from the spring and soak the woman that was inside before the water settled down again. "Listen lady this is MY spot. I'm going to need you to get o..........wait a second." As Caius got closer, he started to realize who it was. He could never forget a pair of knockers like that. It was the first woman he first met when he had arrived at Hosenka town. The angel Kurisa. Man he hoped she wasn't too pissed. "Oh shit. My bad Kurisa. Long time no see. How's the water?"

Hi I'm Caius

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Yawning softly, she stretched and once she stood up she walked into the water. The water felt hot enough for her fair skin to turn a pinkish red, but the smell was as if it rained alongside the seabed. It was a fresh smell. Her blonde hair was released as it rested against her shoulder and over her bosoms. She doubted that the owner of this place will let some stranger in so she felt really comfortable. That was until she all of the sudden saw something shoot past her and into the water. Her eyes went wide in surprise while her lips gasped softly.

It was unexpected, swiftly she turned around to see who it was as they were talking. Her eyes turned into a glare in mid-sentence of his as he was claiming this was his spot. Oh hell no. Before she could say anything they saw each other perfectly find and realized who the other was. Her face turned red while her brown-blue eyes glistened. "C-caius?..." She was really surprised to see him, mainly in a relaxing spa house as this. Wasn't too fancy or anything, but it was still amazing with the sight she got out of this.

"Do you always treat women that way?~" She teased him, gazing where the bullet went and then back at him with a wistful smile. "Either way, the water feels amazing. Could enjoy it if I didn't have bullets flying into it. Wouldn't you say?" she slowly got out of the water with her towel still wrapped. They were about arms reach away from each other. Her eyes scanned him and realized he wasn't even dressed properly for the spa. With her eyes meeting his, "I assume you're taking a break from your Empire.~ Join me." She insisted. "But first go get changed. I'll wait in the water and order us some drinks. I only brought three bottles." She gave an embarrassed smile with her hand against her cheek. Well, at least she had a big use for what else she brought other than her alcohol.

Once he left she did exactly what she said she was going to do, ordered more drinks, and went back into the water. She went into the smaller circle bath that was roomy enough for about two to three people. Rather or not he joined that one or the one connected to it was up to him. It was nice to at least have his company. Finally, she put a few bottoms on each side for them so he had his own selections and she had hers. Now all that was needed was him to join. In case he decided to get undressed in front of her, she gulped and looked away, turning super red. Can never be too prepared.


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It seemed like fate had brought them together again. It was said that opposites attract. Angels and Demons in their case. He couldn't blame Kurisa though. Hosenka was a town where many would stay and enjoy all the pleasures it had to take their mind away from the outside world. Short trips could turn into years if you weren't careful. That's what he loved about it.

Kurisa exited the bath and to his disappointment she was wearing a towel. He did appreciate the view though. She did not approve of his actions from earlier. "Hey I treat everyone equally. This is my spot and man or woman I will toss you out when it's my time to relax." he responded to the accusation. "But I guess I can make an exception for you. Not often you get to bathe with an angel. I hope you don't get feathers in the water."

She offered to go get some drinks for the two of him which he agreed. The funny thing was she told him to go change. There was not need for that. Caius responded by stripping off his shirt and pants and let it all hang loose in his birthday suit. He never really got the point of the towel in the water. Everyone see's both genders naked at some point. Might as well be comfortable. Caius walked down and sat down along the bed of rocks in the hot springs. He spread his arms across the side as he stared out into the night and took in the view. Once that was over, he turned to Kuri. "Just pour me whatever you're drinking."

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Her eyes watched him as she expected him to leave to change, but instead, he shed his clothing in front of her like a snake sheds their old skin. Her eyes kept gazing into his eyes, ignoring all his unmentionables. Surely, most would gaze at his body, but she loved the eyes. The eyes always kept her heart flutter, made her want more as the eyes speak more than anything other than the feeling of touch.  Sadly, as he walked towards the bath to get in she saw his backside making her blush madly out of the fact of not seeing a naked man in four to five years.

'Alright then.'

She took a deep breather, believing she can do this by walking to her bottles and a couple of cups. Slowly, she poured each one with what she had in the bottles. Each was very strong and did not mind sharing with Caius. Ignoring how this encounter started she went into the bath on the opposite side after putting his drinks next to him. As the steam and bubbles covered their bodies she slowly took off her towel to set it down on the edge. Now that was done, they could talk and perhaps relax. Truly they were in a smaller spring making it to where their feet would touch each other's if the leaned down all the way. Her head tilted and wondered if this was alright. Truly, Kurisa wasn't sure if he was fine with them sharing.

"How is your empire going, Caius.~ I hope it's going well for you." She gave a flirtatious smile while gazing downward to hide her pink-colored face. Her fingers entwined with her beautiful blonde hair to place it behind her ear. She still remembers that he indeed had no clothing on, but she had to act maturely about it surely. Her head looked up at him to give him eye contact as anyone with respect would do. Even if he was doing wrong things, in a way she felt like perhaps in a rather twisted way something could come out of things. But in which way?


She listened to the sound of silence between them. Her eyes gazed away with awkwardness as she wondered if perhaps she said something wrong. Maybe he was deep thinking of how he could build his empire up even further. She wanted to help, she really did, but it seemed that perhaps today was not the day for them to get closer in any way. She gave off a sweet angelic smile while keeping her body in the water yet slithering towards Caius to be in front of him. Her eyes gazed close into his as she felt her necklace dangling towards the exit. 'It seems my time in Hosenka has come to an end.' she believed.

Her cheek rubbed against his as her body lifted out of the water making her chest rubbing against his own. Her lips whispered into his ear as she held herself still. "I'll be back for you." Kurisa backed off and walked around him to get out of the spa - without her towel. "I hope to see you around again, Caius. Sadly, something is calling for me. Perhaps, if we're in the same area again..." she left it off with that and a chuckle. Finally, she left the room to grab her clothes and disappeared. Maybe he'll send a little bird to find her or perhaps she was just hoping for too much. Nothing unusual.


Bark at the Moon [Closed] Sigme10

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