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Chasing Dreams [Part 3]

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Forever, if something could last forever, then what would she have wanted? There was irony in the fact that she likely would have wanted for the flower festival to last forever, a loop that never ended, all so she would have never needed to suffer.

Slowly Esperia felt her mind being stirred back to reality, her arms stretching into the air as she inhaled deeply, enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing against her cheeks, it would be a feeling she'd likely cease to experience soon.

A short walk and she started to descend along the path leading away from the lighthouse, visiting the market to purchase some parchment and a pen and finding some seclusion at one of the plazas of the port she started with something she should have done a long time ago: writing a letter.

But how would she start it even? Would it even be read? Shaking her head violently she started to scribe on the parchment:

Dear Alisa,

It has been quite a while, hasn't it? I guess since our training a bit after the flower festival. After my failed search for Fia I ended up returning to Hargeon, I'm not sure why. Perhaps I was waiting, maybe I was hoping somewhere Fia would return, or perhaps for someone to notice me. Although, as the months passed I found myself steadily losing hope, although the guild hall was bustling with activity of newcomers, I felt an oddly unpleasant distance between myself and them. Even if I called myself a Blue Pegasus mage, I felt like they were strangers to me, and it made me realize the sole reason I was a part of the guild was to be closer to you and Liana.

I knew from that one night in Baska, that I'd never be able to be as great as you are, the type of person that would draw Liana's interest and fascination, and at one point I stopped trying, all I could really do is admire you, truly, in a way you were like an idol to me, unreachable.

Although recently I started to realize, that I was starting to become chained down by those feelings, loneliness and sorrow turned into jealousy and anger, feelings I didn't like, and so I decided to try to find a path of my own to walk.

It is a path truly of my own, for Asmodeus has left me, but I want you to know that no matter where my journey takes me, or what becomes of me in the future: I will always and forever remain grateful for your friendship and guidance.

Your student and friend,

She took a deep breath, folding up the parchment and placing it inside an envelope, even trying to write Alisa's name as fancy as possible on the back.

With her letter written she made her way to the guildhall of Blue Pegasus, trying to find out a suitable place for Alisa to find it, but after she ran out of ideas she pinned it onto the bulletin board that tended to contain requests for the guild.

After she had finished writing that letter she stepped away from the guildhall, giving it a final glance as she prepared herself for the final task that she needed to do.


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With most of the things she needed to do being finally done, Esperia made her way back to the inn, fortunately, it was already starting to get late, so Morrigan likely wouldn't realize what happened after her plan had succeeded.

Once she had gotten back and booked herself a room Esperia quietly went upstairs, seemingly thinking of what was yet to come. She knew all too well that once she made the decision, it wasn't exactly one she could simply walk back from, indeed it was a choice that might have her escape from the confines of time that the mortal coil forced upon her, but it was a decision she would have to deal with for eternity.

Even as she changed into her nightwear and placed Morrigan back into the corner of her room, Esperia couldn't help but feel nervous. It was similar to how a child might had felt on the eve of their birthday, that odd sense of excitement. But at the same time she also understood the direness of her choice. Once she became a Lich, there would be no turning back for her. With those thoughts in mind Esperia closed her eyes, guiding a hand to the temple of her head as she allowed her magic to activate, feeling the warping spell swiftly pulling her into the void that was the Kamui Dimension.

Once there Esperia was greet by a somber looking Arbert who as she approached him asked her only one question. "Are you truly ready for this Esperia?" The question was answered by a resolute nod of the young mage, earning a weak smile from the man. "I will waste no words trying to convince you otherwise then."

He gestured for her to follow, guiding her deeper into the Kamui dimension where she soon saw a magic pentagram drawn on the ground, and another one where in the center the familiar lockbox was placed...


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"I will now explain the procedure for the spell Esperia." The man spoke calmly as he gestured at the unoccupied magical pentagram. "Once you lie down there, I will be starting a spell that will, in its simplest terms kill you."

That didn't sound helpful at all! Yet before she could make a remark the man explained further. "Or rather, it will kill your physical body, your mortal coil will be shed, you essentially become a spirit that is inhabiting your skeleton."

Wait, could it mean that- "Is it because of that spell that I will become linked to my phylactery?" The man nodded his head curtly. "Observant, yes, by connecting your spirit to the phylactery we will be able to complete the process for becoming a Lich, although I would advice you to find a suitable hiding place for your Phylactery, in the end you never know when you might make some enemies clever enough to seek out your phylactery rather than beating up your corpse."

Esperia nodded her head quietly. She had thought about using this dimension for it, but in truth she was not certain if there was any way of her being certain there wouldn't be anyone else capable of entering this dimension. "I'll lend you my ring once it's done, so that you can at least return to Earthland without people screaming about a walking skeleton."

Esperia smiled weakly at Arbert as she started lying down on the pentagram. "Thank you Arbert." She whispered softly, closing her eyes as she braced herself for what was to come. She wasn't sure what to expect, aside from that she heard that she would be experiencing something so bad it might had made her wish she had died. But instead, the moment she felt a surge of mana underneath her, it was akin to having a thunderbolt strike her down! A sudden feeling akin to having the air knocked out of you, and then Esperia felt... nothing anymore.


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How long had passed? She wasn't sure, time seemed like a blur at this point, just like everything else. There was only a void of pitch back darkness. At one point she tried to look around, but oddly enough she didn't see her hands or her own body, rather it felt like her presence was ethereal in a way. Floating through the darkness, searching, at first she started to notice a light, a beacon of warmth, like a campfire that was kindled in the void, but as she tried to approach it she felt her body being tugged away. Something, or someone was dragging her deeper into the darkness, further away from that light, all the way till she felt 'something' it was an odd sensation to describe, but in a way she would say it was akin to clinging to a rock while being pushed along in a flood, clinging to it with all her might, and then it started to feel as if the thing she was clinging to, started to allow her to seep into it.

Slowly the darkness gave way, little by little as Esperia hesitatingly looked up. A familiar voice beckoned to her. "The process seems to be complete, how are you feeling Esperia?"

The girl remained motionless as she spoke, even if it was only her jaw that moved. "Empty, cold, but oddly enough it is somewhat comforting. It was more terrifying in that darkness I felt into earlier."

Slowly she pushed her body upright, gazing down at her torso. Although she had expected to just find her empty ribcage there, for some reason it seemed to be filled, with a clay-like substance of sorts. "Is this-"

The man nodded his head somberly as he explained. "While you might have become a Lich Esperia, I tried my utmost to preserve some of your appearance, the clay-like substance is actually what is often used to create Homunculi."

Homunculi, the familiars of alchemists? "The thought made Esperia smile briefly as she bowed her head lightly at Arbert. "For now I will be preparing to leave Hargeon, but I am certain we will meet again in the future Arbert."

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