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Chasing Dreams [Part 1]

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It had been only a few days since Esperia had obtained the power of the ancient mage, yet his words resonated strongly within her: the search for knowledge lasts for an eternity. But Esperia was no fool, she didn't have an eternity. She was a human being, which meant she, like everyone else was bound by the rules of mortality, and had to make the most of it.

But was that truly the case? It seemed Morrigan had started to realize what was up, especially with the young woman frequently visiting the tomb of the ancient mage whose magic she had obtained. After her return the first time Esperia had discovered that in the depths of the tomb there was an undiscovered library, no doubt belonging to the man himself, but the topic Esperia had been searching information on was something which piqued Morrigan's interest: "Longevity?" she asked with a hint of fascinating in her tone

"Mhmm, I just been thinking... Even if we get the chance to gain a lot of power and learn all sorts of things, it doesn't change the fact that I'm a human being."

Esperia paused for a moment as she picked up a tome from the shelf and took a seat on the arcane platform she had conjured earlier. "As a human I'm limited, meaning I have to make every day the most out of it, but then again there are others who live longer... Take for example elves, what causes them to live longer?"

Was it simply a biological function of their species? If so, was there a way for her to learn about how to obtain that power as her own? Surely there must had been like a spell, or some sort of invention a mage had thought of in the past that would allow them to continue their research, right?


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Morrigan tapped the side of her head with the palm of her hand, musing softly. "There have been many who thought of similar ideas. Some sought magic to extend their lifespan, others who froze it, others who sought their own manner of immortality. Surely you have heard about one such type of magic before?"

Esperia nodded her head slightly, her smile fading slightly as a thoughtful frown emerged to take its place. "You mean the type of mage who abandoned their humanity in order to live forever?"

Morrigan smiled briefly at Esperia, waving a hand dismissively at the hesitation she noticed in the girl's voice. "There is nothing odd about that type of approach, you know? A Lich is simply someone who abandoned their mortal coil to continue their ambitions for eternity, well at least as long as they don't mess up."

The comment made Esperia tilt her head to the side in bewilderment as she inquired: "What do you mean with mess up? Aren't they immortal?" The question earned a hearty laugh from Morrigan who shook her head gently in denial to the statement "Immortality doesn't mean invulnerability. A Lich can die just the same as anyone else."

The words made Esperia pause from reading her book, looking up at Morrigan as she asked with a hint of fascination in her tone. "Then what is it that allows them to die?"

Morrigan waved a hand lightly in the air, a simple conjuration spell making the air in front of her look like a illusionary spectacle: at one side there was a skeleton, at the other side a whirling vortex of wind magic, and soon she started her lecture.

"In order for a Lich to survive, they turn their essence, something akin to their very soul into an object of power, depending on the lich it can be a very different type of object, so it's pretty much different from time to time, but they are able to exist forever thanks to that which they call a: Phylactery...


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A phylactery... Something which would contain a Lich's essence and allow them to live forever... It was a fascinating concept to muse about. And yet she had more questions that came from that answer. "How does one make a Phylactery?"

The question caused Morrigan to start laughing in amusement. "No idea~ Do I look like a Lich to you?" No, she seemed more like a witch! Not that Esperia was going to voice that thought out loud. "But fortunately for you, the mage whose library you were poking around at was quite interested in the art himself when I met him all those years ago."

So the answer she sought might had been found in the books within this library? As Esperia flipped the book she was reading, the young mage placed the book back on the shelf and pondered a bit further.

What could she do in order to learn more on the topic? If anything, would it even allow her to get an idea herself on how to proceed? A momentary pause followed as she wandered over to the desk at the back of the library, scooping up the small leather-bound grimoire and flipped it open.

It seemed to be a diary of sorts, talking about the man's everyday life, but as she skimmed the pages Esperia started to notice there were three topics that always came back recurringly: Desires, knowledge and his concern about time.

It was understandable, for someone who sought to learn everything there was to learn, the restrain of a mortal coil was something of an issue, after all time waited for nobody. Yet what solution did he find at the end? What did desires have to do with his search for knowledge? It all only brought more questions up in her mind instead of answers...


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She couldn't risk returning to the Kamui dimension, it was likely Morrigan would find out then that the ancient mage was still alive, so she would need to find the answer herself, but at least she did have a collection of knowledge available in the form of the man's library, and Morrigan seemed surprisingly helpful when it came to answering any questions she had on the topic.

Once more she decided to read through the diary, hoping to find some sort of hidden clue, some sort of cryptic message she might had overlooked. However, no matter how many times she scryed through the pages, the solution to her question seemed to remain far away.

"Why does a mage decide to become a Lich, and what do they do in order to accomplish it?" It was a question she mused out loud, to nobody in particular but it seemed Morrigan had decided to answer her musing. "Well, most of them do it because they desire something, right? Whether it is power, knowledge, living for eternity, it all comes down to the fact they want to do something they can't do as a human being."

The words seemingly resonated within Esperia who felt like pieces of the puzzle started to fit into place: A Lich was born out of the want for something, a desire for something. Did this mean that their phylactery was essentially the embodiment of this want? A manifestation of their desires, or rather a vessel to contain their desires within?

Quietly she raised a hand to her chin as she thought further on the nature of this vessel: something that could contain a person's desires, something that could serve as a container that held a manifestation of a Lich's essence. It couldn't be something simple, it shouldn't be something simple.

"What... can I turn into my phylactery?"

The words made Morrigan smile devilishly for a moment, the smile quickly fading for a faux look of curiosity. "Are you thinking of becoming a Lich Esperia?"


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The question made Esperia pause for a moment, seemingly snapped out of her thoughts by Morrigan's words. She smiled up at the spirit and nodded her head lightly in affirmation. "Don't be mistaken Morrigan, it's not just so we can become more powerful."

The words made Morrigan tilt her head slightly to the side in bewilderment as she asked, this time genuinely curious: "Then what purpose do you have behind those actions?" It was an understandable question, after all, there was usually a reason for someone to want to become a Lich.

"Well~ I know that before you were sealed away, you were really powerful, but have you never thought: What will happen when I get older? Time waits for nobody, and as long as we remain mortal we will get older and eventually our power will diminish till we finally die."

Morrigan nodded her head slightly in affirmation as she continued. "If we want to be able to continue our search for power and knowledge, we need to figure out a means to live forever. And as long as we are careful, a Lich does sort of live forever, right?"

Morrigan pondered quietly as she looked at Esperia, for some reason what the girl said made sense, but at the same time she felt like Esperia was hiding something, and that she did, for as Esperia turned her focus back onto the diary she felt a kinder smile emerge on her lips for a moment.

Besides, if I don't have to worry about growing older or dying, I can help those I care for without the risk of breaking. There are some, even if they might not forgive me for the things I'll do, that I care about too much to just throw them aside. In the end, I'm the Witch of Greed: I desire to know everything, including the beautiful epilogues to their stories.


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For now she had done enough searching, it was clear that in order for her to obtain the means to live forever, she would need something that could contain her essence. However, even if she knew the name of this object, this item known as a 'Phylactery' it didn't mean that she already had the knowledge on how to properly create it.

No, she would need to ponder further on the subject, and later on, figure out the means to create something worthy of being a vessel for her essence. As she walked out of the door leading into the library Esperia paused for a moment, clinging to her staff. "Say Morrigan, have you ever wondered what the other heroes thought of you?" It was a question which seemingly caught the spirit by surprise. But after a moment she replied in a more somber voice than she had expected. "Perhaps there were times I worried about such thoughts, but those days are long past me."

Esperia nodded her head slightly, stepping a bit further ahead as she muttered softly "Must be nice, I doubt I'd ever be able to truly stop caring about them."

Indeed, even if she was becoming more greedy and selfish, at her heart Esperia still considered friendship an immensely important matter, something that wouldn't change. Perhaps that was why she had been unable to leave behind Hargeon yet, the feeling she had to figure out a way to tell Alisa about why she would be leaving. She wasn't even certain if she would understand, about whether she would forgive her. Perhaps she would be disappointed in her, but for Esperia it started to feel like she had finally started walking a path that she wanted to. It was not a path that Asmodeus had made for her, nor a journey Morrigan wanted her to undertake: This desire for knowledge was her own...

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