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Morrigan's scheme [Solo]

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Slow footsteps were made by the young mage as she wandered toward the outskirts of Port Hargeon. For the time being, she was merely going to seek some solitude, perhaps in the woods surrounding the port, or maybe a less-traveled part of the beach. There was a need for her to be alone, especially when she needed to think about an important matter like the one she was about to think about right now. She still wasn't entirely confident on the idea, part of her was hesitant about it but another part believed, genuinely believed that it was the best thing to do for her. She was done worrying constantly over trying to please others without expecting anything in return.

And so once she arrived at a small clearing within the forest on the outskirts of Port Hargeon Esperia called upon the mysterious presence of the two entities that had been possessing her. "Asmodeus... Morrigan."

Her words called forth the two, the ethereal presences of the two souls within her floating a few steps away from her. Asmodeus was the first one to speak up, a soft hum escaping her lips. "So you have decided then?"

Esperia nodded her head lightly "If I want to walk my own path, I need the strength to walk on my own, and the power to challenge those who would try to take it away. Therefore I am ready: Ready to become Asmodeus."

Morrigan had remained quiet during the exchange between the girl and the Demon Lord, she remembered what happened when she had consumed the essence of Izrael, the things it did to her, the power it gave her. In all honesty, she was genuinely curious to find out what would happen if the essence of a Demon Lord was consumed. What type of effect would it have upon Esperia?


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There was a momentary silence as Morrigan finally spoke. "To start with the process you'll need to reach out to Asmodeus, and start reaching out for her essence."

Esperia nodded her head in affirmation to Morrigan's explanation, slowly raising her staff toward Asmodeus, a bit of hesitation felt within her. Slowly but surely she started to reach out to Asmodeus, the staff glowing faintly as Asmodeus' smile faded away.

"I am disappointed in you my dear..."

Esperia's eyes widened in surprise as she heard Asmodeus' words, looking at the Demon Lord. "You are starting to get greedy... You no longer act out of lust, but greed. I thought you were the one I was waiting for... The one who would be able to become my successor. And yet, you are being consumed by your greed for more power."

A sigh escaped Asmodeus her lips as she shook her head in disappointment. "Wait- Isn't this what you wanted also Asmodeus?!"

Asmodeus' smile turned into a frown. "Isn't this what you want? Power to do whatever you want? Yet what I see in you is not lust, it's greed."

Esperia went quiet, feeling that something was going on with her effort to drain Asmodeus' essence. She could feel Asmodeus' presence weakening and after a moment even the Demon Lord started fading away. "You are becoming a Witch of Greed, Esperia."

And with those words, a bright flash of light illuminated the area, blinding Esperia for a moment when finally the staff's purple glow faded away. She couldn't hear or feel Asmodeus' presence anymore, not even her magic seemed to exist anymore.

Was... Asmodeus gone? Her eyes narrowed into a glare, tears gathering as she yelled out at Morrigan. "Why did you trick me?! This wasn't how it was meant to go!"


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Morrigan shook her head gently in return to Esperia's words, speaking calmly and unaffected by the situation. "It wasn't a trick Esperia: Asmodeus intended to betray you all along. It is simply because you no longer are willing to play by the rules she made that she left you."

Esperia lowered her head lightly, her hands gripping the staff lightly. Was that what happened? Had Asmodeus betrayed her? Esperia couldn't help but feel her initial sorrow turning into anger as she looked into the direction of the port. Was this... How it was meant to go?

"Fine... If that is how she wanted to play the game, then she'd better prepare herself for our reunion one day."

As she started to walk once more Morrigan called out to her "What are you going to do Esperia? Will you return to Hargeon?"

Esperia walked to a halt, her hand gripping the staff tightly while she grumbled in anger. "Why? It's not like they would start caring all of a sudden..."

Morrigan shrugged her shoulders lightly, her presence fading away slowly. "So, are you going to the Sieghart Mountains?" Esperia paused for a moment, a hand raised to her cheek as she pondered for a bit. "Not that I have much choice, I lost my magic power... You mentioned that you have a library there right, do you think there is something I can use?"

Morrigan paused for a bit, a hand reached for her chin as she pondered for a bit and soon replied with a knowing smile. "I think I have an idea of sort, but it won't be that easy to get, but once you reach the mountains I'll tell you some things."

Seemed as good as any choice she had right now... Wandering along the path back to town Esperia started to ponder, maybe she had some things left to do before she would leave....

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