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Decorating and Educating [PSF - Phase One | Manzo]

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Decorating and Educating [PSF - Phase One | Manzo] Empty Mon Aug 31, 2020 4:11 pm


When she heard about the idea that Alisa and Sofia had suggested about redecorating the Guild hall to make it look more stylish and inviting to people, Esperia had been entirely on board with the idea. The thought of making the Guild Hall more comfortable for people to return 'home' to sounded quite a pleasant idea, and so when the works finally began Esperia had eagerly chosen to participate.

At first she had spend some time helping clean up the entrance lobby, the wiping away of the dirt with a broom kinda reminding her of distant memories of how she used to help clean up the church back home also at times. After that she had spend some time following the suggestion of looking at the various methods of accommodation the guild offered, after all there were all sorts of rooms available, and while Esperia was not particularly picky, she did knew Asmodeus was quite a energetic person, so she had asked for the help in ensuring the walls were soundproof enough. However, to her surprise she seemed this was a concern a lot of people in the guild had. Alisa and Sofia she could understand but... Could it be that there were a lot of perverted people in the guild?! Wait, that's like the pot calling the kettle black...

Nonetheless, after she had gotten her room picked Esperia had returned to one of the spacious halls of the guild, although this time she had yet to figure out what type of task or trial she would undertake next. Perhaps try to find an unfamiliar face among the guild members? That did seem like quite a pleasant idea! Meeting a new guild member could possibly help her meet exciting people, so rather than cleaning up she soon went to start searching around for anyone who wasn't busy currently.


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It was finally time for the guild overhaul to take place. Which meant the overall likelihood that Manzo would get any peace and quiet went out the window immediately. What an absolute pain in the ass. Everyone else seemed to be excited by the prospect of the renovations. Maybe he was the only one who saw this as a major inconvenience. Which meant it was literally only his problem. Nothing new with that though, he was the grumpy old man of the guild. Even though he was only twenty seven years old.

He would roll around in his bed within his room at the guild. He had secured one of the larger rooms, giving his old room to a new member a few weeks ago. He kept it as dimply lit as humanly possible, the only light coming from his tea candles. A room was meant for relaxation and reflection and nothing more. That was his philosophy on life. He was a simple man in that regard.

After a while of rolling around he knew he had to leave his room eventually and begin supervising the renovations. Alisa had asked him to do so after all. One doesn't simply refuse the master, even if he had made it a habit in recent years. Maybe that made him a bad second in command. Not his problem though.

He would walk out of his room in casual attire. A pair of grey sweat pants and a white t shirt, barefoot.

"Let's get this over with."

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