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Guilding Around (Esperia)

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Rolling on up to the pink building, Vice has no idea why he's here taking a casual walk. It's a formality of sorts, to visit the guild building at least once, but Vice himself as a magical career man is pretty lost. As a serious guy, Vice pops out of the shadows of the building or trees, as if he was living there. Looking shadowy himself, and yet contrary with his blondish hair, Vice has on a black cool-textured robey cloak. Of course, Vice generally looks not like a hot murderhobo, but a hot Blue Pegasus murder-hotmage? Yes. Also, he carries a non-suspicious black bag on his back. Coming up to the doorway, Mr. Career Man Vice hangs off toward the side, casually aloof. Vice finds this pink building VERY cute, and safely pokes the bricks. Hopefully he doesn't set off some alarm system, or a magical bomby guildy defense. Generally, Vice feels very safe, and at home, as he proceeds into Blue Pegasus's bosom. Who would come hurt this pink building, and the cute Vice? Actually as Vice enters the hall he gets shivery thinking there's a scary XYZ supermage guarding.

"Please don't eat me. I'm a poor, new pegasi. That'd be cannibalism!" Soft-shouting and avoiding any potential XYZ, Vice goes off to a side of the hall, with his baggy. Tossing the baggy aside, he pulls out a magical device, or at least he considers it so. Wow, that black baggy matched his black cloak. Ripping off something that was on the magic device, Vice hops on the cute horsey, and starts rocking of course. Smiling happily, Vice begins to nod off. Suddenly Vice remembers something important. Rocking his horsey forward, Vice forcefully and softly looks around. Pleadingly, he wonders how to start his magical journey again. Mr. Career Man may or may not have lost his memories and how to cast spells magically. Wait, Vice can still go up the magical ranks as a magical door opener, right? Maybe no one will ever find out he falsified his magic resume. Vice thinks he'll represent the magicless and form a new, original faction, called: Equalists.


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Of course, with the approaching festivities for Blue Pegasus it was growing more and more normal for Esperia to start visiting the Guild Hall on a daily occasion. Perhaps she was hoping to meet a familiar face, or maybe a new recruit, it was the idea of socializing and learning about the stories those people might had to tell that filled her with excitement.

Still, as she was seated on the balcony, watching down quietly at the entrance leading into the guild hall Esperia's eyes took notice of a man strolling around the guild hall, if she had to say anything from first impressions: Suspicious, the stranger looked suspicious as hell! but she knew better than to judge a book by its cover, so as they seemed to be approaching the building she made her way inside and approached the lobby.

Her initial impression got even stronger when she noticed the man shivering and calling out to nobody in particular, leading the Demon Lord of Lust to manifest in her mind, tilting her head slightly to the side in unison with Esperia's own bewildered expression. "Where... did Ali pick this one up?" Esperia mused softly while Asmodeus snickered in amusement. It was only after he started to nod off that she approached him, she was about to call out to the stranger when all of a sudden they rocked forward and seemingly were back fully awake! God! this man was even more energetic than she was! And that was saying something...

"Umm~ I don't think you have to worry about cannibalism... And if there is any type of eating to be done, it's usually the pleasant type." She muttered with a weak smile, giving the man a moment to react to her presence before she continued.

"Although~ I have to admit you have guts, strolling in here and then going as far as taking a nap~ Not that I don't understand the temptation of a nice nap, sometimes they can be really refreshing. But there is a time and place for such things~"

A hearty chuckle escaped her lips as she raised a hand to her face, a cursory glance following over the man's features upon which she finally smiled at him, stating with a cheerful tone. "So you're a new recruit? Unfortunately, the Guild Master and most of the others are out on different assignments currently, but they will be returning to Hargeon in the near future~"

A simple statement, after all, if he was indeed a recruit he would surely know about the upcoming festivities that were planned by the guild. "My name is Esperia~ You could say that I'm somewhat of a senior for you within the guild, although I might not exactly look the part~" A playful wink followed as her smile lingered for a moment, her hands gently pulled behind her back as she left her left arm at her side, although it was sleeved, one could still notice the Etherium Prosthetic' fingers if they paid enough attention.

"So what would your name be: Little Pegasus?"


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Forming a blank stare, Vice thinks for his grand plan he must first sleep here. Sleeping on the beautiful ground is a beautiful plan. Yes, then, he will absorb the magical energies from the beautiful feet! Thinking about the scary world outside with lizards that eat ponies, Vice much prefers this pink building for his home. Hm, everything looks kind of beautiful in this place. Thinking seriously deeply and absentmindedly, Vice wonders if his head will turn pink like the pretty bricks if he rests his face? Tilting his head, Vice in sync listens fully to Esperia. Blinking his eyes rapidly, Vice widens his smile to the nice person, that nicely gave him a heads-up before continuing. There's a new challenger or stranger here? Why of course, Vice knew they were presenting themselves, and woke up politely.

"Yes! I'm just here hanging out, taking thi-, taking a look at things!" Nervously realizing a pretty cool big shot has arrived, Vice plans out the order of things.

"Big Ma/Grandma, you can call me Little Vice! I was informed and summoned here through magicness. I'm ready for the scheduled tour. It's great to meet you!"

Authoritatively mumbling, tapping his forehead with his left index finger, Vice indicates he is here. Here to stay? There's food and sleep to be had, so of course he must try to non-suspiciously linger. Getting up from his horsey, Vice kicks it into the black baggy, where it's companion's face catches it. Horse was never there to Vice. Cupping his hands behind his back, he beams at Esperia, Vice now eerily and seriously neutral in expression. What a comfy house!


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What's Eaten

Waving his hands in a no-go bye, to the nice Esperia, Vice changes his mind. As a tour guide, how many tours have been had? Esperia must not be interested in that! Vice is scared too, that calling her grandma, might have provoked her down the path of immediate evil. Furthermore as noted by his gut instinct, Blue Pegasus doesn't match Vice's expectations of defense. Nailing his first impression, and sticking the landing, Vice is now going to run away. Hargeon is a site of many sights, many of which, Vice wants to see elsewhere. Thinking of all the grains of sand on the beach makes Vice want to hurl. There might not even be more than one beach; that is madness. How can Vice replenish himself?

The journey will be long and thoughtful. Readying to take on the future, Vice is excited and hungry. He takes one final look around and walks away from Hargeon. Having to patiently keep up with Vice, Esperia is given amply full attention if they have anything to add. Vice might of forgot his stuff, but Blue Pegasus is his home. Home might be left forever, but it's still home! Someone will pick up the toys Vice left! Honestly, he was just scared there were no chairs coming in.

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