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Underground Associate [Masami]

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Kurisa looked through the papers again as she sat on her long glass dining table. The chandelier above them was glistening as it was a quarter to eight at night. The party she promised the boss to go to start at about ten at night. They wanted to start at night, but not too late due to the fact that people had work the next day. Business people wanted their parties but also wanted to satisfy their workaholic fantasies. She flipped over about four places as she saw that the first one was in some underground tunnel. It leads to some fancy man-made area where people can party the way they wanted.

How did they get cake and stuff down there? She knew what was going to happen and what needed to be done. At the same time she had to pretend she was enjoying it and partying. What she did not know is that she was going to enjoy it more than she should. Her eyes cornered towards each direction as if hoping Masami would come through that door or hallway. He was not there with her last time for the mission as he did his own. She frowned at it and wondered.

Slowly, she leaned back on her chair and gazed at the chandelier. It was a snowflake shape with the paper of red and gold as decorations. It mirrored against her brown and blue eyes perfectly as they motioned in circular rotations. Once she heard footsteps her eyes struck towards him and smiled calmly. "Will you be able to join me tonight? It will be a party.~" she giggled sweetly while slowly sitting up in her leaning black chair.



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It was probably still eight in the evening when Masami decided to come home from the previous quest. His outfit was hardly touched, and even if he, himself, wasn't attacked nor felt by anyone, Masami's face bloomed down to a gloom. What are those fools saying, that it wasn't Kurisa who raised him up? Stupid auction, apparently his information was exposed because of his own reputation. Joya wasn't as bad as this when it comes to invading privacy without the owner's knowledge; he left the quest's event at a sudden moment, suddenly disappearing from the stage before anyone could win him as the auction prize. Masami was too mentally and emotionally tired that he walked back to home (Kurisa's home, to be factual) with his wooden slippers held by his hands. He felt the cold, asphalt road right at his feet, but Masami was too tired to even notice this.

It rained at the exact moment he entered the building, and then using the elevator that led to Kurisa's home. He knocked twice for respect, entered and left his footwear by the door step, then went directly to the bathroom to wash his feet. He even forgot to inform the people inside that he was back home, and even if he suddenly remembered to do so, he wasn't in the mood to inform everyone of his presence. Apparently, Kurisa was waiting for him, and that he did not know whether to feel bad or immediately question her about his biological and mutual connection. A few days ago, Masami had met one of Kurisa's fellow guild mates, who had questioned Masami and made him doubtful of his own relationship with the Megami.

Apparently, he didn't know that she was in such guild, and she probably isn't aware about Masami's status in Penumbral Guard, either. Thus, since it was a request and Masami cannot refuse jobs with great income, Masami turned his gaze to Kurisa while he left the bathroom door open while he washes his feet. There was silence before he could even answer, only hearing the light noise of water that was sprinkling through the shower head. "What time would it take place, mother?" he asked, as there was still more time left as to remake-up. "Looks like we've been getting a lot more job requests recently."

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Her eyes glanced once more towards her papers as she wondered where exactly this thing was at other than being underground. Had to be somewhere secure since she had doubts about it being somewhere easy to find. It could be in between buildings that no one bothers to check. It could not have been a hard spot to find either since the people with the food had to deliver everything. There was no way that the boss of that area was going to make his people do their job. Most of them were chill goons that just wanted to party and relax.

She waited till he responded to her as she did not want to bother him so much. It was bad enough that they were doing a lot together. Probably more than he used to. She just feared him not wanting to be adopted anymore. Having her genetics and for some reason not wanting those anymore. There was no true way out though since it was done and over with. Sure he could probably also walk out on her. 'Kill him.' She heard Ana in her head. The voices and souls spoke as she drifted off into her thoughts.

'He'll find out eventually and leave you. Let's be honest.' Ana replied before Kurisa could even respond. She shifted her gaze towards Masami who was wondering the time. "Well..." she lifted the paper enough for her eyes to look and read the time. "Nine O' clock. So we have about thirty minutes to get ready and get there." She gazed back at him. She saw him already with his casual makeup and gazing at her. "I will explain everything on the way there." She motioned herself upward and dusted off her suit. She sighed shuffled her shoulders to exercise them.

Sliding on her shoes while dragging her feet to the door she then opened it up for Masami. She felt weird for some reason, but was not sure why. Maybe the life she had now was not satisfying enough. Once Masami followed her she went to the elevator and went down to the floor level to leave the place, but before she did she was stopped by the inn keeper. "Hey, a little girl came here with your slip. She's in her own hotel room for now." He softly slapped the desk with the paper and yawned, leaning back and stretching. His eyes gazed at Kuri, "Nice of you to save that Slave girl. I'll make sure she's taken care of, ya hear?" He had some strong accent like the ones that yell for everyone to get on aboard the train.

She nodded, "I appreciate it, Yon." Her head tilted in a bow and waved. "I will be going on my adventure with Masami, I will be right back.". She waved bye and went out the door with him. "Sorry about that. Let's go." She spoke sweetly with a smile. She was glad the girl was alright since that guy was a handful. A piece of crap that existed because of some shitty birthmark. He didn't deserve the status he had.




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He looked at the mirror once—he had no facial resemblance to Kurisa at all, now except that his hair was blond in color, but surely he was naturally black-haired, wasn't he? He had only looked at himself through the mirror, only to fix his hair and accessories, and then wiping water off of his skin with a hand and not a towel. "Ah, thirty minutes only? Looks like they aren't trying to stress us out, this time." there was something about Masami's tone of voice that he could no longer control. He was usually full of control, to the point where Masami wanted people to try and control him instead, but apparently his own emotions are controlling him this time, and it definitely didn't feel good.

When they met the first floor, the inn keeper stopped them and spoke to Kurisa about something Masami was not aware of. "Slave girl?" he asked Kurisa as they walked through the door, getting intrigued about what had previously happened. Masami went to fulfill a job a few hours ago alone without anyone knowing, but the same must've went with Kurisa. Of course, in the end, he knew that her rank as a mage was higher than normal travelers (as even Masami is not aware of his own rank 'less he was informed by his own guild mates), and that wasn't unusual as Masami knew that Kurisa had something more than a normal human did. "Where would the party take place, mother?" he lagged behind her, still having the guts to use the maternal word despite his uncertainty. Even if things were unraveling, it's not Masami's type as to suddenly cut people out of him. So far, Kurisa had been a gentle and kind woman, in whom Masami could not afford to disrespect.

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Once they exited out of the door she listened to Masami ask about the slave girl. She chuckled softly with a sweet smile. "Well, while you were gone I went out for a drink and met a man. He's super nice. While we were having a chat and a game of questions we met a slave who worked there. She was being abused in front of everyone." She sighed and looked at the sky. "No one deserves that treatment. I saved her by making the guy let her go. I gave her money and a hotel suite room for her at the same one we're staying at. She needed a home." She gave Masami a motherly soft look. "I say; if you have a lot of money, you might as well help the misfortune.~" She then looked forward to the street. "Hopefully, I see Kenzo again. Such a nice man he was." her smile faded as she tried to forget somethings...

Masami soon asked about the mission and where the party took place. She looked at the invitation and read about how it was where the meeting of the lights shine. She gazed towards that direction and walked to it. "Just follow, dear.~" She spoke genuinely towards him. She read that next they had to follow a path towards where some purple and black flowers pointed towards an alleyway. "There." she whispered and walked towards it. She spotted a hatch that went down towards a long path made of cement. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor were all cemented as she closed the door after he went in.

Once they were half there she could hear booming music. Tt opened up view of a large room once she was at the end of the hall. The area was raving in colorful lights with the smell of booze and some other things that were unknown to her. A bouncer gazed at them both which she stared back. She lifted up the paper. "O-oh, apologies Mrs." He bowed his head and let them threw. "I guess it's time to look around. Don't try any of the food or anything. I'll do that. I rather not have you get drugged accidently on my watch.~" she cared about him to that point. All she knew was that it was in the kitchen in a certain large dish or cake. Perhaps it was even in some alcohol. Kurisa had no idea.




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'Ah, it's always the money.' Masami thought, not daring to audibly respond this at all. Come to think about it, when he was in Joya, everybody worked, and worked... and worked, even if they don't get much in return. Masami, fortunately, wasn't one of those who received such treatment, but Masami isn't so wealthy as to be considered 'rich' either. If he was, then he could have already traveled the world on the hunt for her mother's treatment. Not Kurisa, but Masami's real mother—he remembers now, and he isn't going to deny it. However, he doesn't understand why exactly he let Kurisa inject her own blood unto Masami's, as if he was some sort of lab rat – was he being a people-pleaser, once again?

It's too late now, he's grown quite attached to Kurisa, and he believed that it would hurt her if he admitted that he remembered the truth now.

Now, what stood in front of Masami was a hatch, and Kurisa went inside first. "Looks pretty shady." said Masami, but he followed her down the rabbit hole, nevertheless. Immediately after Kurisa noticed, Masami's ears also met with a boom of music. Raving, electronics, although these weren't necessarily obnoxious, but they weren't up to Masami's taste. The lights were also enough to give him a sensory overload, making him want to immediately go home and not continue the mission at all. The paper that Kurisa showed was enough to tell everyone who they are, just as Masami did in his previous mission. And then, he was told not to taste anything, making him raise a brow.

Were they truly so desperate as to attempt to drug everyone by placing compounds in every dish? "Why would they want to drug people?" asked Masami, even if it was already obvious as to see people mindlessly dancing to the music. Masami wouldn't want to be forced to do the same.

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The intoxication of the air was overbearing to her as the alcohol could be smelt even from the top floor in which they stood. It was mainly because this was an open area like a flood gate cylinder. She gazed at Masami who she felt something was off from. It was quite odd to her, but she knew that their time was becoming to an end. How did she know? Nothing ever lasted with her anyways. It did not matter as when he decides to tell her she will let him go.

Just like with everything and everyone else in her life.

Her eyes of brown and blue researched everyone from where they stood. He was curious on why they wanted to drug everyone, but not even she knew. Kurisa did not even know what drug it was nor where it came from. "Not sure. Let's split or stay together, up to you. Either way, we should be careful while we dance and walk around." She wanted to give him a choice. She was not enslaving him, nor did she own him. She became to understand that now and maybe she does not deserve her own children. This was maybe why the gods kidnaped her children in the first place.

She went down the stairs one foot at a time and walked with Masami. This was where they will search together or separately.




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"Yeah, we can do that." immediately answered Masami after Kurisa's question, his voice was slightly muffled as to his fingers covering both his nose and mouth. "What exactly should we do in here? Hunt down some man?" even though Masami had detached himself from Kurisa's presence, he found himself coming back to ask for more details. Can't work without enough information, and Masami isn't the type to mindlessly work for someone, not unless they are manipulating him, in which he allows without awareness at certain moments. Masami doesn't have any intentions to mingle with the people in the party, either, since he was "on duty" and didn't like these sorts of parties in general. He followed Kurisa's instruction regards avoiding food, thus ignoring the waiter that offered him a glass of white wine a second ago – Masami was still the type to follow rules and not drink for being an underage, not unless his guardian allowed him, as well.

Now that Masami came to think about it, it wouldn't be a good choice to leave Kurisa alone, would it? "If I left you here, some random guy will take you with them." he uttered, removing his hand away from his mouth to make his statement clearer. "It bugs me off, even if I look as feminine as I am now—even if I get treated the same... sometimes." even if Masami wasn't straying too far away from Kurisa, he stood beside her, not wanting to leave. He fears that drunk men may take them in a non-consensual way, and there was no way that Masami would allow that to happen especially to Kurisa, as she was a woman and also a dear value to Masami himself. If any person, especially if they were male, tried to abruptly approach the duo, Masami will be willing to burn this underground paradise into the complete opposite.

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She started to space off as she was getting zoned out by the music of the area. The place was so loud that her mind just wanted to mute it all. Her eyes paid attention to Masami as his lips were moving. He moved away to which she next assumed they were going to go separate like the Scooby-Doo gang. It did not last long at all as she saw him come back after she herself stood there for a few minutes. "No, we should just be looking around for anything suspicious, but now that you're coming with me..." she paused a bit and giggled while her eyes wandered the area. "Might as well watch each other's backs.".

She felt happy that her adoptive son was coming with her through all of this. It was a nice adventure through thick and thin. Kurisa started to walk while listening to Masami talk about how he did not want any guy taking off with her. Made sense to her since most men do that towards women who they find attractive. She gave it a nod and went on longer with him. The people danced like crazy as the music boomed the whole area. Techno with lyrics of Joyan. She only understood some of it at this point and time. She went towards the bar and gazed at the man. "I'd like your best fruitiest drink," she asked and paid for it. He nodded and made it in front of her. Her eyes paid attention to what he was exactly doing. Everything seemed normal. The vodka, pineapple juice, freckles of coconut, shreds of strawberry and Mangos, and then a slash of rum. She nodded and took it. Walking away with Masami she sighed, "Well, the bar checks out fine." She spoke loud enough for him to hear, but not anyone else.

Where could it be? She walked towards the food area, which to her was the most obvious place other than the alcoholic drinks. She licked her lips as the place was starting to get dry. Suddenly she was bumped into by a server. "O-oh, I apologize." She bowed her head with an empty serving tray except, for one thing, a lotus-shaped cookie. It looked as thin like an actual flower, but it smelled sweet. Swiftly she served it to some random man who wanted it. Her head shook and went towards the food anyways, ignoring the situation.




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Despite all the confusion, Masami nodded at Kurisa's response. "Got'cha, he replied, biting the bottom of his lips while looking around, as if imitating Kurisa, "I'll watch your back, then." It would have been weird if he held her hand, like a child holding onto his mother, in an underground bar slash party—Masami believed that it would have been better if he distanced himself, because they were spies and usually, spies spot themselves in separate places, not in a group. So far, nothing has been weird; when Kurisa ordered a drink, Masami assumed that she knew what she was doing despite being told not to eat or drink anything from this place, so he kept his mouth shut despite watching how the drink was being made, very closely.

They walked away after Kurisa received her drink, speaking to Masami once more. "You aren't feeling anything? Anything... weird?" he was checking up on her, what if Kurisa was being drugged without them knowing? Things had magic, too, so they must have been unaware this whole time, maybe? Before Kurisa could have replied to Masami's question, she had bumped into a server, making Masami assume that the drink was getting into her. She had apologized immediately, and Masami's eye was caught by the lotus-shaped cookie, in which was served to a completely different person. When he looked at Kurisa, he also pointed at the server they bumped into.

"Do you think that was suspicious? Lotus-shaped snacks usually have secrets in them, I dunno." he shrugged, knowing that he'd get irrational if he went on further. He has heard stories about lotus-shaped snacks that caused people's perception of time to deteriorate, what if they have been in this place for two years already? Hopefully, that wasn't the case, and the tale remains a tale. Kurisa didn't seem to mind it, and Masami's faithfulness convinced himself to avoid thinking about the lotus flower as well. When he gazed over the buffet table, the lotus flower didn't seem to be served in this table, so perhaps it was from the kitchen. Masami picked a heart-shaped chocolate cookie up, with strawberry sauce in the middle, sniffing it before he'd dig in. "Smells sweet, alright." he took a very tiny bite afterwards, then tried to conjure the flavor using those tiny bits. Nothing seems to be wrong with it.

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Masami pointed out the lotus flower as she wondered if he perhaps thought of something, but she felt like maybe the buffet table will have those flowers on it anyways. Sadly enough they were not on the table. Were they especially served? Her eyes gazed around as she turned away from the table. She saw some people who were topless, some people wore clothes that belonged decades ago. Kurisa was curious as to if these flowers were like the tales of the lotus-eaters. In Seven they had many mythological figures and they were one of them. She looked for the kitchen and opened the door that was flimsy.

She spotted the flowers as behind the door the kitchen staff were non-human. "So, that's what was happening," she spoke in Sevenese. Her head tilted and giggled swaying her hand. "Leave immediately and I won't drown you like Posiden's wrath would." She told him as they ran off. Before they left one of them pointed out the drill to release the sprinklers. "Masami, go ahead and pull that for me.~" As soon as Masami pulled it she heard the drill alarm go off. Slowly, she opened the door to see that people were coming out of their senses. Once they were done, they went home while the Guards raided the place clean.




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