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Underground Associate [Quest]

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Kurisa gazed at the ceiling that was newly painted. After what happened last night with her drinking while all her kids were gone, she had to get it done. Apparently, she not only blew up her ceiling but had an outrage about something. She did not remember it at all. Was it because she found out that her son was doing his own mission? He was not going to be here with her nor during her own mission. She felt off and alone without anyone really. She could not handle it, the feeling of being alone. She got so used to him being there with her after all this time and wondered who could have been the cause of it.

She had a lot to do today as she felt the piece of paper against the fingertips of her right hand. She slipped it into the mid-section of her fingers and brought it to her face. She saw how she was supposed to do some things that were rather morbid, but they wanted her to find some people that were kidnaped. Her instructions were long as she had to play some instruments today, go through the manor of a mob man, and find any clues that had to do with the case. Apparently, there were several members of this cult that keep stealing people. What was this cult? Her eyes cornered towards the wall of white as it made her half insane. White walls were a nightmare for the mind as much as black walls.

She slowly got up to go get ready as she had to take a shower, get her clothes, and leave a letter for her children. While she was out, Judith was going to come over and take care of them. Hopefully, this won't last all day.


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Getting up she put the paper on her bed without making it. Her eyes gazed at the mirror once she passed it to see her brown and blue eyes. Were they really beautiful? She remembered Kenzo's words about her eyes and wondered if perhaps it was a good thing. She made a smile that made her feel rather good than bad. She shifted her stare at the shower and once she slipped off her robe slowly she stepped into the shower one foot at a time. Her slender yet strong arms reached for the knobs to twist them at a certain position.

She loved the feel of hot water, but before she ended it she must put it to lukewarm or semi-cold so her skin did not dry out. It was logically proven as she has been doing this for quite a while now. Her heart started to pound as the water poured against her body, sprinkling her elements against her clear beautiful skin. Her eyes closed as she imagined the rain falling on her. She loved the rain as she loved the water element. The one element she missed the most though was nature. That was her first element when she was Arisa.

Being a Nephilim made it so she was weak against nature itself. The feeling of plants, flowers of all kinds made her sleepy. Someday she will be able to lay in a bed of flowers and not feel sleepy. A shock of flashback revealed itself as she remembered when she was stabbed to death. Her old body rested against the flower bed in the garden at Crocus. Her eyes focused on Priscilla as the knife went into her body and her soul already leaving the body itself to find the next person. That person became Revana.



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Her plump lips gasped as the shimmering light sparkled through the lens of her eyes. She felt the stab against her body still as her hands slender against the area. She will not hold it against the woman as truly she was about to die anyway. Odin... What he did made her feel dead inside and it weakened her heart. Her illness became worse as it took a toll on her mental state as well. Maybe something made her that way, maybe she did something to make him do what he did. She started to blame herself to the point her head wanted to explode.

Oh, how nice it was to blame oneself instead of the person who pulled something off like what he did. Punching your lover's face and declare them dead. How dare he. She poured soap against herself and rinsed it off. It was time to get out of here and go get some clothes. Her eyes closed, sighed softly, and opened the large shower door to leave it. Droplets of water slid down her Rubenesque bosoms to the tip that fell onto the marble floors. She dried herself with a towel with her name on it, lilac with swirls with the name in cursive. It had a single butterfly on it as it reminded her of her nature days.

Next, she went to her dresser to pick out some clothes. What will she wear today? She had to go to some meetings in the back room of this exact hotel. The people that worked here knew her, but the visitors did not. She saw a black suit with black long sleek pants. Her tie was red and shirt underneath was pure white. She had to dress professionally and hopefully find out what these bosses were planning and how many there were.



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She let her hair flat down as it touched her large heart-shaped assets. The suit did not give her body justice, but at least she still looked good. The last touch was some gloss, but she started to do that while she went down the elevator. Before leaving, she put on her dress flat shoes and went out the door. The music was boring as usual and wanted to probably talk to the owners of this place to get new music. Perhaps after this mission since today, she wasn't going to start a fight or anything. The most were probably intimidate them.

As she tapped her foot against the elevator floor it stopped on floor thirty-three out of fifty. She shifted over and saw a man of red eyes and black hair come him. He seemed familiar and pretty joyan. He was taller than her by a few inches that towered over her. He was cute and truthfully she liked taller. He seemed like the silent type though. His eyes gazed at her first as she caught them in the act. "Meeting?" He wondered in a dark tone. She nodded, "Yes." she wanted to be simple since keeping it short was the best for business.

He seemed to have approved as he smirked and when the door opened he put his foot out for her to go out first. "Thank you." She softly spoke to him without gazing into his eyes. Sure, eye contact was great for intimidating, romances, but not for anything else. Too much contact can mean a lot of things. She had no interest in him other than wondering which boss was he? She followed him towards the end of the hall with large glass doors that had a cover on it. No one was allowed to see. Obviously.



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Once the door opened she saw five other bosses, not including the guy she met in the elevator. She went to sit down at the chair making it a total of seven. She saw one other female and the others were male. She wondered why there were only two female bosses - her being one. Why and how was she one of the bosses? She controlled some of Hosenka of course. They knew this, but not sure why and how she got that kind of power. Her eyes looked at them as they looked at each other. They talked about how each of them was going to do a party of some sort, but one really caught her attention.

He was having a large party, like a ball at his mansion and he warned that there were going to be some mysterious guests arriving. It seemed really skeptical and truthfully a little naughty. The man she met in the elevator did not like the idea. He was having his own thing in his small home with some dancers. It was a lie in the end as she will find out it was a huge party. The others were talking about each and every one. In the end, they all looked at her and wondered which party they will go to. She wondered if they will have different dates for each one. Truthfully, she wanted to go to every single one of theirs.

She explained that as she shrugged. She felt like it was important for someone who was controlling the whole city slowly yet surely should know everyone. They all slipped her the paper of invites as she looked at all of them. Some were on the same day. She cannot have that at all since she wanted to go to all of them.



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She went over the papers with all the bosses and flipped them over after scanning the other. She wanted to see this place first as she saw how he was having a dancing party. It was rather interesting looking and perhaps she will find out some information about any selling going on. This boss was known for buying slaves to dance for him. It was not so bad as the others, but it seemed pretty easy and did not think she will have to do it with anyone. It was less fun for anyone she will be stuck with.


She softly sighed, making them more anxious. "Pen." was the first word she spoke normally moving her fingers for them to hurry. "Well?!" A man hit his assistant's chest for him to hurry up. He hurried over to Kurisa to give her a pen in which she clicked. She scribbled somethings here and there and then wrote on different times and dates. "Here. These as follow. Any complaints?" She wondered as she gave them each their paper. They looked over and discussed who got what. They did not seem to want to argue over it at all. That was good. She went over other matters next as she wanted to know the details of what they have been up to.

It was sadly cut short as one of them had to go. The man with the red eyes and black hair cornered Kurisa. Her heart started to pound as she could feel his hot breath against her neck. Her brown and blue eyes gazed into his nervously. It was like he was searching for answers and wondered what she was planning if anything. "I have things to do, so if you do not mind..." She whispered as she had no interest in him at all.



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She softly sighed as he slowly lifted himself up but gazed at her. She turned back to gaze at him one last time before moving on towards the city. She went towards the shop where the men liked to order their rich foods. She wondered if maybe they were going to order any illegal things. She did not mind somethings, but if they dared to do anything to cause harm to innocence they will hear from her. She remembered the way the guy looked at her, cornered her to where her chest was against his, his breathing could be felt as the hot air blew against her soft skin.

She shook her head and opened the door to see the baker. "Welcome! O-oh!" He noticed it was her and closed his doors so no one else could come in. He already knew what she was here for. He escorted her to his kitchen and showed her everything. He told her next that the guy ordered a rather really large cake. Large enough to fit people inside as if he was going to sneak someone inside. It was rather strange since he has never requested it before. It was weird, but was it bad to want a large cake? Could be some surprise for someone.

Kurisa nodded and noted somethings down. Next was the food that the cook was doing who was a different guy yet the same building. He explained to her that the boss man wanted a large feast enough for dozens of people. He wanted some old fashion food with exotic touches like the drug that is mainly known for sexual conduct. Why did he need those unless he was thinking of trapping people inside his place? How scandalous it was for the man. Kurisa left with the notes to show her client.




Underground Associate [Quest] Sigme10

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