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Crash the Cash House (Quest)

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#1Vivi Ramstein 

Crash the Cash House (Quest) Empty on Mon Aug 17, 2020 1:40 pm

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi's reliability had apparently been heard of by even more members of the Martello family. A fact which she wasn't sure whether to count as a blessing or a thinly veiled curse. Sure, their money was just as good as anyone else's, but she wasn't sure if she really wanted to be so indebted to a crime family just for simple pay. Her bills were, well, nonexistent, and other than her need to eat she really didn't need much else. Sure, it was nice to shack up in an inn some nights, but she wasn't even really beholden to that. But, she'd been offered the job and now that she had the map to the location she didn't really see the point in turning it down. A grab and smash job, nothing too complex. Grab the jewels, torch the building and get paid. Something about the simple jobs really did grab at her.

The cash house was an abandoned restaurant, which seemed like a good fit. No one would ever go into a restaurant that wasn't serving food. But she could tell from the movement inside through the shadows that the building was still occupied. That made things a bit tricky, but she could manage. The Vincenze's may be cautious, but she could be sneaky. She crept up to the building and stuck her head through the door. Not spotting anyone watching it, she slipped inside the building quietly and closed the door behind her. She knew that the goons assigned to guard the stash wouldn't keep it anywhere near the front, but she took a circuitous route around the building, making sure to avoid the eyesight of anyone inside. She counted three men as she crept around the rickety tables and falling apart booths. She could probably handle them herself, but that wasn't what had been asked of her. Quick and quiet, that was the way it was to be done and so she'd make sure to stick to it.

Slinking her way back to the kitchen, Vivi started to look around in earnest. Quietly rifling through drawers and cabinets, worming her way into the freezer and the storage barrels. The last room on her list was the storage room, but even there she found little of value. Until her foot pressed down on something odd. Lifting her leg, she noticed that the floorboards seemed to bend back into place. Loose and pliable it would seem. Sliding her fingers along the seam, she pulled up the boards quietly, finding it to be more of a hatch by then. Inside jewels did abound, treasure almost in this kind of context. She grabbed the bag inside and lifted it out before setting the floorboards back into place. Stepping back out into the kitchen, she searched around for something to finish the job. Vats of cooking oil still remained around, though old and crusted at that point. Still, they'd serve. She tipped the first over quietly then pulled an old knife down from a rack. Striking it against the barrel, the sparks ignited the rapidly spreading pool of oil, and with enough time they'd have the others and the whole kitchen ablaze. She left amidst the surprised shouts, making her way out the back and hurrying out into the streets. She made her way back into the crowds, now gathering to see the fire as they often do. In the middle of it all, Vivi handed off the bag to her mark before disappearing herself. She'd no interest in a fire at that point.


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