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Stuck in the past [Liana]

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Stuck in the past [Liana] Empty Thu Aug 13, 2020 9:21 pm


A dream, that might have been one way of calling it. A beautiful dream, one that might have been never-ending, or at the very least she wished it would have been that. But it was not meant to last.

A dream of the distant past, a dream where she lived freely, living every day to its fullest, and having found true happiness in the presence of her beloved one. It was a childish and naive happiness, but for Esperia who longed to love, and be loved in a way that was exclusively for her, it was all she needed. And yet, the dreams of those days, those wonderful days never lasted, and as the first rays of sunlight shone over the port of Hargeon, the young woman found herself stirring lightly.

The chirps of the birds, the rustling of the wildlife in the bushes, it was enough to pull her consciousness back to the reality she had tried to escape from.

A soft yawn escaped her lips, leaning her back against the base of the tree. She could see Asmodeus seated beside her, that ever so playful smile on her lips.

"Had a nice dream?" The demon lord inquired, earning only a scoff from her vessel who remarked dryly. "You know the answer as well as I do: They are wonderful dreams, alas they will never become my reality again."

It was the tragic truth, how several years ago Fia had disappeared, and in the wake of her failed search Asmodeus had tried to seal her memories, but to no avail. No, even if Esperia tried to remain strong, it was all but an act. She lived in the past, and every day the world only continued to show her that she didn't belong there.

Alisa, her adored mentor had ascended the role of the leader of Blue Pegasus, a choice that Esperia had supported entirely, but rumors of the charismatic mage having had herself charmed by another woman, earned a bit of a unpleasant sensation in Esperia's chest. Asmodeus found it amusing, knowing all too well how much Esperia adored her teacher and what she felt was something similar to jealousy, but alas for the time being the two had yet to meet again.

In the meanwhile she had not encountered any of the other Blue Pegasus members in recent days, perhaps she avoided them, or merely didn't seek them out, but it only confirmed the woman's thoughts that she was slowly returning to the state she had been all those years ago.

Perhaps it was for that reason, that as she climbed onto her feet, that the soft rustling of tree leaves earned Esperia's attention, turning her gaze toward the direction the sound came from, and the source of it was one she had least expected.

"Liana?" Esperia whispered softly in disbelief. Was it mere coincidence? Perhaps fate? She could hardly tell, but the elven lass did have her way of finding her at the least expected of moments.

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