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Underground Associates III [QUEST; KURISA]

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Kurisa was specific enough for Masami to know exactly what to get – more knowing, less guessing. He headed straight to the appetizer buffet table, or whatever were placed there. It seems like the crowd was rowdy enough to mix up the food, some of the sauces were played with and mixed altogether. Masami tried not to show such a disgusted expression, knowing how displeasing it is to gaze upon informal and unprofessional ways of handling (buffet) food. He even had to make sure that the plates he held unto were clean, and then the same goes for the utensils. Two plates held in one hand, the other slid butter knives into his pocket. Before he could even grab the ladle for the rice, he was already pulled by the shoulder by some buffed man—he appeared less stressed and less in pain compared to the others. With a grin in his face, he looked down on the boy, who had quite the gap in height. "We saw your performance. Mind asking your sister how much she's worth for the night?"

The rude, disgusting message from the buffed man caused Masami to slap the stranger's hand off of his shoulder. "My mother is not for sale." he responded, turning away with some sass, then proceeded on grabbing rice with the ladle—placing rice in both plates which were held unto only a single arm. Of course, any large, prideful man would get angry if the person they were trying to interact with suddenly turned their heads away; the buffed man punched his own palm, proceeding Masami with heavy steps. The boy, however, quite expected this to happen, thus throwing both plates high up in the air—even almost reaching the ceiling—while those were still up in the air, Masami reached for the butter knives from his overcoat's pockets, then looked at the buffed man exactly how he was looking at Masami.

When the others noticed this, immediately altogether they shouted: "FOOD FIGHT!"

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Softly and slowly she was breathing, calming down her heart that was beating quickly. It was out of pain, out of running out of oxygen it seemed. Her back was burning, hurting as she should maybe go see some massage therapist, a chiropractor of some kind even for the bone structure part of it. Her son was getting her food, but now that she thought about it. Should she even eat at a filthy place like this? They probably did not wash their hands as they cooked, cleaned their utensils. Now that she thought about it, she changes her mind. Her head lifted up slowly to be blinded by the light from the ceiling. For a few seconds, she was blinded to end up seeing Masami talking to some buff guy.

Her eyes squinted to see the details and could see it was him looking at her, back at Masami, etc. Masami threw up their trays and a food fight started to happen. She made sure nothing will hit her, but before it got too far a visitor appeared, the door slammed open as they gazed around. It was a tall man with spiked black hair. His eyes were red and had a patch of facial hair on their chin. He wore a black suit and everyone suddenly stopped. Was he suppose to be important?

He walked to some random guy and cocked his head to the left. His eyes moved to Kurisa as he asked the random guy, "Who started this?" He saw how she had no food on her nor did she have anything. She sat in her corner quietly. The guy looked around like a kid searching to see where his finger will be pointing towards. "It was that kid! He threw his stuff up and everyone went crazy.". The guy was certainly the class pet type. What a dog. Was it out of survival or was it just that he liked blaming others for his problems? It was a question she cared not since she saw the guy walk towards Masami.

Her first reaction was to instantly stab up, grabbing his attention. Her hand went up in a stopping pose. His head turned to look at her, his eyes studied her body, but stopped at her eyes. "Don't touch him..." She motioned her lips towards him. It was like a warning more than anything. It was like a man going after the King of the Jungle's cub. He smirked, "Alright, I already know how this will go. Everyone will fight in the ring. Immediately. Get ready now." He snapped his fingers as guards came to escort everyone out. The man in the suit turned away with his back towards Kurisa. "I'll see you there..." He spoke darkly. With that Kurisa walked over to Masami and saw the man who started this with Masami chuckle.

He was going to be trouble. "Let's go get ready. We'll eat at a buffet or something after all this," she instructed. She smiled motherly as they too were escorted to their chambers to get ready. They had ten minutes exactly.



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Unfortunately, the food fight did not continue as further as it would have been. The floors and the tables were a mess, though; Masami had thrown the butter knives up in the air the moment someone had pointed at him, catching the two plates (that were previously thrown in the air) with two hands, then caught the butter knives with his fingers. He didn't know that he was able to do this, but his calmness had covered up his own surprise. Immediately, he placed the plates back in the table, glaring at the man who had pointed at him; he glared at everyone else, watching the Kurisa almost argue with some guy.

The others moved slowly, acting like they were never a part of this. Oh well, chaos has already been expected since the start. Kurisa approached Masami and her angry face immediately converted into a gentle smile, as if Masami was meeting with two different people. "Could've gotten just a single nibble." uttered Masami with his arms crossed, following Kurisa to wherever they were being led to a moment ago. Meeting another man, who was in a suit, also didn't surprise Masami enough. Nevertheless, he continued to follow Kurisa; the people continued their food fight after hearing the doors slam closed.

He honestly did not know how to get ready. What was there to get ready for, if the first and second rounds got immediately wiped out by Kurisa and Masami? He stayed beside Kurisa, his mouth suddenly watering just by imagining what kind of buffet they would be eating after this mission. There was no tension, too, which was why Masami immediately followed the escort when he (and Kurisa) were called for the third round. When they did, the crowd was no longer lively, nor did they even react upon Masami and Kurisa's arrival in the ring.

The referee also didn't say anything, the other side of the ring's doors were open, revealing a rather large, mutation-looking human. His other eye was blatantly larger, and his hair grew from places were hair don't usually do. Even from afar, Masami could hear it snarling. "That's od—"

Masami was immediately knocked out, his back hitting the walls of the ring. He didn't get enough time to react—their enemy sped up without Masami's awareness, punching him back. While Masami was still down on the floor, their enemy stood still and standby—Masami didn't move an inch... rather, he didn't want to.

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Masami was her precious son, no one was allowed to harm him. Her fist wanted to clench, but let go of the pressure as she realized Masami was watching her. She truly was more than one person in a singular body. They were escorted to the room with some water and treats, but the only thing she bothered with was the bottled water. Softly, she sat down and watched Masami and the door the entire time they were in there. It was quite for the whole break until they were pushed out of there and into the arena. She looked towards the other end as she saw the gates open to reveal some weird man.

He had some fluff to him and that was not even the oddest part. People were not cheering, no one seemed excited. Why was that exactly? Instantly, she heard someone fall onto the ground, turning quickly to see her son on the ground.


The man had a snarky smile on his lips as dozens of people start to hop into the arena. Was this not a fair challenge? Of course no as she felt like it was her and Masami vs everyone else. It would have been that if it was not for the fact that he whacked her son to the ground. "So... you all want a piece of me?" She spoke coldly as her voice echoed the area. It sent shivers to anyone that heard. Her eyes became solid with no pupils, but they glowed like a godly figure. Within seconds her aura formed into a lilac with gold all while her big white fluffy wings formed. She flew upward about fifteen feet off the ground while having Masami in her arm.

Everyone looked at her shocked as an angel-like being appeared before them about to give them all justice.




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"Ack, that was a punch—yep, it was painful one." Masami groaned out, silly kid, uttering such things as if he wasn't going to die. If he was a normal person, he'd get his body ripped into two with that single punch. It was already a miraculous thing that he was whole, and alive, the kid even acted like it wasn't as painful as he mentioned. He only later on noticed that he was already being carried up high in the air by... an angel? No, that was Kurisa—same thing, either way. Realizing how small the people were at the ground floor... hold on, ground floor? "Oh... my... God!" yelped Masami (which was a pretty pathetic thing, not gonna lie), holding tightly into Kurisa, which could potentially even cause him to slip off if he won't remain calm. Apparently, he managed to ruin the mood, everything was supposed to be epic if only this kid didn't scream like a girl (even if he looked like one, anyway).

He took deep breaths at a fast motion, "Okay, okay, we're in the air... we're in the air... oh my god..." he mumbled, trying to analyze how exactly he was going to get out of this situation—not, Kurisa just saved him, he was supposed to support her. Okay, maybe we won't 'get out' of this situation but instead 'make the most' out of it, not everyday you see a squealing boy who was carried by an angel who flew through the sky. Masami didn't even have enough time to react about Kurisa's change, apparently he got more surprised by how high up they were, and people were preparing to drag them back down.

There was nothing to be surprised off, actually. It should have been reasonable that a woman who was rich, almost perfect in every way, is an angel—an actual one, in fact. Masami felt his mana seeping out of him... no, it was his energy seeping out, has he been using his mana this whole time? Could it be that he suppressed the pain from earlier using magic? Not only that, but when he held unto Kurisa, he felt... right, he had already strengthened her using his magic, without even his awareness! Oh well, not like it was a bad choice. Good thing Masami went for Take-over instead of Dragon Slayer, or else maybe he would get motion sick by now.

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She was flying up in the air with her son in her arms. The woman was angry, she was Justice as she was about to serve it to these cheaters. Do they dare harm her son?! Her free hand went to her heart as she summoned a large circle under the crowd who were trying to attack them. The screams that will end up devouring the building were muted to her as she cared not. Truthfully, Kurisa gave no mercy to those who hurt her children. If she ended up dying to one that is stronger than her then so be it, but this was not the time.

An eight by eight long and tall tsunami roared at all of them from over and under as this area was only about 20 meters diameter. They had the distance to run, escape if they must, but if anyone stayed she will destroy them. "You shall be given no mercy." An echo and unnatural voice escaped her soft lips. "Your judgment stands!" She strikes down to their fear as they cower. Slowly, she went to lower ground and put down her son. She felt like maybe he was not too fond of heights. Her glowing eyes looked at him as the others escaped, but that was not the end of it. What she did not know was that the bosses had more in mind for the two.

"Let go of the Juggernaut."
A cold male tone came from the mirrored area. The man in the suit lifted his arm upward and let it go down as she then heard eruptions from a large metal door. Pounding could be heard, yells of men could be heard from a mile if not longer. Her eyes gazed at the door not fazed at all which pissed the suited man off. "We'll see how long that lasts..." He clenched his fist as the metal door was then pounded on several times till it burst open. A rather five-meter tall giant came out with bulky muscles. His head was covered with a metal-like helmet and fists made of steel.



Name: Kanagawa
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Undine Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Water/Light
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: A hand wave towards the direction will create the circle to release a 4 meter long and 4 meter tall light lilac colored tsunami wave that will go straight towards the target. Once they hit, it causes SX2 rank damage and it'll disappear.

Name: Nephilim Unleashed
Mana Cost: 5% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: 100 RP Posts as Nephilim; At Least B-Rank
Type: Transformation
Range: Self
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user's eyes burn a bright white light and they materialise a pair of 2 meters long white wings that allow them to fly up to 15 meters above ground. All the Attributes of the user are increased by 40% of their base amount. This is a transformation and not a spell. Therefore, it cannot be cancelled by artefacts or magics that can cancel spells.


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Jugger... what? Masami didn't quite understand what he heard just now; for a Joyan show, that didn't sound very Joyan at all. Although Masami wasn't a very analytical and logical boy in general (in fact, he was quite the opposite), an idea popped into his head: could it be that the people managing this game aren't Joyan? If that was the case, then... it wouldn't be such a bad thing to blow the whole place up and lose confidence for cheating over the fellows who weren't Joyan in the first place. Thus, Masami leaned closer to Kurisa's ear, saying: "I think we're free to go all-out."

He mentioned "I think" rather than "I feel," sounds like a pretty development, eh? Masami continued, "We won't get caught or anything, the whole city of Hosenka would hate us if we destroyed a Joyan game, but this doesn't look like it's managed by Joyans at all." which means that it must be a syndicate handling this tournament, therefore Masami and Kurisa will come off as heroes instead, right? Masami knew that he can't fight, so for now, he had to depend on Kurisa—he doesn't know why (apart from maternal protection) but he felt so protected and... safe. 'God, I do hope that I'm right.'

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The thing was a giant and if this was some hentai she would be doomed as all hell, but thankfully this was just the top ten pg anime roleplay sites so none of that could exist. Her angelic wings flapped a few times like a bird as her brown and blue eyes study this thing. Her magic was ready to continue on this path as they must be destroyed. Her eyes cornered to study Masami as he started to talk about how this place was not really owned by Joyans so it should be okay to destroy everything. The client was here though so she could not just bomb this place with water and light.

As always, when it came to simple missions she leaves it to Masami to take care of it - her interviewing him during so. When it came to the big boys, it was her job to destroy all and judge them for their crimes. It was easy to judge those that most believe to be bad, isn't it? Her eyes then looked over to the client who had a hopeful expression. She was Joyan, but the guy in the suit was probably half if he wasn't full. Were they really the top boss though that was making all this happen?  She licked her lips as she felt the beast of a man run towards her. The running made her feet levitate from the ground as they hopped. The earthquake walking was ruining the place. If she does not stop him soon, the whole place will collapse. Kurisa's eyes closed...

What kind of dumbass lets a ton of 'thing' roam this building? "You're pretty disgusting, you know. I suppose I have time to play." A darkened voice escaped her lips. her eyes opened to reveal a blood-red as she smiled wickedly. People from the full round were still here. They felt that this beast was now their enemy as they went after it. She watched first as the juggernaut smashed them to pieces. He was like a Titan from Attack on Titans as blood splattered on even her cheek. It excited Ana as she was no longer Kurisa for the moment. Her heart was beating faster. "Yes... Haha!" She beamed towards the giant to slash an attack.




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In that moment, Masami's heart skipped a beat. Not because he knew that he was safe, not because he knew that they were invincible (in Kurisa's arms), not because he knew that he would die immediately if that massive mutation touches him, but because he had witnessed a side of Kurisa he didn't expect she would have. In that moment, she revealed such a sadistic laugh, and Masami eye twitched when his spine chilled from bottom to top, ending right in his chest. She expressed feelings Masami couldn't express for himself, as if Masami was happy that someone was like him. But then again, a mother wouldn't love such a dirty boy, would she?

Masami brushed the thought off; as a child he was, he blamed their enemy. If they didn't show up, then Kurisa wouldn't reveal such a sadistic side, and then Masami wouldn't feel this sort of 'disgusting' feeling. Kurisa carried him while she charged in for an attack, and Masami witnessed everything in full view, as if he was sitting in the VIP seat of a theatrics. In the inside, he felt guilty – Masami used to be the one who cleaned this kind of 'mess' once everybody is done, and there was no way he could clean this whole building off of their enemy's blood. Masami would have no choice but to burn it up, just like back then, just like the few nights before leaving Joya. Why exactly did he leave in the first place, apart from running away from responsibilities?

His hand lagged out, touching the air while Kurisa charged in, Masami being carried by her. He left pixels of fire out in the air, which trailed behind the two of them. Once it is all finished, so will Masami, and they will leave as if nothing had happened. Just like the old days, right, Masami?

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This felt so familiar. It was just like when she went through some Godfather-like figure's building and killed all his goons and him with her guild members. She bathed in their blood as she slaughtered all she could at the moment. There was no end to the manslaughter of the bad guys as Justice was within her grasp. Her sinister smile revealed her canine while her red eyes mirrored this behemoth of a thing. She did not want to think of it as a man nor any type of human. There was no way she could think of this thing as one.

Her mind was completely gone as she watched many of the contestants die for money, for honor and for whatever reason they had. It was glorious to watch all this death. Ana, the Sin-Eater was slowly becoming whole from this body as Kuri and Arisa have slowly become absolute... or so she believed. The woman pointed her fingers towards the thing as she was gunning towards it. A shot of a star escaped the summoning circle of lilac mixed with gold. Meanwhile, Masami forgot that Kurisa let him go after landing on the ground, therefore he was not with her when she dashed. The only way that was possible is if he snuggled into her arms like an adorable child he is.

As time went on the people around her were dying as there were perhaps about five to eight more fighters left - not including them. Her heart suddenly felt a string breaking as her hand clenched her chest. "Ugh..." She stopped suddenly making her leaned over and coughed in her hand. Her eyes widened as she saw the same color of her current eyes, red as blood spots were on her hand. Why now?! She ignored it and prepared to attack more, ignoring her heart's fast racing beats and her hard breathing as if the air became thick.




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Fire had finally seeped through the inside corners of every wood and tent, and eventually everything would burn the same as Masami had expected. The same boy found himself in the middle of the battlefield, standing there alone, his body unsure whether to take form of the demon soul he knew that was within him. While their surroundings were burning and Kurisa fighting off their supposed enemy, that monster of a mutation, the crowd had gathered to escape before their venue burns along with them. That said, screams of panic had infested the whole battlefield, causing anyone sensitive to noise be able to break themselves instead. Masami, on the other hand, was receiving memories of when he was still in Joya, thus the crowd's screams didn't bother him as much as it resembled the same as the pasts.

The fighters had gathered to escape as well, the unlucky bodies dropped low and immobile. Then, Masami gained consciousness when he turned to see Kurisa, and instinctively he had walked up to her. "Let's go home." he said, tapping her shoulder from behind her. Masami's hair reached his legs and his clothes were all different. As expected, he was finally in a different shape and form, but Kurisa wasn't there to comfort him of his embarrassment for revealing something that shouldn't be revealed. Kurisa was coughing up blood – although Masami was aware of this, he was in disbelief. Kurisa, the person who had molded Masami to become who he though he should be, isn't supposed to feel like this. Such a strong role model shouldn't be allowed to be weak, and instead of feeling pitiful, Masami was starting to get angry. If they didn't accept this request in the first place, then they won't experience such a dramatically painful situation. Ultimately, he had nothing to blame but himself.

The flames didn't hurt Masami, at all, even though he knew that the heat had already wrapped itself all-around the arena. He wasn't even sweating, so that was a thing; Masami could leave Kurisa here if he wanted to, but there was no reason for him to do so, right? He instead reached a hand out to her, his hand glowing a yellow hue, and so as the patch of flesh he had touched at that moment. It was a spell he cast that was supposed to heal any sort of damage inflicted upon Kurisa, as long as it was curable. In that moment, it was only Masami and Kurisa left in the arena, and it was finally quiet.

"I won't let you push yourself too hard next time, mother." uttered in Masami with pity, letting the spell completely revert any damage that Masami didn't deal himself – finally, another woman ran up to them, trying to breathe while coughing on her arm. She seemed to be in a rush, and her outfit was also quite elegant. Masami wasn't defensive and let her approach Masami and Kurisa, eventually she halted to catch her own breath. Could she be their client? Maybe; she had uttered: "There you two are..." and proceeded on coughing over her arm. A magic seal had appeared below the three of them, and in a second, they were inside a bubble, and it was no longer hard to breathe in. Eventually, they were sent outside, far from the building they were in a moment ago. That place was down in flames now, and the people were trying to put the fire out by casting water magic, a bunch of other people were sealed in a magical barrier to be sent to prison, and it didn't look like they can even speak Joyan at all. Masami won't forgive the people who had pushed Kurisa to her limits like this; Masami couldn't look at her and stood still beside her, watching the flames come undone.

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The fight was all over as the giant was destroying everything. Pieces of the ceiling were collapsing, flames were fuming and the stench of human flesh could be smelled. Her heart was working harder from all the smoke that winded through the collapsing building. Her eyes saw her son who was looking at her. What was to become of her? Was she breaking apart? Her eyes slowly became brown and her right eye blue. She watched him as she walked towards him with a rather numb facial expression. Her hair flowed behind her as the flames engulfed the area around them. Rain of blood fell from her face as droplets fell onto the ground.

That blood was from the people that they fought and the large giant itself. This was justice, right? This is what was good? They were bad people who wanted to kill them so she had to kill them all. Kill them all to keep her baby safe, like a tiger/lion who was protecting their cub from dangers. She will do anything to protect those who are precious to her. Those who harm them are judged as evil and dark. If they were dark, they will die by her hands if they try anything - just like these thugs.

Masami seemed to want to go home as if he wanted to forget all about this. It was understanding as this was a high scale of difference compared to all the other missions they did. Usually, they beat up some people, get the reward, and go home, but this was chaos. The place, the people's death and it was just all different. It reminded her of when she fought in the war as Arisa. She simply nodded right before a woman came to find them. It was time to get out of here as they walked out. Her eyes watched as the dark men that survived were arrested, most likely going to prison. They deserved more than that in her opinion...




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Masami's form reverted back to his original, as if his previous form peeled off into fire and eventually into ashes. Their client, the lady who brought them out, walked off to meet up with another person and then coming back immediately. Masami watched the client offer an envelope right at Kurisa, and then the client would bow in apology. "You may have the reward—no, you may take everything." she won't stand back up unless Kurisa accepts the promised reward, in which Masami expected to have more than their usual. When he noticed that Kurisa's eyes were no longer in their original colors, he slightly panicked. When exactly, and how did he only notice them now?

Nevertheless, he stayed calm. "Thank you very much." he replied, taking the letter so that the client would walk off. She didn't seem to have much to say, knowing that this scenario wasn't something they expected. It was supposed to be as simple as winning some gang death game, but the game played itself and affected many others instead. Masami, on the other hand, also didn't know how to react, now that he has the promised reward in his hand. He looked at Kurisa with worry, unsure whether his healing was enough.

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As she was about to talk to her son, she was interrupted by the woman who came up to them. Before she could say anything to the woman though she went up to someone else. She watched her get some envelope of some kind and came back to them. They were paying them and apparently it was more than the usual pay. Her eyes watched Masami who was looking at her, seeing if she took it or not. They don't really need the money, but it was better than nothing for all the work they have done in this godforsaken place.

Slowly, she took it and watched the woman bow. Her eyes gazed back at Masami and gave off a small smile. "Let's go home now." She opened it up as they walked back home. She wondered what will come up next and truthfully, she has not realized her eyes changing either. The last thing she knew was that her right eye (that is now blue) was hurting. The weather was nice and wondered if maybe they should go to the park today to relax. That was a great idea and all, but maybe her son wanted to relax, maybe a break from her.

It broke her heart thinking that, but she tried to change the subject in her thoughts for the moment. There was something dark going on with her souls as Ana was trying to take over as she did all those years ago. "So where to now. Home? I can make you something sweet perhaps.~" She offered sweetly. They were getting closer to home, but soon enough a man ran into her. He bowed and gave them an urgent letter that had the next mission in it... Great.




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