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Silk and Threads [Quest]

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Her eyes looked at the words that were written on the sheet of paper. She wondered why the woman could not just tell her herself. Softly, she sighed as she had to follow everything one by one. She wore some dress that was long, thin fabric, and smooth. It felt great against the legs. Her brown hair flowed behind her as she finally got rid of the blonde. She could not do it anymore. Her eyes were changing due to the overuse of the magic as one eye was now blue, the other one brownish-gold. She had to go around to all the shops' area here or at least most of them.

She looked at the list to see what place was first. There was a cafe who sold fabrics that come from another town's delivery services. Were these cheap types? She was not sure as she went inside the store. Kurisa was introduced to a woman who wore an apron as if she was baking something. Why do fabrics come to someplace with a dirty area? Kurisa hung out by the door where she watched a few people come in and leave with their desserts. Each person was satisfied, but she was not. Soon a woman came out with a folded cloth filled with fabrics. She wanted a good amount for them so she took them with her.

She left the store and went to the next one. Rather or not this place was good, she could not tell till she went inside. The outside was made of bricks yet the inside had a wood-like interior. It was a pretty design. The place was filled with kimonos and dresses made of many fine silks and other fabrics. Which one did she want? She did want all of them? She searched for the boss of the area and wanted to question them. They will know, right?

Kurisa found someone after a few minutes and asked them what the client will like. They were not too sure about it. They looked at everything, most likely searched for the most expensive fabric they had and came back. They showed her some cheap-looking thing but told them that it was expensive and high quality. It came from overseas all the way from Joya. That seemed really hard to believe so Kurisa waved them goodbye without a purchase. There was no way she was going to buy that. Joya had amazing silks like Sin did and that was not from those places.

She went to one more store that had some beautiful fabrics. The store was open view with glass all around. It was super easy to break in so why would they reveal all their goods? She was confused by it, but she went in anyways and bought some. Yawning, she felt like she had to get this mission done and walk back to see her son. He probably had food ready for her. Swiftly, she turned in the fabrics from the two places, warned her about the second place she went to and got rewarded.



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