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Clean Up Crew [Quest/Darka]

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#1Darka Monyx 

Clean Up Crew [Quest/Darka] Empty on Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:42 am

Darka Monyx
Darka was in Baska City when he get a new quest from one of the member of the famous family, Martello family. The quest comes from Remy Martello, and told Darka to come to Oak City to meet him and to do the quest. This is the reason why now Darka is in Oak City. He just arrived and some people in a black suit approach him, turns out they are from the Martello family and was told to wait for Darka when he arrive. Those people in black then ask Darka to come with them and lead the way to the meeting point with Remy Martello, and Darka agree thinking that this makes his job easier.

After following this people for a pretty long walk, Darka finally arrived at the meeting point, you finally see the one named Remy Martello. He's been waiting for your arrival, and greet him nicely. Remy ask Darka to follow him to the building where the quest need to be done, while walking there, Remy Martello explain the quest to Darka. Remy explain what happened in the building, he explain that the Martello family recently got into a battle with a smaller crime family and both sides suffered casualties. The building where they clashed is littered with dead bodies and it's been left to Remy to clean them up. Remy needs someone to assist him with getting rid of the bodies before the local authorities arrive.

Not long after Remy finished his story, they finally arrive at a building that Remy mentioned earlier. According to Remy, the building is under construction and the workers have been taking a break till their payments were going to get sorted out. They get into the building and Darka see that there's ten dead bodies that need to be disposed. Remy takes out an axe and a big bag, he told Darka that he needs him to carry the bodies to him as he focuses on chopping them up for easier disposal.

Remy explain that three out of ten bodies are Martello members and won't be chopped up by Remy out of respect for their next of kin. They start disposing the dead bodies. Darka drag the dead bodies one by one to Remy, while Remy start chopping the bodies into small pieces separating the head, bodie, arms and legs. While leaving the three bodies of the member, Darka keep dragging one of them one at the time noticing that the bodies have some serious scars and prove that they died in a pretty hard way. When he's finish with the dragging part, Remy told him that he want Darka to take the dead bodies of the member outside to the back so his people can pick them up for a proper burial.

With full respect, Darka drag them outside to the back and wait there as Remy told him to. After a few minutes, Remy came out from the building with a big bag filled with dead bodies. He pay Darka and told him that he will wait his people to pick up the dead bodies. He told Darka to leave. Knowing that his job is done, Darka left after he get his payment.


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