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Meandering Maid! [Private]

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#1Lorelei L Lakefield 

Meandering Maid! [Private] Empty on Sat Aug 01, 2020 6:45 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
Lorelei Laguna Lakefield was someone who stood out,  not because of her pink hair: outrageous hairstyles and colors were common in Fiore, hell, even some people looked like rocks or trees or low pixel resolution.

Was it her French-Scottish accent? No, the people of Fiore were at least very welcoming of newcomers, even with the Joyan style influence on the place, foreigners never stood out in Hosenka, even if it looked like they were drawn by a different hand.

It was her encumbered view of the world and unbridled excitement. The type of gaze one could have with the unhampered innocence of a child, or at least the equivalent of that.

As someone with amnesia, and without any particular triggers to her memory to give it a good thorough jog, she was beholden to just the wonder and mirth of a new city.

She wasn't sure what she was looking for, meandering down main street, glancing in different shops, but, she knew that she was looking for something. She couldn't remember what (go figure).

She would know it when she sees it, she tells herself. And she has her wallet on her hip, tied to her pants via a lanyard, ready to spend money on it if it was food or something of the like.

Of course, having her money on full display was often a target for many bandits, though at the end of the street a crowd had gathered around three men who were drenched with water-coursing weapons sticking out of them. Apparently she was a full fledged magus, one who could craft anything out of water, the more static the object, such as a cage, the more powerful the current to the point it denied physical matter to get through it.

A molding magic user, but one who operated with water, she was an odd one, not just because of her background either!

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Kurisa rubbed her neck, "I need to go see someone. These damn kinks hurt." She tilted her head left and right while walking outside of her hotel. She had Masami sleeping, Leika sleeping and she had to go shopping for them. Maybe she will make them a cake or perhaps prep a picnic, but first, she wanted to have a her-day where she went to spas. It was nice for Masami to cook for her a few days ago, or was that a week ago? She squinted while really thinking, but she could not think at all at the moment.

People were rushing to get to their work by power walking or even running. It was a perfect time for people who liked being a thief to roam. She wanted out for any and looked out for those who were trying to steal from others while also watching where she was going. While walking she saw a crowd at the end of some street. Her eyebrow arched as she felt like it was none of her business, but she saw the water element being played. "A water user, huh?" She felt like she could check it out. She turned towards that direction with her hands on the back of her head. Her head tilted as she was taller than most of these people to see some weapons made of water. "So, what's happening?" She questioned in her breathy Italian accent. Her eyes of icy purple were half-closed as she gazed towards a girl with pinkish hair. Who was she? Kurisa has been here for a few months, but never seen her.

#3Lorelei L Lakefield 

Meandering Maid! [Private] Empty on Tue Aug 04, 2020 12:35 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
"Oh, that girl, she's been in town for a few days and flits about from shop to shop looking for something, never sure of what she wants to buy herself." Spoke a rather ornery old man, leaning up against the door frame while he took a long drag from the thin pipe between his teeth.

"Shows up out of the blue, and just starts causing all kinds of problems because she's got no common sense. Look at what she did to those fellas over there, total over reaction!" He blew the smoke out, and it formed briefly into a quick low resolution reenactment of the fight.

It showed the three approaching the single, all of them smoke figures. They had sought out to try and get the drop on her, and following that, she had whipped around with a hammer-like object, splashing water across them all, followed by a rather simplistic fight and pummeling the trio of them into the dirt.

Was that girl over there really so capable of doing such a thing?

As she went from shop to shop, she finally did finger something. A pair of black flower barrettes to put into her hair in place of simple hair ties. They were cylindrical, and they made her pigtails into perfect tassels that looked like they belonged dangling on the ends of curtains.

"Thank you so very much for these! I'm sure whoever it is I am looking for will be excited to see them and pick me out of a crowd easily!" She cheered aloud.

People walking by just gave side-long glances. Murmurs of her not being right in the head could be heard, was she really okay? She was looking for someone whom she didn't even know what they looked like!


Meandering Maid! [Private] Empty on Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:44 pm


Let's be honest, in an area full of Joyan people the color of pink was not common. Her face also did not look Joyan at all if any Joyan was truly in her. Her blue and brownish-red eyes gazed at her while walking forward to her. Something made her magic trigger as if it felt other water users. Was this truly right though or was it some fourth wall sort of deal? The girl looked different from the others, that was all. The old man started to talk some smack about either this girl or her. Her eyes gazed at him coldly but had some softness within them. Her arms crossed against her chest while speaking; "You better watch who you speak about.~" She teased with a smirk.

Her eyes corner to look at the girl, "What got you to come here?" She wondered in her breathy accent. Her hair was flipped and smiled, chuckling. "Hosenka is beautiful, but super dangerous - more than Dhalia." She commented. Her eyes looked over to the trouble and didn't really care. When her eyes were on someone or something, nothing can really make her lose track. She almost looked like her son's age, but maybe a little older. It was adorable, pigtails and all.

#5Lorelei L Lakefield 

Meandering Maid! [Private] Empty on Sat Aug 08, 2020 2:53 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
"Oh, of course, of course, you never know when someone would snap at the slightest transgression against them yeah?" Asked the man who took another long drag off that pipe, letting the woman walk away to do her thing.

When the Italian accented woman approached Lorelei, the true foreigner spun around, her little pigtails whipping around, and one bopping her on the nose from the new weight of the hair clips on them! She blinked and blew a puff of air from between her lips, throwing her head back. Getting the hair out of her face, she spent more time trying to clear it out than she did focusing on the woman speaking to her.

"Dhalia? Sorry, what? This place is called Hosenka?" She asked while looking up, picking away at the pink hair atop her head, trying to pluck any follicle that was out of place to tuck it away where it belonged. "I can't say I know much about anything, or at least remember. I'm kind of just looking out to find that myself." She stated while sighing for a moment.

"As far as I know, I'm not from around here, and I'm trying to jog my memory. There's someone I need to find, I don't know who." She admitted right off the bat she had amnesia, but she was out here on her own?! Was no one looking for her?

"When I woke up, I had a medicine man tell me I had a tumble down a mountainside, and it's lucky I was able to survive that fall, but, it jumbled my memories up. I can recall things after experiencing them, but not for long. Told so long as I find something really meaningful, impactful, it might open the floodgates. So I came to the first town I could. And then those jerks tried to take my money!"


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She listened to the girl talk as if it was the very first time listening to a long yet short story. She seemed to be lost, trying to find something and the case is she had some memory loss. It was super common here and she understood what it was like to have it. "Need someone to find? Do you have any details or don't remember them?" She wondered softly with a genuine smile. The people went on with their business as soon as they saw Kurisa talk to the girl. "Well, no one will bug you here unless they're new, not with me around at least." She tilted her head with another smile, but it was more motherly.

"You hungry? We can go talk somewhere and we can try to figure out who you're looking for."
She offered softly as there were some who were looking at the girl, but caught eyes of Kurisa who glared at them by the corner of her eyes. They looked at her with fear and ran off. Her guild was taking this place, controlling it one by one. It was in the matter of time before they controlled this whole entire city.
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#7Lorelei L Lakefield 

Meandering Maid! [Private] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:57 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
She shook her head in response to what the woman asked of her, "Nope, just a black blur outlined by a bright white line of light. I know the general shape, and that it's a woman."

While speaking with Kurisa, the men that Lorelei had trounced earlier had gotten up and quickly made their way off, they were a part of some local outfit of miscreants that enjoyed causing problem for people, and collecting protection money from local businesses.

The only reason that hadn't been dealt with was because they were so numerous, something that Lorelei would be finding out for herself sooner or later.

At the mention of food, Lorelei tapped her chin in thought, clutching her elbow with her other hand. Her gaze cast up to the fluffy well-drawn clouds, as if the atmosphere of Joyan culture changed the landscape: clouds had more swirls, water was more animated, the Edo treatment!

"Well, if there's bread, I would be happy to come along!" She declared while pulling something out from her jacket, it looked like a simple brown bound journal and pencil. Flipping it open there were pages with a box dedicated to a drawing, the name of a bread, the texture, the taste, little blurbs about it.

"Did you know: there's over one hundred different ways to prepare what anyone could call 'bread' so long as the base ingredients are the same?" This girl...really liked bread? Huh?


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The girl seemed to like bread, but bread was full of carbs. Supposedly, she just could burn them off easily and loved the feeling in her body. It mattered not as she was just going to go to some pasta place they had hidden here. It was for sure a Joyan place, but even Joyans had foreign foods. She nodded simply as she escorted the girl with her. As they started to walk the girl started to talk about bread facts. Truthfully, bread was made of all kinds of things, but she wondered if the girl knew something she knew as well.

"Did you know that cheap bread is made out of the acidic material within human hair? So technically, you're actually just eating flour and hair if you get the cheap option." She nodded towards it as she remembered everything she has learned within her science days. Kurisa was still a mad scientist, but she hides it now and doesn't do it as often. Experimenting on people was during those dark days, but for now she wishes to take care of the innocent people and give people homes. She knew what it was like to have no one, no family, home or any of that. In the end, she had to turn dark to take care of herself.

#9Lorelei L Lakefield 

Meandering Maid! [Private] Empty on Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:40 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
"No, I did not know that." She commented before flipping open her notebook to the back pages. Turning them over and over, she started to jot down notes with her magic pen. "So basically, I only want to go for the super fancy bread, make sure the ingredients are organic. If it's easy to buy, read the ingredients. Good." Here were two adult women talking about the finer points of carbohydrates baked into loaves.

"Alrighty then! Lead the way and I will follow. I don't remember if I know these streets! Uh, yeah, sorry about that." She commented, before rubbing the side of her face wiping a single tear away.

"I don't know why, but whenever I say that, I get all teary-eyed. I just...maybe it's connected to my past somehow?" She sighed, tucking her hands into her pockets while biting her lip as she looked up at the clouds. A heaving sigh coming from her nostrils before she started to walk on ahead, with or without Kurisa. "So which way are we going Boss?" She asked, assigning the nickname to Kurisa.

She was quite the different person from her past self, not that this woman would know a thing about that.

"Wait! I have an idea! Hold on." She took a moment to sniff at her book pages, before tucking the journal away. She started to sniff at the air, like some sort of a bloodhound possessed. Looking to the left, and then to the right. She continued to try to catch a whiff of something along the wind.

As soon as she did, she'd grab a hold of Kurisa's wrist, "Come on! This way! I know where to go!" She would shout before running off with the woman, eager to show her whatever she smelled. DOwn nearly a thousand feet away, down three flights of stairs and to an underbelly part of the city where the walls were lined with lanterns, she was taking her to a shop.

At the shop they had sweet buns filled with various bean pastes. Lorelei was bouncing back and forth giddily on her feet, "I knew it! I knew they had some bread here!" How in the hell did this girl smell bread from that far away?


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She crossed her arms as she gazed at this girl. She had water magic yea sure, but who was she? She felt familiar as if she was possibly from her guild, but probably not. (not yet) She wondered how she has not known that since this girl loved bread. Now people will be more careful while eating bread since it was disgusting. It was probably how they made it super cheap. Any commercial bread from stores you can easily get it from were examples. She wondered if she could perhaps spot good bread or smell it even from where they were.

Soon enough that was answered as after being called boss, the girl grabbed her wrist and ran off with her. Where were they going? People watched her being dragged away by a younger girl who probably did not even know her age. Sometimes she wished she was younger, maybe people will want to be with her then and she could go on more fun adventures. For now, going on a trip towards bread was alright enough. When they made a sudden stop, she was excited to successfully smell the right bread. Specifically, they could see that they were filling bread with bean paste, but if Kurisa had, to be honest, she hated anything bean related - even just the wording. "Do you think they have actual good french bread?" She decided to walk into the bakery to take a look around. Perhaps, she will cook something special. Hopefully, she liked Italian food in a Joyan City.

#11Lorelei L Lakefield 

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Lorelei L Lakefield
"Hey there girls, what are you here for? The mochi buns? Or something less traditional?" Asked the confectioner, who was busy pulling out what looked like wasabi paste, at least judging by the color, while his sous chef struck down into the bucket in time with the confection being pulled out. Striking it with a finely pointed hammer no less! And like a well oiled machine they worked together, easily getting through the majority of it without even needing to look?

"I don't know, baguettes? Maybe? If there's a theme restaurant. But, look at these! They're so cute!" SHe pointed at one of the buns, which was not bean filled, it had custard, and it was emblazoned with a brule torch to look like a panda on it.

"Ha yeah, we have plenty of things here for all tastes. Welcome to the Joyan Jollies. We're here to put a smile on your face. What can I get ya?" Asked the proprietor, leaning over on the counter as he stroked along an imaginary beard, he had no beard, but continued to stroke it like he was some great sage.

"Well, I'm looking for bread, sweet bread! Any sort to try out." SHe said while bouncing on the balls of her feet, clutching onto her little journal.

"Well we've got the manju for meat lovers with a little savory sweetness to them, full up sweet buns, the bean past buns. I like to have at least one of every Joyan traditional treat here."

Lorelei spun about on her feet, thrust an arm over her eyes as she sniffled, "Oh, what joy I have chanced upon such a heavenly spot. Kurisa, leave me here, this shall be my home now. I have claimed it as such. The bread calls to me." This girl had an addiction to bread, no doubt about it.


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Kurisa walked with her into the bread store to find out they also had bread-like desserts. It was a really nice place for a bread place. Her first thing to look for is to see if they were making cheap bread or the real deal. She seemed to want to live here. Too bad she did not have her manor like she use to. The woman could let her live in her place and have all the bread she wanted. The hotel suite could do the same thing, but she was expecting quite a few people. She had herself, her twins, Masami - her son and soon enough someone else might stay.

After the girl talked and ordered her bread, she ordered her own. "I'll have five French Boule's, Banana, pumpkin and cherry bread and then a dozen baguettes." She reached in her pocket and bought what was needed. "I'll deliver them at your address in the afternoon." he bowed his head and looked at Lore. She too looked at Lore, "Alright, I guess I will take all my bread and make my own dishes for my children. Too bad you won't join us.~ We're having seafood, lots of carbs - you know?' She teased and looked at the baker who too was chuckling.

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Lorelei L Lakefield
She was so enraptured with her admiration for the baked goods and her grandiose claim of squatter's rights upon this business as a home, a place that didn't even belong to her. She was acting so melodramatic that she didn't hear the various confectionery goods that Kurisa ordered, almost. She was keen to hear the tastes in bread of other people. Especially if they enjoyed more than one variety. Why was this so interesting to her?!

Of course the topic of seafood came up, and Lorelei quirked an eyebrow, looking over to Kurisa, "Take me with you!" She shouted while prostrating herself on the floor in front of the woman. She certainly was exuberant for carbohydrate loading.

"I. Uh, that is to say that...I am sorry for that outburst! I am simply eager to join you in this endeavor and would love to brew the tea for the occasion! Please? Can I? Don't make me beg?" She whined, she really wanted to tag along and see what was up with this bread and seafood gathering. If there was cheese involved she may just die right there.

Seafood was a delicacy, a rarity...A, what?

Her head throbbed for a moment as she brought her forehead to the floor, clutching onto the back of her head. Flashes of plates of food, barely filled at all, along with empty plates being offered to be given pieces of bread. SHe was having some sort of a flashback of a memory. Pounding her other hand onto the ground all the while.

While she had a fit of her memories trying to return to her, she showed some more of her beast-like traits. Her nails looked more like claws, digging into the floor. Her skin looked like it had the texture of scales. As she looked up at Kurisa, she had her teeth gritted together. They were filed, or serrated, linked together. She looked like she was having a panic attack.

Just as soon as she had the memory, it flitted away like a startled butterfly. And her look turned to sorrow as she was struggling to remember it.

The shop owner was as confused as scared, "Is she okay? Do I need the authorities? What is going on with that girl?!" She shouted, while Lorelei just slowly worked her way up to her feet.

"F-forgive me. I was having an episode of memory recall."


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Everything was normal as she was buying bread for the upcoming dinner, the girl was finding her place and the only thing she did not expect was what was about to happen. She turned quickly as she heard a fall. The girl's knees were on the floor as she was having some episodes. This looked all too familiar as she has seen many, including herself go through this. The store manager was panicking as if he did not want to be sued for some mishaps. "Calm down, she's just going through some amnesia 'I don't recall this' sort of thing." She tried to explain it but sometimes found it difficult to explain it to people who did not see this in daily life.

The girl finally came to her senses and wondered what she saw. Her head tilted slightly and saw her stand. Kurisa took her bread and paid for it to end up swiftly exiting with her. "Let's go. We're going to my place." She had a concerned facial expression. Usually, something traumatic or even just a smack to the head could cause memory changes such as; losing it and modifying it. "I'll have a look at you and we can talk while I cook us some food" She instructed. Once they got to the hotel she waved to the keeper of the hotel let her look around while they stormed off to the suite. It was super expensive so surely there was a lot to look at.

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Lorelei L Lakefield
When she was helped up and taken away by Kurisa, Lorelei was more focused on trying to recall what she had just forgotten. Normally memories would stick around for amnesiacs. But for Lorelei they just flew on by as if to taunt her a little bit.

"Where are we going?" She mumbled groggily while they made their way tot he hotel, of course, her question was answered when they got TO the hotel actually. And to a suite no less? She marveled at it.

"O-oh! FOrgive my brashness! I shall go prepare tea straight away for you Milady!" She declared suddenly, rationalizing Kurisa as a woman of means to have a place like this, and the beaten in instinct to serve. Though she stopped when she started to walk off to look for a tea set.

"Wait, what? I...I'm...Okay sorry that was odd, and..." She sighed and went over to a couch to sit down upon. Lying down on it, she tugged her hood up overhead, hiding her eyes under it while she rolled over, holding her head. SHe was having little micro headaches now from having memories shoot back here and there.


Meandering Maid! [Private] Empty on Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:27 pm


The girl went straight to offering tea to the point of resting on her couch. The girl was all over the place as her eyes traced her every movement. With bread in her arms, she walked towards the island countertops and placed the bag on it. She felt her hand against the smooth white marble and smiled softly. Swiftly, her eyes shifted towards the girl who seemed fine at the moment and goes to her fridge. She collected her glass cup, some ice, and purified water with her magic. Going to the girl she set down some water for her, "Here, some water while you wait for food and fresh lemonade.~" She gave a motherly smile and twisted her body to turn towards the kitchen.

'Why care of a stranger?' Ana wondered as her shadow loomed over Kurisa's own body. 'Why not?' she cocked her eyebrow and started to prep everything starting with the chicken, spices, and boiling the noodles with salt. She cared not to argue with Ana about why she was caring about a random girl. She has adopted a boy she barely knew other than his love for art. She has been in love with a man that punched her in the face and even forgave him after moving on while she heard nothing from him after a year. "So, amnesia huh? Do you know why you have it?" She questioned as she sturred some noodles.

#17Lorelei L Lakefield 

Meandering Maid! [Private] Empty on Fri Aug 28, 2020 11:43 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
Mumbling a soft thanks as the water was put down. She leaned over and grabbed the glass before taking a whiff of it. Those slit pupils of hers looking up to the woman. She brought the glass to her mouth and dipped it back, before biting into the water and tugging it backwards like taffy. With a simple jerk of her head she snapped off a piece of the water, yes, that's exactly how it sounds.

Opening up wide, she chewed away on the water before dipping the glass back to drink normally. This girl was far from normal. Amnesia, eating liquids, strange pupils and teeth, not to mention that mark on the back of her neck. There was more than one aura of mystery surrounding the girl who knew naught about herself.

"Hmmm..." She trailed off as she leaned forward. Putting her hands together with her fingers laced over one another, she just stared at the floor. The glass hanging between her palms while her thumbs stroked back and forth over the rim. She was trying to collect her thoughts on the matter as her foot started to tap at an increasing pace.

"No, I don't know why to be honest. All I can remember is waking up at the base of a mountain, inside the hut of a healer. He said I was out for a good few days. And the only thing I can remember, besides talking, eating, wearing pants in public...is the silhouette of a woman. Just bright white light surrounding her from the back, obscuring everything about her into a dark blur I can't make out the features of. If I focus too hard on the image it gets cloudier until it's all gray." She sighed, putting the glass down and rolled back over.

Gazing up at the ceiling, she stretched a hand out, making a little cupping motion with it. "I get flashes. Vivid flashes of memories I can recall, for just a short while. And they usually come with those episodes. As soon as the episode is over," She paused before spreading her fingers out to illustrate, "It just slips right on through out of my grasp."

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Lorelei L Lakefield
After a while of napping, snacking and drinking plenty to rehydrate herself, Lorelei got herself up and bowed to the woman. "Thank you for watching over me, I hope to repay the favor one day. I will be seeing myself out now." She didn't want to impose anymore than she already had.

Not to mention her mind was still racing and trying to grasp at the flashes of memory she had from behaving like a maid of all things. She was so clumsy there was no way she could cut the mustard as a maid, unless?...


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