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Ring a Ring o' Roses [Quest]

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Kurisa yawned softly as she knew she had to get up for her next quest. She was alone for this one too since her son is off doing his own thing. It was unnecessary for him to be here anyway to do this. It was something small, simple even as she had to watch and do somethings with some kids. She left her bench that was close to the Theater and went towards the entrance that they needed to meet at. She wondered if the woman was old or young. It truly did not matter since she was just her client. Not like she was sleeping with her.

Manager Yua was the name as she was there waiting. She seemed the type to enjoy earliness. She leads Kurisa towards the training room where the kids were already waiting to be trained. She wondered exactly what they were training for and why? Was there someone important arriving to watch it? She played with her own hair like some high school girl as she looked at all of them. The children started to train for some play; words, how to act and even setting things up. It was a nice setup. The kids were young enough though to go outside for a break and play.

Kurisa let them go outside to play some tag as others were on the swings. Her eyes watched to see and make sure that no one was fighting over some stupid thing. She saw a girl and boy who were fighting over something as another boy came over and pushed the boy. "Hey!" Kuri yelled and came over. "What's going on?" She wondered. The boy on the ground explained that he was just wondering why she wanted to act with him, but not him. His eyes glared at the guy who pushed him. The girl was all confused and was not sure how the rumor even started. She wanted to do a play with the boy on the ground, but it seemed that another girl started it all. It made Kuri chuckle a little bit. She told the girl to explain it to the boy so he knew personally that it was not even true. She did, but they kept arguing again since he could not trust her.

Kuri came and got the girl who started it all, made her apologize and they all made up. She wanted to get this show on the road. The two were obviously going to be a thing or at least friends in the end. Kuri never knew anyone when she was a kid. The time clicked and rang, the people were going home as Kurisa watched the kids get in their parent's car one by one. She made sure no one was suspicious as she used her fear on anyone that made it look like it. All the children were gone as she decided to finally go up to Yua. She gave her the reward and with that Kurisa walked back home to meet up with her son.



Ring a Ring o' Roses [Quest] Sigme10

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