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New Faces [Quest]

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The ladies were ready for her, but she was not ready for the client who was coming for her, Granny. Granny was an interesting character who did not take anyone's crap. She did not mind that one bit actually she found it humorous. Nonetheless, Granny was a sweet old woman. Once she saw Kurisa she walked up to her slowly to escort her to the lobby. Appearantly, that was where the trainees were. She had to sadly introduce herself to all these random people. Good thing she wore the right outfit for today's mission since she did not want to drag her ass around.

She wore some shorts and a white wife-beater shirt. Kurisa introduced herself to everything as a temporary manager. One by one, the trainees introduced themselves to her as well. Fairtrade it was she they were younger than her as well. That was what she at least noticed. She listened to some of their stories as they explained how they got here, how they heard of this place, and why they wanted to be here. She did not really care what they had to say since she found no interest in them. She wished someone else was here with her to at least keep her entertained.

Her eyes counted them, studied them a little bit even as she realized half of them were males and half were female. Was this on purpose? Her eyebrow arched upward as she studied the situation. She clapped her hands and told each one what they needed to do. She was going to watch every one of them make sure they were doing it all correctly. She had to learn the hard way as she remembered Revana's mother being rather loving, but strict on how to clean. Everything she got it wrong, a wooden sandal flew right at her.

It was kind of messed up to her, but at least she learned how to be a good housewife, right? It was probably no different than it was when she was in her other lives. She was a wife in all of them, rather they failed or were successful. None of them were successful though as they all broke - besides one, but she died not too long after. The trainees started to split up to do their stuff by themselves. The tasks were not that difficult so they should be able to do it right.

She had some grab the dirty towels from the bathrooms, a male into the male's room, and vice versa. She told them though that sometimes the opposite gender will not always be here and they had to sometimes clean their opposite gender's bathroom. She saw that some were having trouble cleaning up after the toilet, which was very common. Some people cannot stomach it. Kurisa walked towards the others were who cleaning up after the serving kitchen. After they were all done, she gathered them all and went to the lobby. Granny interviewed them and that was pretty much it for the day. Kurisa felt like this was pretty easy compared to her other missions.



New Faces [Quest] Sigme10

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